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How to Organize A Cluttered Room So You Can Get Better Sleep

How to Organize A Cluttered Room 

So You Can Get Better Sleep!

Woman in bed who can't fall asleep because of messy room

Are you losing precious shuteye because the monsters under your bed won't let you sleep at night?

Then maybe it's time to stop shoving everything you hope would disappear under there. Like your dirty laundry, trash, that Chuck Norris exercise machine you bought from a TV commercial, and your high school yearbook. Oh gosh, your high school yearbook.

A study by St. Lawrence University, points to bedroom clutter as one of the reasons why people have trouble getting quality sleep, leading to more serious disorders like insomnia and hoarding.

So better suit up, because it's time to learn how to organize a cluttered room so you can get some much needed snooze. 

A clutter-free closet for an organized room

Messy closet without packing cubes and organized closet using packing cubes

We have already covered how to declutter your closet by creating a capsule wardrobe and organizing it like a jetsetter for quick travel packing. 

 If you're still feeling overwhelmed, breakdown the task by following the Rule of Five.

    • 1. Each day take five minutes to remove five items from your closet.

    • 2. Sort them Tim Gunn style - keep, donate, mend, and throwaway.

    • 3. Wondering if you still have too much stuff? Follow this guide on how to create a stylish 37-piece wardrobe. Or if you're goal is to clean out your closet, how about keeping just 12 pieces?

    • 4. Organize all your large items (sweaters, sweats, scarves) inside clear packing cubes to prolong their lifespan by protecting them against dust, insects, and melamine boards which causes discoloration. Use a large packing cube to store your linens and bulky winter clothes.

Digital detox for better sleep

Man using gadget, which emits blue light, before sleeping

Remember that time when you said, "I'm just going to watch one episode and then I'm going to bed," and then you stayed up all night and finished the entire series?

Turns out, aside from having no self control as well as the show’s riveting cliffhangers, blue light from your digital devices may also be causing you sleepless nights.

A study published in Harvard Health Publishing reveals that extended exposure to blue light at night can throw your circadian rhythm out of whack by suppressing your body's production of melatonin, a hormone linked to sleep and wakefulness.

To get your body clock back on the right track, sleep experts suggest:

  • 1. Turning off all your electronic devices 30-minutes before bedtime. Resist the temptation to read your emails, scroll through Instagram, or check Facebook.

  • 2. Place your phone, computer, & iPad in another room. This is also a neat trick if you're using your phone as an alarm, because you have to get out of bed to turn it off!

  • 3. Switch from reading to ebooks to actual books. This study reveals that people who read using light-emitting electronic devices, not just take longer to fall asleep but also wake up feeling less alert in the morning.

K.I.S.S (Keep it simple sleepyhead) bedroom organization

Woman in bed sleeping better because room is organized

Visual clutter keeps your mind working on overdrive, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

That pile of clothes on the floor tells your brain a week has passed and you still haven't put them inside your closet (or the wash for that matter).

Your unmade bed sends a surge of stimuli to brain signaling for you to fold your blanket and start adulting.

To calm your brain, clear your room of duplicates. Keep only one of everything in your room - one book for you to read, one scented candle on your bedside table, one pair of slippers, etc., so your mind can focus on just drifting off to Lala Land.

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