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Media Features

Where You've Seen Us 

EzPacking is an international brand. Over the past few years, we've been featured on dozens of blogs and publications. People all over the world love our clear packing cubes! Curious to see where we have been featured? Below is a curated list of our favorite media features!

NPR (How I Built This Podcast):

We were so honored to be interviewed for this podcast in the summer of 2017. It's a great episode! Listen to the whole thing, or skip to 32:50 to get to our part. Here's the link from NPR.

Home Made By Carmona:

This is one of our favorite blog posts. Ursula did such a great job explaining why EzPacking is (in our opinion) the best way to organize a carry on suitcase and efficiently pack for a family. Here's the post.

Amazing suitcase organization

A House Full of Sunshine:

How do you pack a week's worth of clothes into a suitcase? The twist is --- the suitcase must contain all mommy's and three kids' clothes! Find out how Karen packed a week's worth of clothes for her family (in one suitcase) using our Complete Bundle. Here's the link. 

EzPacking Complete Bundle

At Home With Ashley:

It is possible to travel light with a toddler. Don't believe us? With just a carry-on bag, Ashley was able to pack all that she and her toddler needed for their first  Disneyland trip. Read about how she packed for her toddler here. 


I'm an Organizing Junkie:

Kids will be kids especially when it comes to mess! But with preparation, you can avoid messy problems when packing for your kids. Laura shared with us four tips when it comes to organizing her kids' suitcase. Of course it includes using our transparent packing cubes! Read the blog post here.  

Blue and green packing cubes for packing kids' suitcase

Southern Hospitality:

Aside from being an avid DIY decorator, Rhoda loves traveling. Packing for trips isn't a burden to her --- she knows the importance of maximizing suitcase space. With the help of our EzPacking see-through cubes, organized packing is easier than ever! Read how she uses our cubes for suitcase organization here. 


Organizing Made Fun:

Do you hate packing? You're not alone! Just like most of us, Becky from OMF hates packing. But our packing cubes changed her perspective! She gave us 10 new reasons why she's learning to LIKE packing again --- with the help of our handy cubes. Read the blog post here.

EzPacking clear cubes compared with mesh cubes

Cordially, Kaycee:

Ready for your summer beach trip? Don't forget to bring a splash-resistant, clear beach bag like our EzPacking cubes! Kaycee uses them for wet clothes (after swimming) and kiddie beach toys. Find out the other ways she uses our cubes here.

Clear packing cubes for organizing kiddie beach essentials

The Simply Organized Blog:

You know you got it right when a professional organizer only has praise for your product! Samantha knows that the only way to organize a suitcase is by sorting and categorizing items --- just like what she does with homes. Find out how she uses our packing cubes to organize her suitcase. Here's the link to the blog post. 

An organized suitcase with turquoise clear packing cubes

The Homes I Have Made:

As a wife to a US Marine that is always on the go, Megan is familiar with packing up and moving. Find out how our clear packing cubes make it easier than ever to move homes and manage the transitionary process. Read the blog post here. 

Packing cubes as traveling drawers

Smarter Travel:

Make sharing a suitcase with your kiddo or hubby easier (for everyone involved). Christine loves using EzPacking cubes especially when sharing a suitcase with her kids. She rated our cubes 10/10 when it comes to usefulness! Check out her review here. 

Sharing a suitcase using packing cubes

Global Munchkins:

Amber juggles motherhood while traveling (#Goals). She fell in love at first sight (and touch) of our packing cubes. So much that she listed three reasons to love EzPacking cubes on her blog. Read about it in her blog post.  

Pink packing cubes with essential travel items


We've always said that our packing cubes aren't just for travel organization. There are many uses for our different size cubes like craft organization. Tamara from Moogly showed us how to use EzPacking as an organizing system for crochet essentials like yarn and patterns. Read the blog post here. 


We feel giddy about all these features! If you'd like to work with us, be in touch. We would love to hear from you.