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Packing Made Easy

Our clear packing cube travel system makes packing a breeze. Organize your suitcase into a set of clear drawers for easy packing. Your packing experience will never be the same.

Packing Cubes for Carry On Suitcase

Carry On Suitcase

Our Starter Set easily packs a carry on suitcase. Comfortably fits 5-8 days of clothes.

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Luggage Packing Cubes

Checked Luggage

The Complete Bundle contains 12 different items for your suitcase. Fits 2-3 weeks of clothes.

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Color Coded Packing

Mix and Match

Buy cubes individually for easy color-coordination. Makes sharing a suitcase easy!

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Our Unique Travel System

EzPacking ClearView ® makes packing easy and keeps you organized while traveling. Skip the stress with our efficient system of large, medium, and small cubes. You can always add on individual cubes as needed.

The Packing Cube Re-Invented

Most packing cubes don't hold their shape and their mesh rips over time. We carefully designed our cubes to have a clear plastic design and modular construction, which maximize space, reduces wrinkling and allows you to easily identify contents.

Modular Construction

Modular Construction

Reduce wrinkles and maximize space.

No Baggage Fees

Avoid Baggage Fees

If a bag is overweight, take out a cube and pack in a carry on or put into another bag.

See-Through Design

See-Through Design

Quickly find the items you need with our transparent cubes.

Color Coordinate

Color Coordinate

Easily share a suitcase by color coordinating cubes - blue for him, orange for her.

Separate Odors

Odor Protection

Keep your clothes smelling clean by separating clean from dirty.

Vertical Drawers

Vertical Drawers

Pack the cubes vertically and use like drawers in a suitcase.

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