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3 Beach Day Hacks: Every Mom Needs to Know

Summer is around the corner and that means it’s time for the beach. The kiddos love the beach. They can build sandcastles, play catch, and make a mess without upsetting the painstaking organization in the living room. While going on a nice beach outing is great family fun, it takes some prep from mom. We designed EzPacking as an organization system of packing cubes meant for a suitcase. We wanted to start with a small, achievable goal: to help moms pack for a family and stay organized on trips. After speaking to many customers, we learned that they were using EzPacking...

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Easy Closet Organization Ideas

I’m going to be 100% honest here – I love being organized, but I hate organizing. Especially if I have to organize the same space over and over. If I take a two day organizing break, our house quickly descends into unorganized chaos. I always wished I could find a “set it and forget it” system that would leave rooms in our house organized. Fortunately, I think I found one for our closet! Above is a photo of our linen closet. I keep so many things in here that just trying to take out one item always leads me to accidentally pull...

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What We Are Doing For Hurricane Harvey Victims

What We Are Doing For Hurricane Harvey Victims This is Solomon, co-founder of EzPacking.  Watching the news and seeing the images of Hurricane Harvey's destruction has been overwhelming. Far away in California, my life continues on undisturbed by all the events that took place this week in Houston. I have been asking myself what I, Solomon, could do to help the victims of the hurricane. I realized that there wasn't much.  This story hits close to home. It was 2003 and San Diego experienced one of the worst fires in our history. Thousands of people had to evacuate their homes,...

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Toys and Games: Organization Heaven

  Helping you keep an organized home, a calm mind, and a happier life is part of our goal here at EzPacking.  One of the best parts of EzPacking is hearing stories from our customers!  Shawna, one of our unique customers from Rhode Island, had an interesting order that changed the way she organized her kid's toy room. If you have kids and you are not happy with the mess of toys in your house, you may want listen closely. Important information lies ahead! Shawna ordered five large packing cubes. This was a strange order for the EzPacking Team, because most customers order our items in...

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