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3 Beach Day Hacks: Every Mom Needs to Know

Summer is around the corner and that means it’s time for the beach.
The kiddos love the beach. They can build sandcastles, play catch, and make a mess without upsetting the painstaking organization in the living room. While going on a nice beach outing is great family fun, it takes some prep from mom.
We designed EzPacking as an organization system of packing cubes meant for a suitcase. We wanted to start with a small, achievable goal: to help moms pack for a family and stay organized on trips. After speaking to many customers, we learned that they were using EzPacking for reasons beyond what we had originally imagined. How awesome was that!? Many customers told us they used EzPacking to organize for family outings to the beach.
Use EzPacking to stay neat & tidy on your next beach day.
Here are a few ideas from our customers: 
1) USE A DUFFLE BAG: Functional & fashionable. 















Let’s face it, going to the beach is no fashion trip. You don’t need a luxury handbag or an expensive designer tote for the beach. You need a functional bag that will do the job and not break the bank. Luckily, our foldable duffle bag is just that. You’ll have a hard time finding a duffle bag with functionality and durability for only $14.99.

It’s the perfect way to pack all your beach belongings. If it gets dirty or sandy, it can easily be rewashed and used for other purposes. Or it can be your dedicated beach bag. Oh, and did we mention that it folds into itself? That’s right, fold it up into a small pouch when not in use and you will almost forget that you had it!

2) TOWEL STRATEGY: Large Cube to the rescue. 


Towels can be a big bulky mess. Use the large cube to comfortably pack two beach towels. Rather than carry them loose and have them take up a lot of space, place them in the large packing cube to compress them and reduce their bulk. Pull out the cube when you need to dry off!

3) PREPARE FOR HOT & COLD: Better safe than sorry. 

Bring at least one medium packing cube to prepare for all possibilities. The beach can be hot one minute and cold the next. Pack a few extra sweaters for the kids, and an extra pair of clothes for the kids. Easily fit a few magazines, books, and other necessities into the cube. The medium cube is perfect for all those needs. 

We hope EzPacking makes your beach day more organized, clean, and a little less messy!

- The EzPacking Team

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