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Traveling with Kids? Here's the Secret Travel Hack You Need to Know

Traveling with Kids for the First Time?

Here's the Secret Travel Hack You Need to Know

 Parents traveling with their kid in the mountains

Have you ever looked at families traveling with kids and wondered, "What sorcery is this?" 

How are they able to pack up their lives and sail off into the sunset on a 36ft yacht with their toddlers?

How are they able to grow a career as a digital nomad, raise two young children, while backpacking around the world?  

How are they able to pack suitcases for seven children for a week long adventure without losing their minds?

Well, it's not by using magic. It’s something even better.

 Here's The Secret Hack on Traveling With Kids

A father on a fishing boat with his two children

They bravely take on the challenge.

Traveling with kids has always held a reputation as an extreme decision for parents to make, that it might as well come with a warning that reads:

Bad Idea. Very bad idea. Don't do it.

Which, sadly, ends up scaring off a lot of parents from even planning a family trip.

Because the truth is, it won't be easy. There will be many times when you'd think that everyone was right, traveling with kids is a bad idea.

But, seeing your kiddos see the world and having the opportunity to make memories as a family, makes a ‘bad idea’ definitely worth taking.

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They take organizing seriously.

Packing cubes are travel essentials for kids

When it comes to traveling with children, your suitcase situation quickly goes from everything-in-one-backpack to everything-on-the-floor.

And when you're trying to calm down an overly excited toddler, rummage through your carry-on for a snack, while taking photos for Facebook (because they're just so cute, even in mid- tantrum!), all at the same time, an organized suitcase is your only lifeline.

Using clear packing cubes like EzPacking's Complete Bundle, has long been a well-known hack among frequent travelers when it comes to organizing their suitcase.

Here are some hacks to try out:

Kid organizing smaller toys and items using clear packing cubes

  • 1. Use an Extra Small Cube to secure toiletries in one place. Not only does this keep your clothes safe from accidental spillage, it also makes passing through airport security a breeze.

  • 2. When traveling with kids, bringing a first aid kit is a must. Along with your prescriptions and anti-allergy medication, make sure that your kit includes antibacterial products such as a hand sanitizer, wet wipes, and surface disinfectant spray.

  • 3. Create an entertainment kit to keep kids from getting bored on long trips. Fill a Medium Cube with options for digital (iPad, game consoles) and analogue (coloring books, playing cards) activities for your kids.

Kids clothes organized in packing cube and foldable duffle bag

  • 4. If you're traveling with older kids, teach them about responsibility by letting them pack their own Large Cube. Or you can also make it a team effort by letting the kids pack an EzPacking Starter Set together.

  • 5. Take a foldable duffle bag for your souvenirs. This way it doesn't take up any space in your suitcase.

  • 6. Take a larger suitcase and split up the kids by color (The Complete Bundle can be split into 2 colors - Pink for Chloe, and Gray for Billy.)  

They do it for the kids.

Traveling with children by the beach

Parents who have traveled with their kids almost always say they don't regret taking the time to do so. Because for them, the benefits of traveling together, whether for a quick weekend getaway or halfway around the world, is all that matters.

By exposing their kids to interesting places, experiencing different cultures, eating delicious food, and meeting new people, travel lays down the foundation for their kids to become better people when they grow up.

And science agrees.

If you need more tips for traveling with kids, check out our post on How to Travel With Kids: Best Tips for Parents. Safe travels!

Secret travel hack with kids
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Traveling with Kids Best Hacks and Tips

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