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45 Business Travel Accessories You’ll Need for Your Next Work Trip + Packing Tips!

Posted by Bea Manzano on
Woman working on her laptop on a business trip

Back on the road? Don’t let the hustle and bustle of packing and commuting put a damper on your business trip. You just need the best travel accessories to accompany you and make every work trip feel like being away on a holiday.

In this post, we’ll tell you all about the how’s and what’s of business travel; from effective tips and tricks in making your trip light and smooth to the finest travel essentials to help you pack, relax, and make the most of your business trip.

Tips on How to Pack for a Business Trip

People think going away on business trips all the time is so fun and relaxing but what they don’t see are the long waiting hours at the airport, lack of sleep, and the many phone calls from home. That is why aside from the right accessories for business travel, you also need to know some helpful tips and tricks to make every work trip not as tiring as it would be. Here’s what you need to know:

1. Plan your look before you pack. Three things you must remember: First, know what the weather is going to be like where you’re going. Then, build your outfits around a single coat so you won't have to pack two or more, losing valuable space in your luggage. And lastly, choose versatile clothes that can be mixed and matched so you can create different outfits.

Two pairs of boots

2. Put your best pair of shoes forward. Make sure to pack your best, comfiest, and most stylish pair of business travel shoes. But don't forget to pack a pair of cozy walking shoes for when you're strolling around the city during your spare time.

3. Wear your heaviest and bulkiest clothing items. Save space and luggage weight by wearing weighty garments to the airport rather than packing them.

Rolling clothes for travel

4. Know when to roll or fold. Generally speaking, rolling is recommended for t-shirts, casual dresses, swimsuits, pajamas, and other small and flimsy pieces of clothing. Button-up shirts and pants, on the other hand, must be folded to prevent getting creases in them.

5. Travel with carry-on bags only. Mobility is of the essence when traveling for business. You have all your important documents and techs in there so you'd want to keep an eye on them all the time. Packing light is always the best way to go on a business trip.

TSA Approved toiletry bag

6. Keep separate, ready-packed travel essentials. This will minimize your time for packing, especially if you’re a frequent business traveler. Have extra toiletries, chargers, office supplies, and business cards ready so you can just grab and pack them in your bag each time you travel.

7. Use dry cleaning bags or dress cubes for dress shirts. The best way to  prevent wrinkles in your dress shirts when packing them in your suitcase is to use plastic bags from your dry cleaner or use a dress cube. As for your suits and other formal shirts, you can have them laundered and pressed when you arrive at your hotel.

TSA approved toiletry bag in turquoise

8. Pack your electronics and liquids in an easy-access place. Knowing TSA's security protocols when passing through security checks will definitely make your business trip smoother. Place your laptop and other electronics in the front pocket or on top of your garments so you can easily reach into your bag and grab it. Have a TSA-approved toiletry bag ready with your liquids, gels, and creams in 3.4 ounces containers or less.

9. Invest in your business travel gear. Don’t hesitate to splurge on quality travel & tech accessories like the Galaxy S24 phone case. It's available in Atomic Slim, Covert, and Nautical designs. Choose the style that suits you best! Most importantly, upgrade your travel system every now and then to make sure it fits and meets all your travel needs.

Flight essentials and an extra small cube

10. Bring items that will help you sleep and rest well. Make sure to bring a comfy pillow, headphones, eye mask, a nice playlist, or whatever it takes to help you be comfortable when sleeping at a hotel or on the plane.

Must-Have Travel Accessories for All Business Travelers

Travel accessories for the business trip on the bed

Make your next business trip as productive and stress-free as you’d want it to be by investing in these business travel accessories that you must not leave without. Whether it's an overnight or a week-long business trip, these accessories will help keep you organized, energized, and relaxed.

