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9 Clever Ways to De-Clutter and Organize Your Home with EzPacking

9 Clever Ways to De-Clutter and Organize Your Home with EzPacking

 How to use EzPacking to create a clean, minimalist space

According to data compiled from Google searches, "Get organized" is one of the most popular New Year resolutions, racking up millions of searches.

Meanwhile, author of the grimly titled The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning, Margareta Magnusson made a case for "why decluttering your home should be your number one New Year's resolution," and proclaimed that your life (and afterlife!) will be all the better without the clutter.

And, of course, we can't leave out KonMari's runaway hit, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which had everyone asking themselves if they stuff they own still "sparks joy."

However, making a resolution to de-clutter isn't the hard part, it's making sure you stick to it. So set yourself up for success by using something as simple as EzPacking Cubes to follow through with your resolutions and effectively declutter your home.

Start 'em young

Adorable toddler playing with wooden blocks

To de-clutter the playroom and instill de-cluttering habits in your tots,  make cleaning fun for the kids by turning cleaning into a game! 

Categorize each packing cube and ask them to match the toys to the corresponding packing cube. You can use photo stickers for younger kids and words for toddlers learning how to read.

Little girl playing by the pool carrying her toys in an EzPacking Medium Packing Cube in Pink

Or if you have more than two kids, turn the game into a race of who can fill up a Large Packing Cube the fastest. Make sure to give them a prize for their great work.


The Craft Room

Store colorful knitting and crocheting yarns using EzPacking Medium Cube in Pink

If your craft room is so disorganized that it looks like someone put a hex on it, then it's time to undo the curse of the clutter with an EzPacking Starter Set.

A Medium-Sized Packing Cube is large enough to hold all of your crochet and knitting items, from yarns, needles, hooks and even that unfinished ugly sweater you're hoping to finish before next Christmas.

While for smaller and more delicate items such as lace, ribbons, and appliques, you can separate them using Extra Small Packing Cubes.


EzP Cribs: Baby Edition

Cute baby on the nursery floor playing with toys

Remember that show where celebrities gave us a mere mortal tour of their multi-million dollar mansions? Well, you too can show off your baby's crib, MTV Cribs style with these organizing hacks using clear packing cubes. 

  1. Keep your baby station organized with a good mix of different-sized packing cubes. The clear design of the Large Packing Cube lets you know at a glance if you're stock is already running low, which makes it great as a diaper storage unit.  

  2. Place all your little one's bath necessities along with their fave bath toys in a Small Packing Cube and use it as a portable shower caddy.

  3. After sorting toys and books using Medium Packing Cubes, keep them off the floor by hanging them in the most underutilized space in the room - the doorknob.

Off-Season Storage Part 1

Organize your closet by creating seasonal capsule wardrobes with EzPacking cubes

Using clear packing cubes to create seasonal capsule wardrobes is a great first step towards de-cluttering your closet.

  1. Following KonMari's advice, take everything out of your closet, so you can see everything you have.

  2. Once you get over the initial shock of just how much stuff you've accumulated, ruthlessly sort them in keep, donate, and throwaway piles.

  3. Next, create your seasonal capsule wardrobe by grouping your clothes by season. Keep editing until you only have your must-keep pieces per season left.

  4. Take all your off-season clothes, pack them in clear storage cubes, and store them under your bed (or in the storage closet) until their time in your main closet comes around.


Off-Season Storage Part 2

Use EzPacking Starter Set in Gray to store colorful Christmas decor

Get more valuable real estate out of your storage closet by using clear packing cubes to pack all your Christmas and Halloween decor instead of using space-hogging cardboard boxes.

Another option is to stick a couple of heavy-duty Command hooks inside your closet door or wall, and hang the packing cubes by their handles.

This will not only save you valuable closet real estate, but also keeps your precious decor safe from getting accidentally torn or broken.


Accessories N’ Things

EzPacking Small Packing Cube filled with your daily makeup products

It's always a chore to organize the knick knacks - but not when you’re using clear packing cubes.

  1. Clutches. Keep your clutches dust-free by storing them in either Medium or Large Packing Cubes. Use S-hooks to hang them in your closet.

  2. Hair products & Accessories. Use Extra Small Packing Cubes to store your hair ties, headbands, head scarves, brushes, and hair products separately. Always keep your vanity clear by storing them inside your drawer, upright and handle up for easy access.

  3. Belts. Roll them and store them in a packing cube.

  4. Makeup. Pack all your daily go-tos in one cube.

Communal Bathroom Survival Kit

EzPacking’s Extra Small Packing Cube in Blue filled with toiletries

Unless you can afford to live in a fancy schmancy dorm with crazy-awesome amenities,  chances are your college experience will include the highs and lows of using a communal bathroom.

To survive the horrors (and there are plenty) of using a communal bathroom, put the following in an extra small or small packing cube:

  1. Bathroom slippers. Use a shoe bag before packing.

  2. Toiletries. Wash cloth, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, facial wash, razor, shaving cream, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, sanitary pads / tampons, etc.

  3. Toilet paper. Because, you never know. You just never know.

Doggie's Cube

Cute white dog on top of bed with a Medium size EzPacking Cube

Use an extra small packing cube to carry all the things your dog needs when going out for a walk, like their favorite treats and toys, water, collapsible water bowl, and poop bag. Just hang it in on the coat rack for storage and easy access for your next walk.

Quick tip: Use a small carabiner to secure the cube to your backpack, so you have full use of both of your hands while walking the dog.

Car Emergency Kit

Keep a few items stored in your car using EzPacking cubes in case of emergency

Photo taken by: Home by Carmona (read her full article here).

Keeping cubes in your car’s trunk will ensure that you're prepared for any just-in-case situation (you get snowed in, you can’t find a hotel, your car breaks down, etc.) while on the road. Here's a quick list of what to pack:

  1. Change of clothes. If you have kids, pack some for them as well.

  2. Travel-sized toiletries. Use an extra small packing cube to keep them organized.

  3. Extra pair of shoes. For when you break a heel or just need a break from wearing them all day long.

  4. First aid kit. If you have allergies or asthma, include your medication in your kit as well.

  5. Water and food. Make sure to check the expiration dates on those granola bars.

  6. Tech kit. Extra battery, earphones, charger, flashlight.

If you have any other home organizing and decluttering ideas using EzPacking, make sure to share them with us. 

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