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Garment Bag

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Garment Bag

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Have you ever wondered how to pack a dress or suit into a carry-on suitcase?

It's not easy... You can try to invent a perfect packing method (let us know if you find one) and spend an hour folding and rearranging the suit or dress. Forget about wrinkle protection though, you may as well already schedule a dry cleaning appointment at your destination.

We’re letting you in on an insider secret: The EzPacking travel garment bag!

Capacity: Our garment carrier can hold up to 2 suits or formal dresses. Maybe more for thinner fabrics!

Clear garment bag for suits and dresses

Here are Some Ways You Can Use Our Hanging Garment Bag:

  • Business Trip: Pack up to two suits in the garment bag. Upon arrival, use the hook to hang the garment bag in the closet. Reduce wrinkles and easily pack suits in a carry on suitcase with this suit bag.

  • Cruise Trip: For a smooth-sailing cruise trip, pack up to two dresses or button down shirts in the travel garment bag. Let our garment bag be your high-seas savior!

  • Spare Clothes Holder: Going to the gym or somewhere more casual? Hang your work clothes using our garment bag and store them in the locker or your car. 

Product Features:

  • See-through vinyl design so you can easily see what is packed in the garment bag once unfolded.

  • All-the-way front zippering capability.

  • Includes a hook for easy hanging in a closet.

  • Folding capability for saving suitcase space.

  • The best way to pack a suit or dress in a carry on suitcase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many suits or dresses fit in the travel garment bag? It can fit up two two suits or dresses per garment bag. Maybe more for thinner and less wrinkly clothes.

Is the hook built in when you buy the clear garment bag? Yes, our product comes with a built-in hook. It can be fastened inwards (when placing the bag inside a luggage) or used as a hanger (once you reach your hotel or destination). Depending on the hanger size, you can use your own hangers inside the garment bag as well.

Is the product waterproof? No, unfortunately this product is not waterproof. The clear plastic covering on the inside of the product can help protect clothing from accidental splashes or short exposures to water. Please do not rely on the Garment Bag to protect against water.

Will it fit in most carry-on bags? When folded, our clear garment bag can fit in most carry-on bags. Check the dimensions below for more details. If you are looking to pack larger garments into a standard checked bag (28" suitcase), check out our Dress Cube.

Product Details:

  • Capacity: Fits Two Hangers

  • Dimensions: 21" Long x 13" Wide x 2" Tall

  • Fits in Most 22” Carry-On Bags

  • Weight: 15 Ounces

  • Hand Wash