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Starter Set (Packing Cube Set of Four)

$ 48.00

The Starter Set is the perfect way to get started with EzPacking. One set comfortably packs a standard carry on suitcase with seven to ten days of clothes. If you travel carry on only, then this set is for you! Consider adding on a laundry bag and shoe bag to complete the organizing experience.

Feel free to add on individual cubes as needed or jump up to the Complete Bundle, which sells at a discounted rate.


1 Large Cube - Dimensions:  16”  x  10.3”  x  4.0”

1 Medium Cube - Dimensions:  12”  x  10.3”  x  4”

1 Small Cube - Dimensions: 10.3”  x  6”  x  4”

1 Extra-Small Cube - Dimensions:  6”  x  6”  x  2.5”

Total weight: 1lb and 4 ounces 

Check out the different ways our customers use the Starter Set:

CARRY ON TRAVEL: This set of four packing cubes make it easier than ever to pack an organized suitcase and maximize space while traveling. Whether you are traveling for business, leisure, adventure, or more, pack confidently and stay organized on your trip. 

BEACH WITH THE FAMILY: Going to the beach with the family get can messy (and sandy) really fast. Stay dry, clean, and organized with the Starter Set. Pack all your larger necessities - books, magazines, towels, and extra clothes into the larger cubes. For the smaller cubes, pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, snacks, diapers, etc. When returning home, easily clean the sand off with a warm washcloth.  

SUMMER CAMP CUBBIES: Worried your kids will end up in a cluttered mess by the end of the summer? Pick their favorite colored cubes and organize their cubbies into sections - shirts in one cube, shorts in another, underwear and socks into the smaller cubes. Definitely add in that laundry bag to make your life easier when they return home! If they are going for more than a week, we suggest ordering the Complete Bundle, which includes double the cube selection, a laundry and shoe bag!

CLOSET STORAGE: You know that closet in your home with all the extra sheets, towels, and blankets? If that stresses you out just by thinking about it, its time to help clear your mind and organize items into cubes. Use the handles to easily pull out what you need. Closet organization has never been so fun. 

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