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Complete Bundle (For Checked Bags)

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EzPacking's the Complete Bundle packing cube set

The Complete Bundle

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Don’t miss out on our best-selling and all-inclusive packing cube set! The Complete Bundle is a true value for your money. You get 8 packing cubes + 4 luggage organizer accessories along with an $29 saving! That’s 17% off!

Capacity: Organize a standard checked suitcase with this clear packing cube set. Or split the bundle to organize two carry-on suitcases! That’s 1 to 2 week’s worth of clothes per individual or 1 week’s worth of clothes for a couple sharing a suitcase.

The Complete Bundle packing cube set

This Packing Cube Set Includes:

2 Large Cubes: Our largest size cubes can hold your bulkiest clothing items. Also a brilliant storage option for your skiing trip essentials or seasonal home storage!

Large packing cube with and without clothes

2 Medium Cubes: Use the medium packing cubes for your casual clothing items like shirts, blouses, leggings and shorts.

Medium cubes with and without clothes

2 Small Cubes: Save yourself from embarrassing airport inspections by keeping your private items out of the spotlight and packed away inside the small cube. Use these two small cubes for organizing your underwear, socks and loungewear.

Small cube with underwear inside

2 Extra Small Cubes: Our clear toiletry bag (TSA Approved) is a hit among carry-on only travelers. Use it for organizing and separating your carry-on bag toiletries!

Extra small cube with toiletries

1 Folding Board Set: Need to fold clothes ala-Sheldon? Our folding board set (comes with 3 size boards) is the key! It’s the secret to perfectly folded shirts, dress shirts and long-sleeve polos. It’s travel sized so you can take it with you for perfect folding around the world!

Folding dress shirt using travel folding board

2 Shoe Bags: Because dirty soles inside a bag is a recipe for disaster! Each shoe bag can hold one to three pairs of shoes (depending on your size)! Please note, the shoe bag only comes in the light blue as seen on the website.

1 Laundry Bag: This good-looking laundry bag is more than just a pretty face. It can hold 5 to 8 days worth of clothes. Plus, it folds into a compact size when not in use!  Please note, the laundry bag only comes in the light blue as seen on the website.

** Please note all Complete Bundle accessories (two shoe bags, laundry bag and duffle bag) come in the light blue color shown in the photos. The folding boards are white.

This Cube Set is Best For:

  • Couples sharing a suitcase - Keeps a couple happy during a trip because there’s finally no arguments about a messy luggage!

  • Families sharing a suitcase - Need to split a suitcase with your hubby? Need your two kids to share one suitcase? Let our Complete Bundle be the unsung hero against clutter on your trips!

  • Frequent Travelers - Going on a three week cruise to Ireland and don’t want to worry about laundry? Pack 2 to 3 weeks worth of clothes in the packing cubes and wash when you get back home. Note, you may need an extra laundry bag though!

Complete Bundle inside suitcase

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will all the cubes in the set fit in a standard suitcase? This packing cube set will fit most standard-size suitcases (24” and above). With their vertical packing capability, positioning them inside a suitcase won’t be an  issue!

Will all cubes fit in a carry-on bag or backpack? For suitcases below 24” in size or backpacks, we cannot guarantee that all cubes will fit inside them. But who says you have to fit them all in one bag? You can split the bundle with your significant other or another family member!

Will I save money with this packing cube set? You’d be saving a whopping $18 (15% off!) with this travel cube set. When you buy the items individually, you’d have to pay $167.

How do I order two different colors? Unfortunately, we don't offer the two color combo for the Complete Bundle anymore. It was getting a little confusing for our warehouse employees! If this two color option is super important to you, there's the option of ordering two Starter Sets and adding on any accessories that you'd like! 

Product Details:

  • 2 Large Cubes (Dimensions:  16” x 10.3” x 4.0”) 

  • 2 Medium Cubes (Dimensions:  12” x 10.3” x 4”)

  • 2 Small Cubes (Dimensions: 10.3”  x 6” x 4”)

  • 2 Extra Small Cubes (Dimensions:  6” x 6” x 2.5”)

  • 1 Folding Board Set (3 Boards)

  • 2 Shoe Bags (Dimensions: 15" x 12")

  • 1 Laundry Bag (Dimensions: 22" x 16")

  • Total Weight - 3 Pounds and 4 Ounces

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