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How to Prep for An Awesome Honeymoon: 7 Day Trip

How to Prep for An Awesome Honeymoon:

7 Day Trip

Couple enjoying their honeymoon over the sunset

Getting married is one of the most anticipated moments for every couple. Imagine this -- you you finally get to wear that Vera Wang wedding gown you've been dreaming about, walk down the aisle towards the love of your life, and party all night with your besties.

Sadly no matter how exciting the wedding is, tying the knot is not a walk in the park. Before exchanging vows,  you need to spend about a year getting every single detail ready -- from the flowers to the cakes to the reception. Indeed planning a wedding is pretty exhausting, so that relaxing honeymoon in Bali never sounded so good. Now what to pack? What to do first?


1. Set Your Priorities

Writing down priorities and goals for a successful honeymoon

Making a list of your goals and prioritizing which tasks are important a few days before you leave is vital.  If you are leaving the day after the wedding, you’ve probably done most of these things. If you are taking a break after the wedding, or traveling later in the year, put these items on your list.

For Her: make sure those nails are done, waxing appointments are made, summer clothes are ready to be packed, and your Spotify playlists are all set.

For Him: make sure to make a haircut appointment, trim those nails, purchase any last travel essentials, and pack (or hide) any surprise gifts for your new wifey.


2. Book in Advance, Get a Price Steel

Booking a premium room in an exclusive resort for honeymoon

They say "the early bird catches worm" and this may come in handy when you want to book premium rooms or exclusive resorts. Booking at least six to eight months prior to your honeymoon is ideal, and purchasing travel insurance is important. Just in case you get really sick the day after the wedding (happened to my friend) or the resort gets hit by a horrible storm (literally just happened to islands close to Miami). You just never know. Be prepared! 


3. Create Your Own Itinerary

Cute couple laughing and planning their itinerary for honeymoon

While it's a good idea to get inspiration from other trips, their way of traveling is not always ideal your way. Every couple is different, and what works for them might not work for you. Your best friend may have enjoyed their all-inclusive resort escapade, but you might not feel the same if you and your partner are the adventurous types. That one Thai island called Phuket is a haven for athletic couples, but it might only spoil your honeymoon if you all you want to do is chill. Be sure to decide what kind of ‘mooning’ you and your hubby want together! 


4. Balance Adventure With Relaxation

Newly wed couple surfing on a beach for their honeymoon

If you are the type of couple to go “all out” with one theme for the trip, make sure to remember this: balance is key. Sleeping in until 1pm and relaxing on the beach all day may be all you want. Or maybe you are excited to wake up every day to do a seven mile hike followed by a bike ride through the mountains and finish off with night rock climbing. Either one may become boring or just too much. Explore new lands, try new activities, and eat new cuisines together. However, do not exhaust yourselves. Take time to chill and explore the beauty of your honeymoon destination while sipping a cocktail. Balance is the key to a fabulous trip.


5. Use Clear Packing Cubes: Get Your Suitcase in Shape

Use clear packing cubes for an organized honeymoon trip

First decide what size suitcase you would like to take. How many bikinis should you bring? Planning outfits is important as this will help you avoid bringing unnecessary workout clothes, or blouses you love (but don't match with anything). Maximize the space of your suitcase and make packing a less daunting task with travel packing cubes.

EzPacking offers a variety of packing cube sizes and colors. You can choose an extra small, small, medium, or large cube for your clothes, accessories, undergarments, bikinis, travel-size toiletries, etc. You can even sort them by simply using different colors. Pink for you and gray for him! The great thing about these cubes - they are clear! When arriving at your beautiful destination, you can pull out the cubes and see exactly what inside. Even more exciting, you don't have to unpack! Unzip the cubes and place the them straight into the drawers of the hotel, or on top of the dresser. 

We even created a Honeymoon Packing List for you - check it out and see if you remembered everything when packing. 

Sharing one suitcase with your partner using two color packing cubes


6. Schedule Surprises

Surprise dinner date for your spouse during a honeymoon trip

Getting married should not be the end of your little flirty surprises. Try to sneak in a few activities that he (or she) doesn't know about. It may include a special dinner date or a couple's massage, or walk on the beach to a secret picnic. Whatever it is, setting a surprise is one of the best ways to make your honeymoon memorable and fun.

Don't forget any items! Download our free Honeymoon Checklist we've created for you. 

(Note: The following items may depend on the season, activities, or destination of travel.)

    Congrats to the happy couple! Have a fabulous trip you two. 
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