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Turquoise Packing Cubes

Turquoise Packing Cubes

Turquoise packing cubes inside pink suitcase

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Our turquoise packing cubes are your perfect companion to tropical destinations. You’ll love the see-through design and easy-grip handle! Use it for organizing your luggage, backpack or duffle bag. It’s the most versatile packing organizer that can make packing easy.

Here are our turquoise packing cubes (with their conventional uses):

Extra small turquoise packing cubeExtra small cube - Our smallest size cube is the ideal clear toiletry bag. If you’re traveling carry-on only, it also fits under the TSA standards (quart size and see through). Pack all your travel size toiletries or cosmetics (under 3 ounces) inside this toiletry pouch for easy passing through airport security.

Small turquoise packing cubeSmall cube - Get your underwear and socks organized (and away from curious eyes) using our small packing cube. You can also use this size cube for your larger toiletries or cosmetics (that don’t comply with TSA rules).

Medium turquoise packing cubeMedium cube - Keep your lightweight shirts and bottoms organized inside our medium cube. It can hold 1 to 2 weeks’ worth of clothes! You can also use it as a clear stadium bag. Pack your game essentials like snacks, water, towel and sunscreen inside this size cube!

Large turquoise packing cubeLarge cube - There are many uses for our largest cube! Use it for your bulkiest clothing items like sweaters, jeans and skiing clothes. Or you can use it for organizing your seasonal clothes and bed sheets before storing them inside the linen closet or under the bed.

EzPacking’s Starter Set in turquoiseStarter Set - This packing cube set includes our four sizes of cubes! Yes, from the extra small to the large… Just makes organizing your luggage easy. Recommended set for families with bigger kids or couples with separate suitcases.

EzPacking’s Complete Bundle in turquoiseComplete Bundle - Split one suitcase to be shared by two with the help of our Complete Bundle! Get two Starter Sets and a laundry bag, 2 shoe bags and 3 folding boards.


Keep your cool for the summer using our turquoise packing cubes

Don’t get us wrong --- we love summer beach and pool trips as much as the next person! But the heat can just be unbearable at times. When you have kiddos with you, a summer trip can turn into a nightmare if heat, sweat and discomfort combine. Here are our six hacks for keeping cool during the summer with the help of our clear turquoise cubes!

Extra small turquoise travel cube1. Go for Light Clothing - Going on a summer trip? Pack light clothing --- in terms of both material and color. Go for lightweight cotton or merino fabrics and colors like white, pink or blue. Darker-colored clothes absorb heat and would make you feel more uncomfortable! Our medium cube can hold all your casual clothing essentials (both tops and bottoms).

2. Freeze Your Bedding - We know it’s hard to sleep when you just feel hot and sweaty! Try freezing your top sheet plus a few pillow cases (place them inside a turquoise medium cube). Do this a few hours before your bedtime. When it’s time to sleep, fit those sheets in your bed and have your well-deserved sweet dreams!

Small turquoise travel cube3. Freeze Juice Boxes - You can’t let your little ones lose their cool while on the road! Freeze juice boxes a night before your trip. Place all your kiddie snacks in a small turquoise packing cube along with the juice boxes. Your babies would thank you for the delightfully refreshing treat!

4. Have Mint Gums Ready - Doesn’t mint-flavored anything make you feel refreshed? Stock up on your favorite mint gums and store them in our smallest size turquoise cube. When you’re stuck in traffic, pop some gums to feel instantly cool and refreshed!

Medium turquoise travel cube5. DIY Summer Survival Kit - You’d need a survival kit where all your heat-fighting essentials can be easily found! Inside this kit should be a rechargeable mini fan (we like this one cause it matches our turquoise packing cube), a paper hand fan (manual but does the job) and some towels (for wiping off sweat). Learn how to make a DIY survival kit with EzPacking here.

Large turquoise travel cube6. Packing Cube Tote Bag - Because who wears a backpack during the summer? They’re just too uncomfortable and can lead to more sweating. Our large turquoise cube can work as a summer tote bag. It has an easy-grip handle and see-through design for quick access of the things you need!

Packing cube set in turquoiseBe summer ready with our six cooling hacks! Let’s not forget to thank our versatile turquoise packing cubes --- without them, all of these hacks just wouldn’t be possible! 

 Luggage organizer set in turquoiseReady to make the switch to packing cubes for your entire family? Check out our value sets: The Starter Set or The Complete Bundle.