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Useful Gifts for Newlyweds: Suggestions for Every Type of Couple

Useful Gifts for Newlyweds:

Suggestions for Every Type of Couple

Newlyweds on stairs with confetti thrown by guests

Apart from walking down the aisle and exchanging vows, the next best thing that couples get excited about is living together. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why most newlyweds receive household-related gifts, ranging from the life-changing oven toaster to the much-anticipated picture frames. While these things are the most common wedding presents, you can do better than that.

Right? So whether you're invited to your sister's wedding or you're planning to gatecrash your ex-boyfriend's wedding, we've created a short list of the best and most useful gifts for newlyweds you can bring next time. We've even made it easier by listing gifts according to the types of couples. So without further ado, let's get started!

1. The Foodies

Foodie newlywed holding hands while on cafe

They say the only way to a man's heart is through his stomach, and luckily, this applies to all women, too! So you know that you will never go wrong when you give them the fascinating food processor a.k.a. Magic Bullet or the multitasking vegetable slicer known as the Spiralizer. These two are not your ordinary kitchen appliances; rather, it's a special equipment that will help the couple prepare luscious meals and transform ordinary recipes into special dishes.

2. The Techies

Techie newlywed with 3D eye mask taking selfie using smartphone

A married life is not always a walk in the park; there will be times when one or both will forget a special event because of several reasons. Help them make their life easier by giving Amazon Echo as a cool wedding gift. Your techie friends will surely need a home personal assistant that will assist them in playing music, setting up an alarm, play audiobooks and a lot more. Not only did you satisfy their love for technology but also, you've reduced fights due to a missed event. 

3. The Musicians

Musician couple you can give speaker system as a useful gift

Let the newlyweds live in harmony by supporting their love of music. You can either give them a  new guitar so they can continuously serenade each other or an awesome SoundTouch Music System, like this Bose Wave System. Whether the couple is a rockstar,  a fan of hip-hop, or some old school duo, the crystal clear sound coming out of this audio system will surely soothe their souls.

4. The Travelers

Traveler couple in an amusement park, useful gift for newlywed would be EzPacking cubes

Traveling makes the couple stay connected, therefore, giving them a surprise trip will surely make them happy. Apart from their honeymoon, they will most likely be traveling sometime soon. These packing cube organizers from EzPacking are the perfect gift - they are clear and come in many colors and sizes. These cubes, which may be purchased individually or as a set, will help them stay organized on their trip, and save more space and time! You can even order The Complete Bundle split into 2 colors - one color for him, one for her. They can share a suitcase without whining about where that one sock went!

EzPacking clear packing cubes

**Thanks to Melissa for this awesome photo!

5. The Smart-Saver 

Couple laughing in field, giving money as gift is a good idea for the smart-saver couple

No matter how small or big it is, having a wedding is costly. Imagine buying more than a dozen flowers and gowns, inviting a hundred (or more) people to the church and reception, and let's not forget -- the wedding rings! These things will surely hurt the pockets of the couple, especially if they are the frugal type. Therefore, if you want to relieve the tension that's concealed under their smile, you may give them a thoughtful wedding gift: money. It may sound simple but you can present your gift in a unique and exciting way, such as putting the cash inside a glass enclosed picture frame or a gift basket with the bills inside. You may also lightly stitch the cash into a basket and turn it into a gift wrapper. Just be careful not to tear it. You can get more creative ideas here.

6. The Homebody

Couple laughing in bed, personalized couple pillow would be a great gift idea for home buddies

Accept it. You will always have a friend who loves their bed more than anyone else, and it's a wonderful feeling for them once they met their Mr. Right/Ms. Right. If the honeymooners are more fond of cuddling and staying in their bedroom, then a personalized couple pillow is a unique wedding gift. Have each of their faces printed on the pillowcases, his and hers, their wedding date, or something special. This is a cute way of making something personalized without spending too much, and a great way for them to remember you. 

7. The Beach Bums

Newlyweds on beach side

There's nothing more romantic than spending time with your loved one under a blanket of stars -- and maybe this is why the couple is fascinated with beaches. As an ever loyal friend, you can make their stay at the beach more worthwhile by gifting them with an instant camera, such as the Fujifilm Instax Mini. Now, they can have the photo printed A.S.A.P! You may also add onto the gift a cute bikini for her and boardshorts for him to make their beach getaway more new and exciting!

8. The Party Animals

Newlywed couple enjoying partying and drinking together

For these people, getting married is not a hindrance to par-tay! Therefore, giving them a Wine-Club Membership will surely put a wide smile on their faces because why not? Another choice would be the His & Her Decanter Set. This unique gift is not something that they will expect, but something they would've wished in the first place.

P.S. Don't forget the party balloons and confetti!

9. The Workout Enthusiasts

Newlywed couple running or exercising together

Without a doubt, the fast-moving lifestyle they have will be maintained even after tying the knot, and that's perfectly fine. But giving them a gift is kind of tricky especially if they almost have every fitness-related gear. Opting for a matching Fitbit Flex or any sports watch is one of the no-fail gifts you can give. Even non-sporty couples will surely appreciate the sophisticated, high-tech gadget from you. Another option would be quality wireless headphones, such as the one from Beats by Dre.

10. The Bedroom Enthusiasts

Married Couple Being Romantic With Each Other With Christmas Lights At The Background

We all know that couple who can’t stay out of the bedroom... So giving them a fun and exciting gift is a  surefire way to win both of their hearts, especially if they are the type of couple who enjoy their own mushy-mushy time (regardless of the people around. Oops!) You can add more spice to their already sizzling relationship by giving them matching sexy robes for their honeymoon!

While there's nothing wrong with giving the usual, you can always make your gift extra special. It doesn't have to be expensive or luxurious. As long as it comes from the heart, the couple will surely appreciate every effort you put in it. After all, it's the thought that counts. Hope you enjoyed our wedding gift ideas for both the bride and groom!

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