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Helping you keep an organized home, a calm mind, and a happier life is part of our goal here at EzPacking. 
One of the best parts of EzPacking is hearing stories from our customers! 
Shawna, one of our unique customers from Rhode Island, had an interesting order that changed the way she organized her kid's toy room. If you have kids and you are not happy with the mess of toys in your house, you may want listen closely. Important information lies ahead!
Shawna ordered five large packing cubes. This was a strange order for the EzPacking Team, because most customers order our items in bundles. We usually receive orders for Starter Sets and Complete Bundles (made for carry on & standard suitcases).
When we reached out to Shawna to hear her feedback, she explained that she was using EzPacking to organize her daughter’s toy room. Check out her amazing transformation below!



Keeping all the toys in one place can get messy, especially after the kids have had their fun for the day. Dividing up the toys will help you decide which toys to keep in shelves, and which one to keep in the closet. Keep the smaller legos in one cube, the larger stackable items in one cube, the stuffed animals in one cube, and the list goes on! 


Rather than constantly buying new toys, Shawna keeps her daughter’s toys on rotation. One set is in open bins in the playroom and another is in the closet, ready to be taken out when her daughter needs new toys. Instead of having a messy closet full of toys, Shawna uses her packing cubes to efficiently pack and store all the toys. Since the cubes are see through, she can easily find a particular toy without making a mess of her beautifully organized closet!


Teach the kids from an early age that clean up can be fun! Create a game at the end of play time which keeps them engaged and excited. Ask them to divide up the items by "family" first, then place each family of toys into different cubes. You can even use a timer to see how "fast" they can finish. Each day they can try and beat their score! 

Thanks to Shawna for sharing her story and helping us inspire other moms.
If you have an awesome success story, contact us – we’d  love to hear it.
Our next blog post could be about you!


Happy Organizing!

The EzPacking Team


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