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The Complete Bundle (Sold Separately at $151)

$ 119.00


The Complete Bundle is perfect for packing a 28" - 30" suitcase or duffle bag with three to four weeks worth of clothes. The clear packing cubes make it easy to see what you packed. Staying organized on the road has never been easier!

Items sold separately cost $151.

Split a suitcase with your husband or wife and chose our 2 color option to receive 4 packing cubes in one color, 4 packing cubes in another. Perfect for couples or families with kids looking to share a suitcase.

Want the two color combo for your Bundle? Leave a note at checkout with your two color choices!

This set contains:

2 Large Cubes - Dimensions:  16”  x  10.3”  x  4.0”

2 Medium Cubes - Dimensions:  12”  x  10.3”  x  4”

2 Small Cubes - Dimensions: 10.3”  x  6”  x  4”

2 Extra-Small Cubes - Dimensions:  6”  x  6”  x  2.5”

1 Foldable Duffle Bag

1 Folding board set (3 boards)

2 Shoe Bags - Dimensions: 15" x 12"

1 Laundry Bag - Dimensions: 22" x 16"

Total weight: 3 lbs and 10 oz

** Please note ** all Complete Bundle accessories (two Shoe bags, Laundry bag and Duffle bag) come in the light blue color shown on the photos. The Folding Boards are white.

While you're not using to cubes to travel, find unlimited ways to put them to good use!

BEACH WITH THE FAMILY: Going to the beach with the family get can messy (and sandy) really fast. Stay dry, clean, and organized with taking a few cubes with you to the beach. Pack all your larger necessities - books, magazines, towels, and extra clothes into the larger cubes. In the smaller cubes, pack sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, snacks, diapers, etc. When returning home, easily clean the sand off with a warm washcloth.


SUMMER CAMP CUBBIES: Worried your kids will end up in a cluttered mess by the end of the summer? Pick their favorite colored cubes and organize their cubbies into sections - shirts in one cube, shorts in another, underwear and socks into the smaller cubes. More than 1 kid going to camp? Choose the 2 color option and have the kids split a suitcase! 

CLOSET STORAGE: You know that closet in your home with all the extra sheets, towels, and blankets? If that stresses you out just by thinking about it, its time to help clear your mind and organize items into cubes. Use the handles on these cubes to easily pull out what you need at any time. Closet organization has never been so fun. 

SPORTS GEAR: Skier or snowboarder? Use these cube to organize all your gear (and keep the snow out!) on the road, on the slopes, and in the cabin. During the off season, store this cube in the closet and easily pull out for the next year! 

TOY ORGANIZATION: Whether your kids are hanging by the pool, at the park, or just running around house, use these cubes to organize all the toys in the house. Create a fun game for your kids to help "clean" up the toys by placing them into the cubes. 

Have another unique way to use your EzPacking? Send us a photo! 

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