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Winter Vacation Packing List: Best Clothes for Skiing

Winter Vacation Packing List:

Best Clothes for Skiing

Woman wearing best clothes for skiing while playing with snow

Your cute and cuddly winter vacation is just around the corner! Here are just some of our recommendations for the best clothes for skiing. So pick and choose what you like and make do with what you have in your closet.

Women's ski wear or outfits

Best clothes for skiing for women

First Day

Airport Outfit: Long-sleeve top, pants, scarf, boots

Night Outfit: Sweater, pants, beanie, boots

Second Day

Day Outfit: Ski glasses, beanie, casual long sleeve shirt, ski jacket, winter gloves, pants, ski boots

Night Outfit: Casual shirt, jacket, scarf, mittens, pants, boots

Third Day

Day Outfit: Bonnet, scarf, ski jacket, mittens, pants, ski boots

Night Outfit: Scarf, casual top, leather jacket, winter gloves, ear muffs, jeans, hair tie / scrunchie, boots

Fourth Day

Airport Outfit: Leggings, short sleeve shirt, sweater, scarf, hair tie, boots


Men's ski wear or outfits

Outfit ideas that men can wear skiing

First Day

Airport Outfit: Casual shirt, pants, shoes, jacket

Night Outfit: Hooded jacket, mittens, long sleeve shirt, pants, sneakers

Second Day

Day Outfit: Ski glasses, beanie, long-sleeve shirt, mittens, jacket, pants, ski boots

Night Outfit: Long-sleeve top, sweater, winter gloves, jeans, boots

Third Day

Day Outfit: beanie, ski jacket, sweater, gloves, pants, ski boots

Night Outfit: Long sleeve shirt, sweater, jacket,  pants, belt, sneakers

Fourth Day

Airport Outfit: Jacket, casual top, pants, shoes


Ski trip checklist and packing tips

Woman creating checklist of must bring items for a skiing trip

But wait, there’s more! Even with a sweet checklist, packing is still a daunting task. Lucky for you, we’ve provided a few tips on how to survive your winter vacation without bringing your whole closet.

1.) Print a packing list

Before you pack those 5 workout outfits -- think first. Do you really need all those items?

Rather than putting random things in your suitcase, print this Ski Trip Packing List to figure out what you really need and avoid bringing unnecessary things.  


2.) Use clear packing cubes

Ever wondered why those clear packing cubes are a hit?

It’s because these tiny goodies are skilled at many things!

Use an extra small cube for tinier items, such as travel size toiletries or charges, USB connectors or even snacks. Use a small cube to keep your accessories together, such as ski glasses, mittens, scarves and beanies. Use a medium cube to store your daily outfits.  Use a large cube for bulkier items, like your sweaters, coats, and jackets.


3.) Plan your airport outfit before packing

Are you planning to be comfy or to be ready for the day when your arrive?

Avoid the mistake of packing all your favorite outfits with nothing left to wear on the plane.


4.) Buy travel-size toiletries

No, there’s no need to bring that entire bottle of TRESemmé, all you need is a mini version of it. If you’re a frequent traveler, invest in travel-size toiletries yof all your favorite products.

If you can’t find small versions of your favorite brands, raid the drugstore, look for 3 ounce, clear containers and transfer the toiletries into the bottles.

Pro Tip: Before you place each bottle inside the cube, put a plastic wrap under its cap and close it tightly. Next, store all your 3 ounce items safely inside an extra small cube to avoid leaks in your suitcase. 


5.) Bring a portable phone charger

Chances are you are outside the whole time -- skiing, perfecting that snow angel, or taking a selfie under a snow-covered tree.

Carry a portable phone charger with you all the time so you can survive all day without worrying about an empty battery.


6.) Bring a mini wallet

Forget that bulky wallet! Find a purse that can keep your cash and most important cards together without worrying about big lump in your back pocket or small sling purse. Now that your suitcase is good to go, don't forget to pack your airplane tote bag!

Here's a long flight packing list you can check off to make sure you didn't forget anything for your long flight. Happy Winter Wonderland! 

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