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Mom Hacks to Enjoy the Beach More With the Family

Mom Hacks to Enjoy the Beach More With the Family

Female and male children enjoying the beach

Going to the beach is one awaited moment that most men and women are excited about -- unless you have young children. Imagine the vast seaside and you -- chasing your kids, not in a hot bikini you've dreamed about but whatever comfortable clothes you found to wear. After all, you're not the Baywatch babe you used to be but a mom who adores her kids a lot. But even with the little ones running around, going to the beach doesn't have to be stressful. In fact, with a little planning and organization, you can enjoy the beach more with your loved ones! 

Summer is around the corner but you still have enough time to get yourself and the entire family ready. During the year, 97% of your time is spent inside your home, doing your best to keep the place as peaceful (and clean) as it can be. Or at work, fulfilling your family's needs and working like a dog -- now it's time to give yourself a treat, while having some fun with your kiddos. The beach is perfect for building sandcastles, playing catch, and making a mess without upsetting the painstaking organization of the living room.

And you can make this trip a walk in the park by following these simple tips:

1) Functional Vs Fashionable

Blonde woman with shades carrying EzPacking duffle bag on an enjoyable trip to the beach

Sadly, these two words don't usually go together. But does that mean that you can never have both worlds? Does that mean that you have to compromise style just to go for something useful?

The answer is a big NO! There are a lot of products on the market nowadays and it won't be hard to find a product that is both stylish and useful, like the duffle bags from EzPacking. The light blue duffle is not your typical designer brand but it's cute, functional, and spacious. And, you don't have to worry about it getting dirty because it can be easily washed. Moreover, it's very functional and you can use it to carry all the beach-related stuff you need, such as your kids' swimsuits, goggles, inflatable floatation device, toys, towels, and more. Its durable nylon fabric ensures that it can be used anytime and anywhere and considering its price (it's only $14 by the way), it's already a great deal!

Turquoise Blue Duffle Bag From EzPacking Perfect Hack for Beach Organization

But wait, there's more... The bag folds into itself! This means that you stuff the bag back into its pocket when you don't need it and pull it out whenever it's necessary. It's a beach trip essential you just can't leave home without.

2) Say Goodbye To Bulky Towels

Man using lightweight blue and orange beach towel

One of the problems encountered when packing for a trip and after the trip to the beach is the big, bulky towels. Whether they are dry or wet, it's quite difficult to just stuff these large items into a small space. However, you can get rid of this problem by using large travel cubes.

These travel cubes come in different colors and can be used to sort new and used towels, clothes, sunscreen and more. Now it won't be hard to find which towel is for Mommy & Daddy, and which one is for the little prince/princess. Plus, you can enjoy the beach knowing that you won't get cold after exploring the waves and water.

Black packing cubes with towels, hat and other essential items to enjoy the beach

3) Expect The Unexpected

Father and daughter walking on sands, enjoying the beach

Even if the weather is lovely, anything can still happen. The beach can be hot one minute and cold the next. In short, expect the unexpected. Be sure to include every necessary thing inside your beach bag such as an extra sweater, extra clothes, socks, sunblock, and more.

Avoid mixing clothes from lotions, toys, or books with the help of medium travel cubes. You may also opt for extra small cubes for travel size shampoos, conditioners, and other bathroom essentials (if you are planning to use the beach showers). 

Also, do not forget to pack aspirins and medicine to quickly relieve travel sickness, sudden headache or unexpected fever.

Green Small Travel Cubes From EzPacking With Toothbrush And Medicine For Kids

Traveling with kids is both thrilling and tough but you can always make it less excruciating. You can follow these simple hacks and everyone in the family will enjoy the beach.  Sooner or later, you will become a pro and master the process of traveling, packing, and beach days with the kids. Just remember to have fun and savor the moments with your adorable little ones while it lasts!

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