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Winning At Adulting: Doing Your Groceries The Right Way

Winning At Adulting:

Doing Your Groceries The Right Way 

Perfectly arranged dairy products shelves at the supermarket.

Agreed. Bathing regularly, communicating through fully formed sentences instead of emojis, and not being 1 of the 5 millenials that can't change a light bulb and calling it "adulting" is just outright crazy.

Even crazier is there's now an entire generation of young adults struggling to gain financial independence, simply because they have no idea how to do everyday tasks, and letting the world know with a hashtag.

But do you want to know the craziest part? Millennials can easily win at adulting and avoid financial doom if they just eat out less and go on more trips to the grocery using the following insider money-saving tips instead.

Don't just make a list, make several lists.

You can create your grocery lists using old school pen and paper or with your phone

Grocery stores are sneakily and specifically designed so you’ll spend as much time and money as possible. And a grocery list is the only thing that's keeping your budget safe from these sly marketing tactics.

It doesn't matter if it's a list for a week or two-week's worth of groceries.

Just. Make. A. List.

From a "starter list," build your own grocery list by gradually making adjustments each time you buy groceries to fit your own budget and eating habits.

As soon as you get home from the store, stick a blank note on your fridge. This is now your to-buy list. Here, you list down items that are either near or already empty and include it on your next grocery list.

After a few trips to the grocery store, you’ll start to notice staple items. With these items, create an editable master list on your phone. Now, all you have to do is add items from your to-buy list and you have yourself a well-planned grocery list.

Eat before shopping.

A woman taking a big bite out off a sandwich

Don't you find it odd, that every time you walk in a store to pick up a carton of milk, you end up leaving with a cart full of things you don't need and an empty wallet instead?

A new study by the University of Minnesota says it’s because you're shopping on an empty stomach, and hunger triggers our primal human urge to find, acquire and consume. So a quick snack keeps you from straying away from your list and buying more than you need.

But don't just eat any snack, according to Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab, shoppers who ate an apple instead of a cookie before doing their groceries, ended up buying healthier food items.

Buy local. 


Colorful fresh produce on display at a local farmer’s market

Not only do you get your food fresh, it also costs less. Local businesses cut out the middleman, so you can get the same item for a better price than you would in a giant chain store.

Buying local is also better for the environment, as the shorter trip from farm to market uses less petroleum, which means less carbon dioxide emissions. It also helps in reducing the alarmingly large amount of food that gets lost or goes to waste each year.

Don’t forget to bring a reusable shopping bag like our Foldable Duffel Bag to avoid generating plastic waste.

Plan your meals. 


Flatlay of a healthy, well-planned breakfast of fruits, grain, waffles, and honey

If you want to save as much as $1,200 a year, make a meal plan.

If you want to reduce food waste and save the world, make a meal plan.

If you want a better relationship with your family, make a meal plan. 

Use grocery shopping apps. 


A person holding a smartphone

Grocery apps give shopping smart a whole new meaning. With these useful apps, you can turn your smartphone into a discount finding machine.

Or if you're an OG, you can also sign up online for services that guarantee perfectly imperfect produce and quality meats at such mind blowing low prices, that you’ll never want to set foot in a grocery store ever again.

Stay alert, aware, and focused on your mission, which is to leave that store with only the items on your list. You can do it!


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