For Packing

AmazonBasics Oxford Expandable Spinner Suitcase

1. AmazonBasics Oxford Expandable Carry-On Suitcase

Frequent business travelers need a bag that's both time and space-saving exactly like this AmazonBasics Oxford Expandable Suitcase. It has a fully-lined interior with multiple zippered pockets and ample space just enough for organizing all your travel essentials, from the smallest to the biggest, so you won't be tempted to overpack. This awesome spinner luggage is scratch-resistant and expandable so you can have extra space for bringing home some souvenirs and gifts.

UGrace Slim Business Travel Laptop Backpack

2. UGRACE Laptop Backpack

This stylish bag makes a great daypack for both men and women with impeccable style for business travel. What we genuinely love about this bag is that it's built to keep you organized. It has front zippered pockets for storing small travel items and a large main compartment for keeping flight essentials. It's made with wear & tear resistant Oxford fabric that keeps rain and grime away. It has adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps designed for the ultimate comfort.

Starter Set in turquoise

3. Starter Set of Clear Packing Cubes

The best way to pack in an organized way for your business trip is to use packing cubes. These cubes are available in different sizes so you can store clothes of various sizes as well. This is the perfect way to keep your items neat and organized to help lessen the creases and wrinkles. Plus, it's very easy to unpack as well; just unload the packing cubes from the suitcase to the drawers and set them up on any flat surface (or drawers) and you’re done.

Black dress cube

4. Clear Dress Cube

Worried about getting wrinkles or creases on your suits and formal dresses in your checked luggage? This spacious dress cube is to the rescue! It's made of sturdy Cordura and vinyl covering, with an easy-grip handle, a two-way zipper, and reinforced stitching for extra durability. Plus, it's clear and splash-proof so you can easily see what's stored inside and protect your formal clothes from getting wet in case something happens to your suitcase during transit.

For Clothing and Shoes

Van Heusen Men's Traveler Dress Shirt

5. Van Heusen Men's Traveler Dress Shirt

Go for business shirts that don't easily wrinkle like this traveler dress shirt from Van Heusen. It's made with fabric that's wrinkle-resistant so you won't have to bother with ironing. It’s also stretchable and comfortable so you can move easily the entire day. This is a great casual staple both for attending meetings and strolling downtown, just wear and pair it with either a pair of dress pants, blazer and tie, or your favorite jeans and you’ll still look proper.

LEE Women’s Relaxed Fit All Day Straight Leg Pant

6. LEE Women’s Business Pants

For all the #ladybosses out there, try a pair of these LEE Women’s Business Pants. They have a loose fit at the waist for a natural and relaxed fit, which is very comfortable especially when sitting. These pants are designed with a classic look that you can wear to any evening events straight from the office and still look great.

Amazon Essentials Men's Chino Pants

For men, there will be no more wrinkly pants when you're off to your business trips with a pair of these Amazon Essentials Men’s Chino Pants. This pair of dressy pants looks very classy but feels super comfy. It's made with wrinkle-resistant, durable, and soft fabric to give you that timeless relaxed fit. Get ready to rock any business meetings and on-the-side casual sightseeing trips.

Lark & Ro Women's Button Up Woven Top

7. Lark & Ro Blouse for Women

Get comfy in this Lark & Ro formal blouse made from high-quality fabric and gain the ultimate confidence in facing business meetings and conferences. It's a button-down shirt with a classic, versatile look that you can wear at the office, business trips, seminar, or just for day to day casual wear. Look good and feel good with this feminine, stylish, and comfy blouse!

Cable stitch women’s work dress

8. Cable Stitch Women's Work Dress

We absolutely love, love, love this perfect little black sweater dress for business travel! Its fabric is smooth, almost silky and it's not itchy or bulky like others tend to be. The turtleneck is perfectly loose but not floppy, and you can dress it up or down according to the occasion. Who says you can’t look your best while attending a meeting or conference? 

Pro Tip: Keep a monochromatic scheme. Go for darker colors because they go well with almost everything and look more formal and business-like.

