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Tip Tuesday

TIP TUESDAY: Store All Your Extra Sheets + Blankets In Large Cube

March 20, 2018

Store linen and towel in ezpacking large cube

Use the Large Cube to store all your extra sheets and blankets.

Easily find them in your closet, ready to be taken out for the next laundry wash, or when you have guests come to stay.

TIP TUESDAY: Girls Getaway Hair Product Storage

March 13, 2018

Hair Product Organization Tips and Hacks for Organized Life

Easily store your blow dryer, hair straightener, curling iron, hair brush, and more into the Medium Cube!

Make your girls getaway stress free and fun, the way it should be.



Dance Bag Organization

March 6, 2018

Dance Bag Organization  with Packing Cubes

Do your kids take dance class after school?

Organize their dance bags and make both your lives easier.

The Small Cube is great for storing their tights, leotards, shoes, and layers for staying warm after class. 

No more random pins lying around at the bottom of their bag!

Side note: Store all their bobby pins, hair clips, hair ties, and hairnets into an Extra Small Cube.



Extra Small Cube For TSA Airport Security

February 27, 2018

TSA Approved Packing Cube perfect for travel size toiletries in airport

 Airport security has never been so easy with the Extra Small Cube.

Pack all your 3 ounce items into this nifty cube, easily pull it out for the security line, and on you go! This "quart size" shape is the size airports require you to store all your gels & liquids. 

Both the airport staff and travelers behind you certainly will appreciate you.

Never stress about having liquid items in random corners of your suitcase again!


Small Cube for Teacher's Classroom Organization

February 20, 2018

Teacher Organization with Packing Cubes

Use the Small Cube for all your pens, pencils, sticky notes, scissors, and all the teacher must-haves you need throughout your day.

Easily take the cube to and from school, like a portable drawer!

Store in your backpack or tote bag for easy access.



Diaper Bag Organization - Small Cube is perfect for diapers

February 13, 2018 

Pink EzPacking Small Cube perfect for baby diapers

Baby coming soon? Get organized before the craziness starts!

The cubes are perfect for holding diapers, cleaning supplies, milk bottles, snacks, mom's essential needs, etc.

Use a Small and Extra Small Cube to keep your diaper bag clean, organized, and ready to go.


TIP TUESDAY: Kids Sports Bag Organization

February 6, 2018

Kids Sports Bag Organization with Clear Packing Cubes

Soccer? Baseball? Basketball? Volleyball?

No matter what sport your kids are into these days, their sports bag could use some serious help.

Use the Small Cube to hold all their gear: knee pads, shin guards, baseball gloves, etc.

Use the Extra Small Cube for their snacks.

Use the Medium Cube for a nice, clean set of clothes to change into after their game.

And of course - don't forget to throw in the Laundry Bag! They can put their sweaty uniforms straight in there, separate from the clean clothes, and ready for the wash when they get home.


TIP TUESDAY: Purse & Tote Bag Organization 

January 30, 2018

Tote and Purse Organization with Clear Packing Cubes make clutter free

How many times have you reached to the bottom of your bag to stress over finding that one tiny lipstick?

Save yourself time and stress - use the Extra Small Cube for all your tiny items, like chapstick, lipstick, hand sanitizer, hand cream, mints, chewing gum, and hair ties.

Use the Small Cube for larger make-up items such as powders, brushes, eyeliner, mascara, and other on the go necessities like sunglasses and tampons.


TIP TUESDAY: No More Baggage Fees 

January 23, 2018

Use color coded EzPacking Cubes to sort items in one suitcase

Share a suitcase with your husband, your kids, or your traveling partner!

Less suitcases = less baggage fees, and that's a win win situation. 

Easily find your items by color coding the case, and have fun choosing which color each family member gets!


TIP TUESDAY: Best gift for your WIFE

January 16, 2018

EzPacking Starter Set is the best gift you can give to your wife

You know your wife loves to be organized.

Even more, she loves when her husband is organized.

Make her happy with a set of her own EzPacking Cubes, for traveling, around the house, purse organization, and keeping the closet neat and tidy!


TIP TUESDAY: Perfect Wedding Gift!

January 9, 2018

Grey EzPacking Starter Set perfect as a wedding gift

Going to a wedding soon?

Their honeymoon might already be paid for, but they would love something to help them stay organized and stress free while on vacation.

EzPacking Cubes is the perfect (and useful) gift for the newly weds! Treat them with this unique gift and make their trip smooth sailing.


TIP TUESDAY: Toy Game Clean Up

January 2, 2018

Organize kids toys with clear organizing cubes from EzPacking

Does your car look the same as the kids room?

Messy, cluttered, and unorganized?

Pack the kids toys into Extra Small, Small, and Medium Cubes to save yourself some time and stress. Have the kids play a "game" to see how fast they can pack all their toys into the cubes. Assign a different color cube for each of your kids!

Before getting out of the car, play the same game.

Organization can be fun (or exhausting if you're doing it alone), so involve the kids no matter what. They love a little competition. 

P.S. Thanks to The Crazy Craft Lady for this awesome photo.