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7 Day Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

7 Day Casual Summer Outfit Ideas

What to Pack for a Summer Trip

Cute summer outfit ideas with EzPacking cube for organizing

Your awaited summer trip is just around the corner and as much as you’re excited to hear the waves, feel the sand, and dive into the clear, blue water -- you have to start packing first! Clueless about what to pack? Don’t worry, we got you girl! These are just some of our casual summer outfit ideas for you and your hubby. So pick and choose what you like and make do with what you have in your closet. 

For Her

Casual summer outfit ideas for women

First Day

Airport Outfit: Casual shirt, denim jacket, leggings, hair tie, sneakers

Night Outfit: Dress, cardigan, necklace, sandals

Second Day

Day Outfit: Lace cardigan, tank top, shorts, bikini, flip flops

Night Outfit: Tank top, harem, wedges

Third Day

Day Outfit: Cover up dress, swimsuit, hair scrunchie, sandals, sunhat

Mid Day Nap: comfy sleep shirt, sweats/shorts, socks

Night Outfit: Off the shoulder top, high waisted skirt, drop earrings, booties

Fourth Day

Day Outfit: Bikini, romper, flip flops, hat

Night Outfit: Dress, cardigan, bobby pin, hair tie, pumps

Fifth Day

Day Outfit: Maxi dress, hat, sunglasses, sandals

Night Outfit: Floral blouse, white jeans, heels

Sixth Day

Day Outfit: Cover up, swimsuit top shorts, sandals

Night Outfit: Tank top, high waisted floral shorts, booties

Seventh Day

Airport Outfit: Casual top, denim jacket, leggings, sneakers


For Him

Casual summer outfit ideas for men

First Day

Airport Outfit: Short-sleeve shirt, jeans, socks, sneakers

Night Outfit: Polo shirt, jeans, belt, shoes

Second Day

Day Outfit: T Shirt, board shorts, sunglasses, sandals

Night Outfit: Casual button down shirt, shorts, belt, shoes

Third Day

Day Outfit: Short-sleeve shirt, board shorts, slip-on shoes, baseball hat

Night Outfit: Short-sleeve shirt, khaki pants, shoes

Fourth Day

Day Outfit: White linen shirt, swim shorts, sunglasses, sandals

Night Outfit: Long sleeve button down (rolled sleeves), white shirt, shorts, sneakers

Fifth Day

Day Outfit: T Shirt, board shorts, sunglasses, sandals

Night Outfit: Long-sleeve shirt, pants, belt, shoes

Sixth Day

Day Outfit: Short-sleeve shirt, sunglasses, boardshorts, slippers

Night Outfit: Casual button down shirt, shorts, belt, shoes

Seventh Day

Airport Outfit: Casual shirt, shorts, socks, shoes, sunglasses

Packing Tips

Woman packing for summer trip using EzPacking cube

Whether you’re planning to share a suitcase with your partner or you’re packing your own suitcase, these tips are always a huge help.

1) Print a Packing Checklist

If you’re clueless about what items to bring, print or download this 7 Day Casual Summer Clothing Packing List we provided and use it as your handy dandy guide. Chances are you’re too overwhelmed about your vacation and this will keep you from bringing unnecessary items and forgetting important ones.

2)  Plan Your Airport Outfit Before Packing

Are you planning to wear a dress or go casual? Think about how long the flight is and what your plans are for arrival. Will you have time to change and unpack? If not, pack a change of clothes for the beach in your tote bag so you don’t have to unzip your whole suitcase.  

Summer luggage organization using EzPacking cubes

3) Use Clear Packing Cubes

If you haven’t tried EzPacking cubes, now’s the perfect chance. Use Extra Small Cube for your toiletries and other tinier trinkets. Use a Small Cube to pack your personal essentials, bathing suits, socks, bras and underwear. Use a Medium Cube to pack all your outfits,  cover-ups, jeans and dresses together.  The Large Cube is perfect for bulkier items such as sweater, jackets, and pants. 

Pro Tip: Rather than throwing all your beach items into that adorable tote bag you brought, use a few packing cubes to separate your essentials in the bag (and keep everything clean).

Small EzPacking cube for bringing essentials to the beach

That way, you don’t have to worry about things getting wet or sandy! Easily wipe down the cubes with a towel after the beach and use again the next day. Keep your phone in the extra small for sand protection!

4) Buy Travel Size Toiletries

If you’re staying in a hotel, you can almost ditch half of your toiletry essentials, such as shampoo, conditioner, and soap. But if you want to stick to your brand, invest in its mini version. Place it in a clear Extra Small Cube to save space and to avoid getting other items sticky and wet.

5) Bring a Collapsible Bag

You’ll never know how amazing duffle bags are unless you tried it first hand! Bring a collapsible bag wherever you go and avoid paying outrageous extra baggage fees (for all those cute accessories you bought on your trip). Easily fold it up when not in use and place it in the side pocket of your suitcase!

6) Bring a Portable Phone Charger

Okay, we get it. You’re excited about posting your photos on Instagram, but what if your phone’s battery is half empty? Be a smart traveler, and bring this with you everywhere. Need to buy your own? Check out the best portable phone charger here (the one we like to travel with).  

Don't know what to pack for your summer trip? Here's a Free Summer Vacation Packing List you can download! 

Happy summer!  

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