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Storage Cube

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Storage Cube

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When smaller size packing cubes just won’t cut it, get help from our extra large Storage Cube! It’s the largest packing cube that we make! Perfect for organizing your bulky skiing/snowboarding gear or for use as a blanket bag or a clear storage bag for the home.

** Please Note: As of October 2018, the Storage Cubes no longer have handles (as shown in the product photography). 

Capacity: Our Storage Cube can fit up to 2 full size comforters inside! As a winter clothes bag, you can fit 3 to 5 days worth of skiing clothes and gear inside the cube.

Linen closet organized using extra large packing cube

Here are Some Ways You Can Use Our Storage Cube:

  • Ski Bag/Snowboard Bag: Going on a winter road trip? Pack bulky ski pants, jackets and goggles. Our clear storage bag can even fit a pair of small snowboard boots! Rather than packing these bulky items in a suitcase, each member of the family can have 3-5 days of ski gear in their own extra large cube. Perfect for the annual roadtrip to your favorite ski resort!

  • Home Storage: Use as a comforter storage bag or duvet protector bag. Stow the Storage Cube away in the closet or under the bed until the next winter. Items will stay in the same condition as they were packed. No need to worry about dust accumulation or moths! You can also use this as a clear bag for storing away blankets or bulky beach towels.

  • Packing for College and Dorm Organization: Preparing your son or daughter for college? Help them pack all their bedding and towels in this clear storage bag! Once they arrive to the dorm, the Storage Cube can be put in their suitcase until needed again.

Space Saving Tip: Pack items to the top of each cube, press the air out and zip up for maximum space saving (Below - view the before and after photo of a closet organized with the storage cube).

Organized linen closet with storage cubes

Product Features:

  • Unbeaten large size, comfortably fits most bulky clothing or even beddings.

  • Full lid opening so you can easily access the things you need.

  • Classic black color that goes with any other hue.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it fit in most carry-on suitcases? Our storage cube measures 20” wide and 15” long. It won’t fit in most carry-on bags but can fit in standard-size luggage (checked bags). While not made as a packing cube for travel, it certainly can be used that way!

Can I use it as a separate tote bag? Yes! Our extra large Storage Cube cube can be used as  a separate tote bag for any road trip. Just be careful as it fits a lot so it may be heavy! There’s no need for a separate bag. Just stow it away in your car’s trunk as is. We do not recommend flying with this as your main bag though.

Will it protect my clothes or bedding from moths? Our largest cube can double as a bedding, comforter or duvet protector bag. Use it to shield your clothes or bedding from moths or dust accumulation.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 20" Wide x 15" Long x 6" Tall

  • Weight: 8 Ounces

  • Hand Wash