Flint Retractable Lint Roller

9. Retractable Lint Roller

Have this compact lint roller with you wherever you go so you can look as presentable as ever whether you're at a meeting or just casually strolling in the city. It’s very small and measures just 5.5 inches when closed so barely takes up any space in your work bag. It's made with high-quality adhesive so you can get pet hair, dust, and everything in between out of your suit and pants. It's retractable, portable, refillable, and easy to use, so basically, it's everything you need in a lint roller for travel!

Clothing and t shirt folding board with instructions

10. Travel Folding Boards

Having trouble folding your clothes? These travel folding boards will guide you. Now you can fold your clothes perfectly and precisely on-the-go! This set of three comes with three different folding board sizes so you can fold all sorts of clothing items from the smaller to the larger ones. There are printed instructions on the shirt folder so you know exactly what to do step by step until you get the hang of it.

100 Plastic Collar Stays

11. Plastic Collar Stays

Look professional and presentable with your collar on point using these plastic collar stays. They're 3 times the thickness of the flimsy plastic stays that come with your shirts, making your collars stiff all day long. These collar stays are available in different sizes so you can choose the ones that best fit your collar.

Magnetic Collar Stays

12. Wurkin Stiffs Magnetic Collar Stays

Wurkin Stiffs can straighten and smooth out any collars with stubborn curls. Designed with power buttons, these magnetic collar stays can tame and straighten unruly collars so you can look sharp during your business trip. First, insert the metal collar stays in your collar, then tuck the power buttons under your shirt, and finally adjust your collar to any position you like. It's that easy!

Downy Wrinkle Releaser

13. Downy Wrinkle Releaser

Wrinkles and creases on formal clothes can be very undignified especially when you have important business meetings to attend to and you're facing important clients. Have this Downy wrinkle eraser with you so you can spritz the wrinkles on your clothes away very easily!

travel laundry bag

14. Travel Laundry Bag

Separate your dirty clothes from your clean ones using this drawstring travel laundry bag. It will prevent the stench of used clothes from sticking to your clean clothes and the insides of your suitcase. This travel laundry bag can be washed and reused over and over again so it's a very smart investment for all your business trips. It's lightweight and can be folded and packed in the extra spaces in your luggage.

 Steamfast mini steam iron

 15. Steamfast Mini Steaming Iron

If there’s one thing business travelers should never leave without, it would be this mini steaming iron! Your hotel room or accommodation might have faulty or rusty ones so you best be ready with your own iron. Don't worry, this one's pretty tiny - fits right into your hand - so you can pack it right into your carry-on suitcase like it's nothing. This little iron may be small but it heats up quickly so you can get right on to ironing when you get to your room. The steaming feature helps sanitize your clothes by killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria on it.

Travel shoe bag

16. Travel Shoe Bag

Don't let your dirty shoes stink up your luggage and other clean clothes by storing them in this travel shoe bag. It's a drawstring bag that lets you fit a pair of shoes or two! It's machine washable so you can reuse it again and again for all your trips. It folds neatly into a piece of nothing so you can simply insert it in your suitcase and you won't feel the weight or space difference. Definitely a business travel must-have!

Stone & Clark shoe polish & care kit

17. Stone & Clark Shoe Shine Kit

Keep your shoes clean, shiny, and stylish on your business trips to make the best impression. This kit can help ensure you always put your best foot forward. It's small and lightweight and comes with a convenient, sleek travel case. It also includes a black shoe polish tin, soft horsehair shoeshine brush, a sponge, a shoehorn, and a durable shine cloth. You'll have your shoes looking good as new in no time!

Toiletries & Other Essentials

TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

18. TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag

This TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag will be the best storage for all your travel-sized liquids in containers not exceeding 3.4 ounces. It has a clam-shell opening so you can easily access your essentials when needed and a clear design so you can see your essentials at a glance. The durable reinforced stitching and comfortable handle means it will last a long time. Be sure to place it in an easy-access place for easy inspection when you get to the security checkpoint.

