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Easy Closet Solutions: Cheap and Effective Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe

Easy Closet Solutions:

Cheap and Effective Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe

Female clothes organized in DIY hanger

I’m going to be 100% honest here – I love being organized, but I hate organizing, especially if I have to do the same space over and over again. The worse part is -- I need to deal with it all the time. If I take a two-day break from sorting and keeping things in order, our house quickly descends into unorganized chaos. I wish I could find a “set it and forget it” system that would leave rooms in our house organized but sadly, those DIY organizing systems aren't cheap.

Luckily, the Internet is a place for life-changing hacks and the best part is -- it's not very expensive, some are even for free! Here are my favorite easy closet solutions for managing a messy wardrobe!

Tips And Tricks For Closet Organization

1. Hang Bags On The Door Using Hooks

Black fashionable backpack you can hang on closet

Whether you're a bag collector or not, seeing totes everywhere is not a pleasant sight. So how do you solve this without burning a dime? The answer is simple! Ransack your toolbox, find a hook, and attach it to the inside of your closet door. This will not only help you organize your purses but also, it will offer a wider space for your clothes, shoes, and other collections. A very easy (and cheap) closet organizer idea!

2. Utilize Drawers To Sort Garments

White, green and grey scarves you can store on foldable drawers as a closet storage solution

If you have closet drawers, then you're in luck! But even if they don't, that doesn't mean you can't put any drawers in there. These foldable drawer dividers from Amazon cost less than a hundred bucks and can instantly relieve your closet crisis. You can use them to sort undergarments, socks, scarfs, and even accessories. Voila, instant closet drawers without breaking the bank!

3. Take Advantage Of Clear Organizing Cubes

Linens stored in clear packing cubes

After discovering I could use my extra travel cubes for other things around the house, I started organizing all the closets with EzPacking travel cubes (linen closet shown above). I keep so many things in here that just trying to take out one item always leads me to accidentally pulling on something else. It gets messier and messier every week and I just can't ignore it, or else, a panic attack will ensue! I strive to keep things as organized and clean as they can be, but it seems like my goal is sometimes out of reach. Then came along the EzPacking travel cube system to save the day - here's a quick backstory about it.

How EzPacking Changed My Life

While designing EzPacking, I initially wanted to solve the basic travel problems, such as how to organize a suitcase, easily find the specific item you've packed, and maintain peace of mind while traveling. During the design process, I realized that I have my own organization problem at home. My closet kept getting messy, especially during the changing of the seasons as thin blankets are exchanged for thick blankets, winter jackets need to be worn, and ski clothes need to be found for upcoming trips. 

Enter the Storage Cubes

Large storage cube for storing bulky winter jackets

The storage cube is the largest cube we have, yet! Measuring at 20″ wide x 15″ long x 6″ tall, the storage cube is perfect for storing away bulky items in my closets, such as duvets, linens, or even those furry, bulky winter clothes. It's also useful when storing jackets, ski pants, and other ski-related items.

I also use large packing cubes (shown above) -- the second largest cube in our collection -- when sorting things at home and it's quite amazing to know that it's still significant even when I'm not traveling. Apart from its functionality, these cubes are space-savers, durable, and easy-to-use. The cubes can be easily expanded or contracted so there's nothing to worry about if you want to keep them empty and ready for travel use, or packed with all your winter gear. 

Why Should You Use EzPacking Travel Cubes At Home?

As mentioned, these travel cubes are intended for traveling; however, they also prove high efficiency at home. The cubes don't use any vacuum sealed technology; they automatically push the air out of the cubes when zipping closed. This reduces the amount of shelf space that these items, such as clothes, towels, or duvets take up. The cubes also have built-in strong zippers which prevent air from reentering the cube, this alone is a simple yet efficient space saving technique. Imagine how much space you're saving while using these cubes, and the best part -- they're not as expensive as you think.

If you're not convinced yet, here is a wonderful before and after shot that demonstrates how much space is saved by using the Storage Cube.

Before And After Photo Using EzPacking Travel Cube With Duvet, Blanket, Towels

All the items above fit into six storage cubes! Duvets, bulky blankets, pillows, and a bunch of towels all packed away nice and neat. There is so much extra space in the closet and the new storage opportunities are endless. Not only is the closet extremely neat, but also anytime I need to find something, I can easily see what's inside each cube and pull out the necessary items without affecting the other things in the closet.

Other than being a mighty space-saver, there are two other benefits that prove Storage Cubes as a must-have organization item.

1) Moth protection

Protect Clothes From Moth Using EzPacking Travel Cubes

My biggest pet peeve is moths. They love sneaking into the dark corners of a closet and eating holes into my favorite articles of clothing. One unexpected benefit of storing clothes using EzPacking travel cubes is that moths can’t eat into it. I cannot even count how many shirts were ruined by these insects over the years. In this regard, EzPacking will quickly pay for itself by depriving moths of their favorite food --my shirts! If you find Storage Cube too big, you can opt for other sizes such as the: extra small, small, medium, or large cubes. Even with limited space, you can surely find a cube that will help resolve moth problems.


2) Dust protection

EzPacking Blue Medium Travel Cubes Keep Dust Away From Clothes

I have spoken to many customers about their hate for dust. I mean, who doesn't? When items are stored away for long periods of time, dust accumulates. It is a sad but inevitable truth. The Storage Cube’s clear enclosed design keeps the items inside clean and dust free (just make sure that the cubes are fully zipped!) If you are putting away items in a storage unit or a closet for extended periods of time, then this cube is definitely a must-have. Say goodbye to dust allergies! Items will come out of the cubes exactly the way they are packed in – neat and clean!

I hope these easy closet solutions for a messy wardrobe helped you with your own closet dilemma. If you have other closet organization hacks, feel free to share it below.

P.S. Now that you know how amazing Storage Cubes and the rest of EzPacking travel cubes are, what are you waiting for? Go shop! Get yourself your very own travel cubes!

- Monica, Designer of EzPacking

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