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EzPacking's mission

To make you (and your suitcase) feel organized and ready to conquer the world, one packing cube at a time.

The EzPacking story

We're a small family business based out of San Diego, CA. It all started when Monica (a mother of three) couldn't find a solution to help her daughter pack for college.

Being an industrious mom, she decided to design the products she imagined.

In 2015, EzPacking was born!

While Monica simply set out to solve a problem in the family, she ended up designing a new kind of packing cube and a full travel organization system.


Monica's son, Solomon and his wife, Tali, now run the business.

Together with their adorable fulfillment manager, Lucy, they are helping to transform the way travelers pack, one packing cube at a time.EzPacking team

Meet the Team

Salo (short for Solomon) helped to co-found EzPacking and is now President of the company. He's in charge of digital marketing strategies and other big picture elements of the business!

Salo loves practicing Jiu Jitsu, listening to world music and salsa dancing.

Tali is the Creative Director here at EzPacking. She manages the team, making sure everyone is doing their job and is happy! Tali and Salo got married in 2019 ❤️

Tali loves flowers, dark chocolate and dancing Hip Hop!

Monica is the Co-Founder, designer and inspiration for EzPacking! She has taken a step back from the day to day operations but still helps us with new ideas and her amazing accounting skills.

She loves going to the gym, cooking healthy recipes for her family and exploring nature.

Jel is our rockstar Content Writer and SEO wiz. She's been working with us since 2018 and is responsible for our blog. If you found us on Google, say thanks to Jel! 

She loves spicy food, watching K-dramas and spending time with her son.

Lou is our talented Graphic Designer. She creates all the awesome graphics for our website and social media accounts. Say thanks to Lou if you found us on Pinterest!

Aside from her love of design, she also enjoys cooking, baking, singing and dancing. 


Lucy is our cutie pie customer service manager. She's in charge of keeping our customers happy! While she does a great job, she has been caught taking a few naps on the job...

Lucy loves treats, long naps and See's Candies!

We invite you to fall in love with EzPacking and tell your friends!

Try EzPacking and get organized today.

The EzPacking Team

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