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Minimalist Decluttering Tips: 17 Items You Don't Need in Your House

Minimalist Decluttering Tips: 

17 Items You Don't Need in Your House

White-themed minimalist space without any clutter

If you are in need of a “decluttering” ceremony, you need to remove these bad boys from your life. Whether it’s your favorite artist who’s playing or the sale is just too good, there are times when we end up buying things for obscure reasons (blame it on the ads!)

If you’re guilty (don’t worry you’re not alone girlfriend) of collecting random items in your life, we got you covered. Go through our minimalist decluttering tips below so you can finally let go of things that don't really provide much value to your life.

1. Aftershave / Shaving Cream

The reason you probably bought aftershave is that it’s supposed to close up pores and make you smell nice. The fact is -- our pores can tighten up on their own using cold water or ice. So simple! Also, most of these products have toxic chemicals. As for shaving cream, the same nasty toxins live here too. Instead, rub a little hair conditioner on those legs and you’ve got the same (if not better) silky smooth skin. This is a simple tip for decluttering that can also benefit your health.

2. Exercise Gadgets & Equipment

We know you badly want that killer bod but honey, those ab toners, butt lifters, and other exercise equipment won’t make things any better. Rather than spending your life away on large and heavy equipment, commit to a regular exercise routine, buy fresh veggies at the market, and join an accountability group. Nothing works better than someone waiting for you outside the fitness class. #motivation 

3. Baby High Chair

One minimalist tip we can give you is to invest in items that the family can use for the long term. We know you wanted to give everything to your adorable little human, but this thing just ends up collecting dust and taking up space. Instead, use a strap-in booster seat! Easily place it on top of a regular chair and use your dining room table like a normal person.  

4. Cord organizers

Sometime our life get so tangled, that we end up buying fancy cord organizers that confuse our mess even more. A simple toilet paper tube or a binder clip hack will surely do the trick. Remember the mantra less is more when it comes to this minimalist lifestyle you're trying to adapt to!

5. Drain Un-Cloggers

The only thing these uncloggers are doing is taking your money down the drain. Listen people, baking soda, vinegar, and hot water are your friends. And you already have them sitting under your kitchen sink - put them to use! You declutter your home fast because you're killing two birds with one stone.

6. Washing Machine Cleaners

What? This even exists? These companies sell you on the “best” way to wash your clothes. Soon to find out you have to clean the thing that cleans your clothes? Oh no girl. Don’t even think twice about these packaged cleaners.

Cleaning Hack: Just add two cups of white vinegar and run a regular cycle. Wahoo!  

7. Unused Musical Instruments 

While there’s nothing wrong with learning a new hobby, musical instruments are more likely to accumulate dust. Unless you’ve actually used it in the last 6 months,  that ukulele in the corner of your house will probably be lonely forever. Give it to a friend, sell it on ebay or donate it. You’ll then feel like a good person. #winwin  

8. Old Cookbooks

Cookbooks have existed a long time and like other books, they’ve become less valuable. Ask yourself this, “when was the last time I actually used my cookbook?” In just a few clicks, you can find a new vegan or paleo recipe online so what’s the point of buying a new book?

Life Hack #1: Go through all your cookbooks and find your favorite recipes. Take pictures of them and create a “Cooking” folder on your phone. 

Life Hack #2: Cut out the best recipes and keep them in a thin folder on the side of a shelf.

No more bulky books taking up precious counter space, decluttering made easy! 

9. Popcorn Maker

Freshly popped popcorn always taste a gazillion times better than the store-bought microwave version #duh. But that doesn’t mean you need a popcorn maker in your house! You have better things to do than watch movies every night with freshly made popcorn. Nobody got time for that! Save that countertop space and use a brown paper bag in the microwave for those rare occasions.  

10. Magazine Racks (and subscriptions)

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re probably familiar with the infamous Internet. I know your thumbs are sore from all the social media scrolling, so don’t think you’re about to sit down and read a magazine. Let’s get rid of the stack of magazines (and the ugly rack that holding them up) and save yourself a whole new corner of the house! Save the magazine reading for the nail salon ladies.  

11. VCRs / DVDs / CDs

Don’t feel guilty whenever your little one asks you what a VCR is. Oh the good old days. If you’re torn about throwing them out because you want the memorabilia, think about their purpose. How much do you really need them when Netflix has become your new bestie? Keep one or two of your favorite Disney VCRs or DVDs and throw out the rest. 

12. Expired Herbs / Spices / Sauces 

Having a beautiful rack of different herbs and spices is an amazing sight! But we don’t all live in a perfect Pinterest picture. Those bottles will be messy in no time.

Challenge for you: Take out ALL your herbs, spices, and sauces. Check the expiration date of each bottle and you might be surprised! Then, tell yourself the last time your used it. If it was last week, keep it. Otherwise, throw it out. For your favorite ones you’re keeping, arrange each container according to their expiration date -- almost out of date? Move it to the front! 

13. Clothes You Never Wear

Just because it holds a special memory doesn’t mean you need to keep it. So take a breath, open your closet, and start decluttering. If you haven’t worn something in over a year, it needs to go. The clothes in good condition should be donated or sold online. There are GoodWill stores everywhere people. Get a trash bag and start throwing. This is one of the best-kept secrets of those who have mastered the minimalist lifestyle. 

14. Unused Perfumes

Some people do keep perfumes as a collection, but if you’re not a fan of that citrusy smell, you might as well get rid of it. Also if the scent’s already outdated, it’s best to throw it out. 

Smelling Yummy Tip: Buy a rolling, perfume stick. These are so easy to travel with and saves space on your countertop. The ladies at EzPacking love this Gardenia scent!

15. Old Running Shoes

Let’s face it - if you haven’t used them in awhile you probably won’t ever. If you already have your “go to” workout shoes in mind, there is no need more 4 more pairs of old ones you might use one day. Cut the clutter, pick your favorite and most useful shoes. Donate the rest.   

16. Breadmaker

You want to know the difference between a breadmaker and an oven? Nothing. So save yourself space, money and time (trying to figure out how to use it) and give it away honey.  

17. Expensive Bridesmaid Dresses 

Weddings can feel like the best days of your life - especially when it’s your best friend from college or your favorite cousin getting married. But, you took the pictures and the moments have passed. If you aren’t going to wear the dress again (because you’ve already posted an instagram pic of it) then give it away to your little sister, or sell it on apps likes Poshmark or Listia.

With our handy minimalist decluttering tips above, you now know which items doesn't belong in your home! Our challenge for you is to choose one item from above and go to town clearing it out of your life. Spend 1 hour this Sunday. Then, do the same thing next Saturday with a different item. Your life already feels less stressful just thinking about it, right?

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