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Travel Jewelry Roll

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Travel Jewelry Roll

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Love taking your jewelry with you on the road? Have you ever lost one earring or spent what seems like forever untangling necklaces? It might be time to invest in our travel jewelry roll! With different zippered compartments, your jewelry and accessories won’t be a hot mess inside your bag. This travel jewelry case is also very compact and can easily fit in your carry-on or personal bag.

This is a lightweight item that every traveler needs. Not only is jewelry more organized, it is also easily and quickly accessible using our travel jewelry roll. You’ll never lose an item again!

Capacity: Our travel jewelry roll can hold 15 to 20 items. The smaller compartments can hold 6 to 10 pairs of earrings or even rings. The larger compartments can hold 4 to 6 necklaces or bangles.

Product Features:

  • Vegan leather exterior and interior faux suede helps you organize in style. The plastic interior coverings help protect jewelry from the elements and make compartmentalizing and organizing easy.

  • Lightweight and clear design make packing and storing jewelry for travel a breeze.

  • The Jewelry Roll’s three compartments make traveling with jewelry a breeze.  Here are our suggestions for packing the jewelry roll:

    • Top (subdivided into three compartments) - Perfect for packing earrings, pins, cufflinks, rings or thin necklaces (to avoid tangling).

    • Middle (subdivided into two compartments) - Easily packs bracelets, larger pendant necklaces and bangles.

    • Bottom (no subdivision, one large compartment) - Great for packing necklaces, bracelets, or a watch with multiple straps.

  • Once packed, fold bottom compartment up to center and fold top compartment over that. Use the exterior ribbon to close the jewelry roll.

Here are Some Ways to Use Our Travel Jewelry Organizer:

  • Organizing Jewelry: Keep track of all your precious jewelry with the help of our jewelry organizer. Necklaces and bracelets can go in the large zippered compartments. Earrings, pins and rings can go in the small zippered compartments. Use the ring strap to securely fasten multiple rings for easy storage. Stow the jewelry organizer in your carry-on or personal bag so you don’t risk losing your jewelry with your checked bag!

  • Organizing Watches and Straps: Can’t leave home without your favorite watches? If you are a “two watch” kind of gal, wear one on your wrist and pack the other in the bottom compartment of the jewelry roll. You’ll also be able to fit multiple straps if needed!

  • Organizing Pins and Cufflinks: Traveling for a business trip? Keep your pins and cufflinks organized with our jewelry roll. Use the small zippered compartments to keep them separated.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the size of the jewelry roll? Make sure to check the Dimensions section for full measurements.

How does the jewelry travel case stay closed?  The exterior ribbon lets you tie down the two compartments to the center compartment. Fold the jewelry roll into three horizontal parts and tie together using the attached ribbon.

Will it fit in a small everyday purse? Yes! When folded, our jewelry roll can fit in your everyday tote bag or purse! Use it for organizing your rings, bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry.

Will round bangles fit inside? It depends on their size. But most medium-size accessories can fit inside the large zippered compartments!

How should I clean the jewelry roll? Use a wet wipe or clean cloth to wipe the interiors clean from dirt or stains.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions (Folded) - 8.5 inches long X 4 inches wide X height will vary on items inside

  • Dimensions (Unfolded) - 11.75 inches long X 8.5 inches wide X .5 inches high

  • Dimensions inside each compartment:

    • Top: Three compartments - Left and right compartment are 2.5 inches wide X 2 inches high. Center compartment is 3 inches wide by 2 inches high

    • Middle: Two compartments each measuring 3.75 inches wide by 3.25 inches high

    • Bottom: One compartment measuring 7.75 inches wide by 2 inches high

    • Ring strap is 7.25 inches long

  • Weight - 4 ounces

  • Hand Wash

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