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How to Become Customer of the Month

How to Become Customer of The Month

How to Become EzPacking's Customer of the Month

We're so happy you love EzPacking and that you found us!

To become the Customer of the Month, please fill out the questionnaire below. After you finish, scroll down on this page to follow the rest of the steps. 

 Customer of the Month Rewards?

An Exclusive Interview on our Blog 

Social Media Feature

$50 gift card to EzPacking

20% Discount for a year! 


Done with the super fun questionnaire?

Don't forget to send your 2 photos to

(if you didn't upload them to the questionnaire). 

Here are some guidelines to help your photos be more than fabulous: 

Send a photo to become EzPacking's Customer of the Month

 Take photos with a scenic background / view
Submit clear & quality photos
Organization / travel inspired
Creativity & fun 

Next Steps to Becoming Customer of the Month:

1. Leave a review on our Facebook Page:

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How to Become Customer of the Month EzPacking Facebook Review

2. Leave us a review on our Website:

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(you can leave the same review as Facebook). 

Scroll down the page and find the “Write a Review” button in Grey.

How to leave an EzPacking Website Review

3. Like & Follow us on Social Media:

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Already finished all of the above? You get a gold star.

Okay not exactly, but you’re on your way to becoming a true fan.
You've completed all the steps to becoming Customer of the Month. 
We appreciate the love. Good luck!

How to earn EXTRA brownie points with us?

1) Post a photo on Your Facebook Page and tag us @ezpacking
2) Post a photo on Your Instagram Page/Story and tag us @ezpacking

GOOD LUCK EZPACKERS! We appreciate you. 

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