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Black Packing Cubes

Black Packing Cubes

Black packing cubes inside suitcase

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Black is a color that goes well with everything. It’s just a sophisticated hue that is a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. We all have that black pair of jeans or that black dress we wear on special occasions! Black is also a classic when it comes to packing. Black packing cubes don’t get as dirty as other colors and they match just about any suitcase or backpack! Our black packing cubes also have a see-through design so you can find what you need in an instant!

Here are our black packing cubes (with their conventional uses):

ezpacking extra small black cubeExtra small cube - A classic black packing cube is the perfect travel toiletry bag. This size cube is compliant with the TSA standards. It’s just under quart size and has a see-through design.

ezpacking small black cube

Small cube - Our small packing cube is perfect for storing your bigger cosmetics or toiletries in your checked luggage. You can also use it for storing underwear (including socks and bras). Going to the beach? Let your kiddo have his or her own tote bag courtesy of our small cube!

ezpacking black packing cubeMedium cube - Fit 10 to 15 casual shirts or tops inside our medium cube. Depending on your size, you might have room for more lightweight bottoms like leggings and shorts. This bag is also stadium approved (pack your game essentials like water & snacks)!

ezpacking large black cubeLarge cube - Our largest cube can hold all your bulky clothing items. This includes jeans, jackets and sweaters. This cube can also compress some air out of your large clothes! Traveling for business or work? Pack your dress shirts or formal dress inside this size cube to avoid wrinkles!

ezpacking starter set in blackStarter Set - Get our Starter Set in the sleek black hue. Organize your suitcase and make packing an enjoyable task. There’s no need to unpack with our packing cubes. Just take the cubes out of the suitcase and place into drawers, done! 

EzPacking’s Complete Bundle in turquoiseComplete Bundle - Maximize suitcase space with our Complete Bundle. Get two Starter Sets and a laundry bag, 2 shoe bags and a folding board set!


How black packing cubes saved the day for EzPacking customers

More than their stylish appeal or convenience, black cubes also come in handy for a variety of situations. Don’t believe us? Check out our list below! This list was created using customer stories and testimonials.

1. Going over the baggage limit - Purchased too many mementos on your trip? Avoid excess baggage fees with the help of our black packing cubes. If your bag is over the limit at the check in counter, simply take out one of your cubes and repack into another bag or take with you as a personal item on the flight. No more repacking saga in front of the entire airport!

ezpacking extra small black packing cube2. A family road trip - Family road trips can be fun… If you know how to pack for them! You can’t forget entertaining toys, games and snacks. All of these items must be within reach of your kiddos. And that’s where black packing cubes come in handy. Fill the smallest packing cube with snacks (granola, cookies or fruits). You can use a medium packing cube for organizing their toys and games. Check out our full packing list for a family road trip here.

 3. Unexpected beach/pool trip - Unexpected side trips do happen (like a weekend beach vacay). If you forget to bring a beach or pool tote bag, use a medium-size black packing cube instead. The classic color means that it can go well even with your funky (newly bought) swimsuit.

ezpacking small black packing cube4. Moving to college - If you don’t know the story, the EzPacking cubes were actually created because of a mom’s desire to help her daughter pack for college! Our cubes can help take the stress out of packing for this new chapter in life. Use them for organizing clothes, toiletries, cleaning supplies and more! Check out this blog post to help you prepare for packing for college.

5. Souvenir shopping - Plastic bags? They’re not so eco-friendly and rip easily when you pack heavier items. Paper bags? Some are too flimsy that they’re not worth using! Use a black packing cube as a souvenir shopping bag instead. Our cubes have easy-grip handles and come in various sizes (use the largest size cube if you’re a serious souvenir shopper!).

ezpacking medium black packing cube6. Organizing old baby clothes - We know it’s hard to let go of those cute but old baby clothes. Babies outgrow the cutest items so fast! So get those black cubes ready and organize old baby clothes by category. One large cube can hold onesies, another medium cube can hold mittens & socks. Stack them safely in the cabinet --- you can use them for your next baby (wink) or donate them to a friend or neighbor!

ezpacking starter set in black7. Carry-on only travel - Traveling with only one suitcase (or bag) is definitely a huge challenge --- especially for families! But here’s the secret, packing cubes make the challenge a little easier for everyone. The Starter Set's four cubes make it easy to travel light!

ezpacking complete bundle set in black8. Sorting clean from dirty clothes - Oh no, you forgot your EzPacking laundry bag? Forget thin and flimsy plastic bags. You only need a large packing cube! Place all your dirty clothes inside to avoid contaminating the rest of the clean clothes.

ezpacking large black packing cube9. Organizing school event essentials - Got a cheerleader or maybe a girl scout in the family? You can use black packing cubes for organizing their special event essentials. Pack one cheerleader outfit plus accessories in a large cube. Do the same for your little girl scout who’s going camping with her troop!

Packing cubes are  the superhero of the organizing world. They just have so many uses and they come in handy for unexpected mishaps! Do you have any other stories to share about how our cubes saved the day for you?  

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