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Unique Gifts for Every Type of Woman

Unique Gifts for Every Type of WomanUnique and awesome gift ideas for mom

For the Volunteer, The New Mom, The Outdoor Enthusiast, and even the Vegan Mommy... We got you covered.

WARNING: There are no mugs, ugly sweaters, or other cliché Christmas gifts on this list. This list only contains awesome, useful, well-thought of, and unique gifts for all the moms out there.  

The Volunteer 

Awesome gifts for volunteer moms

For the fearless woman who's trying to change lives while on a life-changing journey herself, volunteering in different countries for a cause they believe in. Here are some special gift ideas for moms of this type:

1. Set of Clear Packing Cubes

Grey EzPacking cubes set for the volunteer mom

One of the best kept secrets of travel pros is using packing cubes to organize their luggage. Not only does it keep their belongings organized, but the see-through material also makes it TSA-friendly and easy to see what's inside each cube. The EzPacking Bundle is just what she needs to organize her suitcase (and her life). This company has lots of different colors and sizes, so you are sure to find something that fits her style. 

2. An Adorable Journal

Journal as an awesome gift idea for the volunteer mom

Give them the space where they can write their more personal and introspective thoughts during their time as a volunteer. She’ll think of you whenever she opens up this adorable front cover. You can choose from the more traditional journals such as Moleskine (can be personalized) and Rite in the Rain (waterproof notebook!) to more feminine, adorable prints like Papyrus(shown in photo) and Q&A a Day: 5-Year Journal.

3. Instant Camera

Instant camera and polaroid photos as awesome gift ideas for mom

Print out photos will give her the perfect souvenir for capturing real moments during her time away. She can also use these print outs in her photo album for when she returns. Polaroid is back with the OneStep 2 using its classic pre-Instagram square film. There are also other instant cameras like the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic which gives its users more editing control over their photos.

The New Mom

A first-time mom holding her baby

At this time of happy chaos, a well-organized and well-stocked baby station is the best holiday gift for new moms. She’ll be thankful for any of these amazing mother-to-be gifts for the new life she is taking care of. 

1. Electronic Sandman

Baby sleeping with mouth open and a baby shusher device

Sleep - the one thing all new parents want (and need!) but their baby won't give to them. A gift like the Baby Shusher (shown above or Snoo, a self-rocking cradle fresh from MIT Media Labs, which gives both the baby and parents quality sleep, immediately puts you in the magical fairy godmother category.

2. Set of Large Packing Cubes 

Large packing cube for organizing new baby's clothes

These clear, large packing cubes can be used as an organizer for diapers, toys, and clothes in the baby station. Since these cubes come with an easy-to-carry handle, it can also double as a bag for scheduled doctor visits. Maybe purchase one Large in each color (easy color coding organization hack). Note that the Large is big enough to fit one Small Packing Cube or two Extra Small Packing Cube inside the cube, which is useful for separating things like diapers or toys from clothes. Check out the variety of colors and size options they offer here.

3. A Baby Smartband for Dad

Baby smartband that both moms and dads can use

Project Nursery Parent & Baby Smartband which allows dads to share the load of child-care via electronic updates, is the best present you can give any new mom.

The Outdoor Enthusiast 

Outdoor enthusiast mom in front of Eiffel tower

The thought of having no WiFi connection doesn't faze this woman. If her life gets to stressful, she'll immediately go seeking the outdoors to take comfort in the restorative powers of nature.

1. Eco-friendly Apparel

Eco-friendly apparel, awesome gift idea for outdoor enthusiast mom

Any girl who loves the outdoors would also have a strong commitment to the environment. So, getting her a Christmas gift from Patagonia, who not only produces "high-performance gear that leaves the tiniest footprint possible" and Fair Trade Certified, but also involved in social issues, pretty much guarantees you the Best Gift Ever Award.

2. Instant Travel Accommodation

Unique gift idea for outdoor enthusiast mom: A camping hammock

She can hang (or sleep) anywhere - the beach, the mountains, the side of a cliff - all she needs is something to sleep on and she’s all set. Who needs a hotel suite, when she’s got a 5-star hammock like the Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock (shown above)? Or the comforts of a Newdora Camping Hammocks, which which is a super nice alternative for swing, tent, or even yoga mat? This gift is something she’s been wanting to buy for herself, but doesn’t want to spend the money on herself. Make her happy and do it for her. She’ll store it in her trunk and be thankful the next time she decides to take a spontaneous road trip!

3. Water Purifier

Portable water purifier for trekking trips

There's no argument that safe drinking water tops any must-have list for any outdoor enthusiast. But nobody wants to lug around liters and liters of drinking water. Purifiers like the military-grade MSR Guardian, the lightweight Sawyer Mini, the versatile Platypus GravityWorks, and the super cute LifeStraw (shown above) guarantee access to bacteria-free, protozoan-free, and virus-free drinking water. The is the perfect size to store in her backpack, and she’ll thank you the next time she runs out of water on that 6 hour hike.

The Vegan

Carrots and onions, the vegan mom essentials

She’s probably served you tofurkey for Thanksgiving and you didn’t even know it. Yes, it was that good you didn’t even know it wasn’t meat. Yes, that says tofurkey.

1. The “Healthy Costco” Gift Card (online) 

Costco giftcard, awesome gift idea for vegan mom

It’s organic. With tons of vegan options. Don’t panic.

A trip to the supermarket can be a struggle for vegan mamas, and subscription box services like Vegan Cuts’ snack box or online shops like Thrive Market make it easy for them to have quick, easy, and guesswork-free shopping. You can purchase a subscription for them, a gift card, or just a few fun and healthy (and vegan) items to start with. Any foodie would love this gift, no doubt about it. 

2. VIY (Veganize It Yourself) Kit

Vegan cheese making kit for the vegan mom

 A quick look at a food items labeled ingredients, filled with words she can’t even pronounce, she’s bound to just make it herself. This Vegan Cheese Making Kit from Urban Cheesecraft (shown above) is guaranteed to satisfy her cheesiest of cravings.

On the other hand, this Kombucha Making Kit can give her an endless supply of Kombucha tea, especially if she lives in warm weather. And this Tofu Making Kit from The Tofu Box guarantees another serving of tofurkey for next Thanksgiving. Another foodie lover great gift - vegan style of course.

3. Cruelty-Free Beauty

Alima Pure cruelty-free mineral makeup

 Sure, it’s what on the inside that counts, but it also doesn’t hurt if that inner beauty shows through your ultra glowing skin, right? Create a simple gift basket of a mix of vegan skincare and cosmetics. You can fill it up with beauty guru favorite, Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Cream, Dr. Alkaitis Organic Universal Mask, foundation from Alima Pure’s (shown above) 45 available shades, makeup brushes from 100% Pure, or a bold red liquid lip from like Lip Tar in Red Dragon from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  

Mom holding present in front of Christmas tree

We hope you are now clicking away online, and found some inspiration for the lovely lady you are shopping for. Showing appreciation to the special ladies in your life - your mom, wife, sister, aunt, bestie, co-worker - will go a long way, especially with these thoughtful gifts.

Need gift ideas for the special man in your life? Stay tuned for inspiration ideas for your Husband, brother, father-in-law... Coming soon! 

Unique gifts for mom

Christmas gift ideas for her

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