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5 Packing Lists for Traveling with a Baby

5 Packing Lists for Traveling with a Baby

Baby's clothes and packing cubes

Mom - yes you! Whether you are a seasoned traveler or a first timer, its always helpful to have a run down of what you will need on your upcoming trip with your baby.

We created a go-to resource of downloadable packing lists to help you on your upcoming travels with your baby.

There are no strings attached! Seriously... All you have to do is click the button below and we will send you 5 free packing lists (with printable versions) to help you on your upcoming trips with your cute bundle of joy. 

Woman writing packing list

What's Included in the 5 Free Downloads?

The following packing lists are included in this free download series:

✅ Baby Checklist for Airplane Travel (Online & Printable)

✅ Carry On Luggage Packing for Baby (Online)

✅ Checked Luggage Packing for Baby (Online & Printable)

✅ Ultimate Travel Packing List Part 1 (Online & Printable) 

✅ Ultimate Travel Packing List Part 2 (Online & Printable)

Need a little help with packing? 

Casual Claire with EzPacking

We were frustrated with the packing process ourselves, so we decided to do something about it. We created a system of clear packing cubes that make it easy to organize a suitcase for travel. 

Not only is the packing process easier with EzPacking, you'll also be able to quickly unpack at your destination. The photos below show how easy packing SHOULD be!

Packing with packing cubes  Woman using packing cubes to organize suitcase
Starter Set of packing cubes  Clear packing cubes for travel

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What Our Customers Have to Say

Medium Cube


EzPacking has made packing 4 kids worth of clothes in a suitcase much easier. They have also been extremely helpful when packing for our camping trips. Because 2 of my 4 kids are girls, this has really helped separating clothes so we don't have fights over who packed what. Thanks for providing such a wonderful product to help make traveling easier and more organized. 

- Kimberly, New York


Ski with Medium Cube


We love using EzPacking on our bike trips. Not only is packing for the trip easy, but staying organized on the road has never been so effortless. We pack an extra small cube with our essentials - keys, sunscreen, tissues, a protein bar. We pack a small cube with our bike gear - bike tubes, a wrench, and anything else we need that day. We love using EzPacking!

- Dina, California 




EzPacking saved us from having to pay for excess bag weight at the airport! We just pulled out a cube and carried it! Dropped the bag from 54 to 49 lbs. The lady in front of us had the same issue, pulled out piles of clothes and had to go purchase an extra bag to carry them. EzPacking saved me $100 in extra bag fees! Thanks EzPacking! 

- Michelle, California

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