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Blue Packing Cubes

Blue Packing Cubes

Royal blue packing cubes inside pink suitcase

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It’s no secret that our packing cubes are a hit among traveling families. Use them to organize a suitcase or even to share a suitcase with another family member. Packing cubes are everyone’s best travel companion. Our cubes come in various sizes and colors to choose from (one of their best features). Want to learn about our blue packing cubes? This page has all the info.

Here are our royal blue packing cubes (with their conventional uses):

EzPacking blue extra small cubeExtra small cube - This tiny cube has many uses! But our customers prefer it as a clear toiletry bag. It’s just under quart size. Pack all your TSA approved 3 ounce toiletries here before storing inside your carry on. You’ll get through airport security in a breeze, we promise!

EzPacking clear makeup bagSmall cube - This cube size is also known as our clear makeup bag. You can use it for your bigger cosmetics (or toiletries) that aren’t allowed in your carry-on bag. You can also use this for organizing your underwear and socks. Room to spare? Store some of your loungewear in this size cube too!

EzPacking medium cubeMedium cube - Our medium packing cube can hold up to 15 casual shirts! You can also use it for keeping your lightweight bottoms sorted and separate (like leggings and shorts). Backpacking across the world? Don’t let a messy backpack stop you from your #TravelGoals, use a medium cube instead!

EzPacking large blue cubeLarge cube - This size cube is ideal for organizing your winter or skiing clothes (like jackets and sweaters). Also use it as under the bed storage for off-season clothes or bed sheets. Got a little girl with a doll collection? Use this size cube for organizing her accessories!

“Starter SetStarter Set - New to the EzPacking world? The Starter Set is the ideal beginner packing cube set! Get 4 of our different sizes of packing cubes. Use it for organizing your luggage, backpack or your home.

Complete BundleComplete Bundle - Our best value-for-money luggage  organizer set! Get two Starter Sets and a laundry bag, 2 shoe bags and 1 folding board set! 

The signs that you need blue packing cubes

Maybe you’re just in denial or a skeptic - but there are telltale signs that you need our royal blue packing cubes! We’re here to help you uncover your hidden need for this color cube. Check the box that rings true to your situation. Let’s begin!

Extra small royal blue travel cube✓ You’ve got blue everywhere - There’s no denying that blue is your comfort color. You carry your blue tote bag every single day (even if it doesn’t match with some outfits). Your house has accents of blue everywhere. Or maybe you can’t help but gush over blue-themed cafes and restaurants.

✓ Your (blue) suitcase is a mess - You’ve got your socks and underwear laying somewhere in your suitcase… You just don’t know where exactly. Every time you need an item, you have to go through your entire bag. This happens all the time, whether it’s a trip abroad or just a local visit to a family member’s house. It’s frustrating but you’ve gotten used to it anyway.

Small royal blue travel cube✓ Family arguments are common - Arguments in the family are inevitable. But if they’re happening all the time and mostly during a trip, then it might be because you’re disorganized. Fighting over which items are whose? You might benefit from purchasing our Starter Set (one set for each member of the family). Sharing a suitcase is a nightmare? The Complete Bundle is your best solution!

✓ It’s a hassle to make it through TSA security - You look at other people passing through TSA security like a smoothly-flowing river. No rocks or bumps along the way! But you have always wondered how they do it. Well the secret is being organized and using our blue packing cubes. Use our TSA-approved blue toiletry bag for your liquids and easily slip into the bin during inspection.

Medium royal blue travel cube✓ You dread packing and unpacking - You love traveling but there’s two things you hate about it: packing and unpacking. Our blue cubes make both bearable! Packing is a breeze when you have our cubes cause things stay where you place them. Unpacking is not a requirement anymore because you can actually use our cubes as portable drawers once you reach your destination.

✓ You have a baby or toddler - Organizing is an absolute must when you have a baby or toddler with you. You can’t just put everything in your bag and hope for the best! You need our cubes to separate and sort your baby or toddler essentials. Use the small blue packing cube for organizing your nappy-changing must haves (wipes, diapers, changing pad and alcohol). Use the smallest cube for your toddler’s toys or snacks.

Ezpacking blue large packing cube✓ You just can’t travel light - You've tried all that you can, but packing light is a huge struggle for you. Our cubes can cut the work for you. Use the cubes as tools, whatever doesn’t fit inside them must go! This way, you'll only pack what you need and leave the not-so-important items at home. You'll be a light packer in no time, promise!

Packing cube set in royal blueHow many boxes did you tick? If you ticked more than four, you are in dire need of our cubes! You can check out this link for our Starter Set. It’s the ideal set for beginners or individuals looking to organize a carry on suitcase.

packing cube setThe Complete Bundle is ideal for families out there who want to stay organized or share a suitcase. But hey, even if you ticked fewer items than four above, our blue cubes can still make traveling more organized for you. And who wouldn’t want to be organized?

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