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Hiking Necessities: What You Need for an Awesome Summer Trip

Hiking Necessities:

What You Need for an Awesome Summer Trip

Girls fighting over packing cube with complete hiking necessities
Aron Ralston and his adventure in 127 Hours produced many emotions for thrillseekers -- fear, excitement, joy, and did we say fear? Well, the movie might have made you think twice about hiking but come on, life’s a lot better when you step out of your comfort zone. So if you’re planning to explore nature, here are the hiking necessities you’ll need: 


Water Bottle And Filter

Water bottle and filter

At the top of any hiking checklist should be a bottle filled with water! The scorching heat alone causes dehydration, especially when you’ll be sweating for more than a couple of hours? Pack your own bottles of purified water, a few electrolyte-filled sports drinks, and a filter (just in case you need to purify water from a stream).

Calorie-Dense Snacks

Snacks for hiking

Pack dried foods, energy bars, trail mix, and nuts together into an Extra Small Cube. It's always a great idea to make ready-to-eat sandwiches as well - just make them veggie style (that way you don't need to worry about meat going bad in the sun). 

Clothes And Towels

Towel and change of clothes for hiking

**Thanks to Megan for this awesome photo!

So you've packed all your hiking gear and tools? Make sure to also wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to avoid mosquito, tick bites, and unwanted burns from the hot sun. Carry enough extra clothes and towels folded neatly inside an EzPacking Small or Medium Cube.

Extra Supplies 

Circle Pouch

Do not forget to bring insect repellents (spray or lotion) and a bottle of face mist to keep your face fresh and moisturized. These additional hiking equipments can help make your adventure go more smoothly. Store these extra items in a Circle Pouch.

Here’s a sample Hiking Essentials Checklist you can use for your next adventure:


  1. wicking underwear

  2. socks

  3. moisture-wicking tops

  4. quick-drying pants

  5. quick-drying shorts

  6. rain jacket

  7. rain pants

  8. hiking shoes / boots

  9. watersport sandals

  10. gaiters

  11. sun hat

  12. insulating hat

  13. sunglasses 


  1. sunscreen

  2. insect repellent lotions / spray

  3. face mist

  4. toilet paper

  5. tampons / pads

  6. hand sanitizer

  7. sanitation towel

  8. waste bags 

First Aid Kit 

  1. antibacterial ointment

  2. band-aids

  3. gauze pads

  4. insect sting relief treatment

  5. paracetamol

  6. safety pins

  7. first-aid manual 


  1. water bottles

  2. water filter

  3. sports drink

  4. energy bars

  5. trail mix

  6. salty nuts 


  1. map

  2. compass

  3. headlamp

  4. flashlight

  5. extra batteries

  6. matches / lighter

  7. fire-starting material

  8. swiss army knife

  9. repair supplies

  10. tent 


As they say... “Do one thing every day that scares you,” because you’ll never really know how strong you are until you challenge yourself. Cheers to more adventures! Happy packing for your hiking trip!

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