Portable silicone travel bottles

19. Ammax Travel Bottles for Liquids

Get yourself some of these TSA Approved silicone travel bottles to store your carry-on liquids. They're made of food-grade, BPA-free silicone material that's 100% approved by the FDA, making it safe for your liquids to be stored in. These bottles have no-drip valves which help in preventing leaks and spills.

Wet Ones Antibacterial Travel Wipes

20. Wet Ones Anti-Bacterial Wipes

One of the most important travel items to pack for business travelers, especially in this time of pandemic, would be these antibacterial wipes. It's made of eco-friendly recyclable packaging, and it's free from BPA, bleach, alcohol, paraben, dye, and cruelty! You can use these to sanitize any handles, doorknobs, and other surfaces that you might come in contact with during your trip. Make sure to pack a good amount of these antibacterial wipes enough for the duration of your travel.

BushKlawz eco finest hand sanitizer gel

21. Eco Finest Hand Sanitizer

This hand sanitizer is the perfect travel size item to fit in your TSA-approved toiletry bag. But don't worry, recent TSA policy on hand sanitizers have changed during this pandemic. Each passenger is now allowed to bring up to 12 ounces of hand sanitizers on the plane. But if you still prefer to travel light, this will be the best option for you. It contains 75% ethyl alcohol with moisturizers and Vitamin E so it won't dry your skin as much as other hand sanitizers would.

Electronics and Entertainment

Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

22. Sony WH-1000XM4 Noise-Canceling Headphones

These incredible bluetooth noise-canceling headphones fold up really small in its travel case so it fits right into your personal items bag. When you wear them on the flight and activate the noise-canceling feature, you'll have your very own peace and quiet zone. You can also plug it into the entertainment unit of the airplane with the little adapter they come with.

23. Tablet  / Laptop

Whatever type of traveling you're doing, packing light is always the right way to go. Choosing to take your tablet over your bulky laptop is a wise choice for a smart traveler like you. Although more compact and handy, a tablet can do as much work as a laptop so you wouldn't feel like you're leaving behind so many things. You can include a portable keyboard to go with your tablet so it wouldn't be too hard for you to type or edit something. But if you’re more comfortable using your laptop for doing business transactions, you can get a laptop that can double as a tab when folded. Also, make sure that your tablet has a protective case to reduce the impact of damage should it happen.

Foldable bluetooth keyboard

24. iClever Foldable Bluetooth Keyboard

It would be wise to travel with the least technology as possible when going on a business trip. If you're going to take a tablet only, make sure to have this foldable bluetooth keyboard as well. It has a mouse touchpad that lets you control your device easily. It's compact, convenient, and foldable so you can easily pack it in your suitcase and not worry about it taking up too much space.

3M Privacy filter

25. 3M Privacy Screen Filter

Protect your screen from prying eyes with this laptop privacy filter. It'll prevent anyone who's sitting beside you from seeing the personal or confidential information you're keeping on your computer. It blocks out the views from both sides while allowing you to have a clear screen from your point of view. It's black, frameless, lightweight, and has a glare-reducing matte finish to it that you can easily attach using either attachment strips or slide-mount tabs. Make sure to select the size that fits your laptop screen.

Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

26. Kindle Paperwhite Essentials Bundle

Do you have trouble sleeping? Why not read a page or two of that book you've been trying to finish for a long time? Instead of packing a few paperback novels or magazines, bring a Kindle instead and download your favorite books to help you relax or fall asleep.

Satechi Portable Charger for Travel

27. Satechi Portable Power Bank

It can be a bit difficult to find a power source while traveling. Having a portable charger lets you easily charge your devices while you're on the go. This compact charger has two USB-C PD ports and a USB-A port so you can charge three devices simultaneously up to 100W. It's an intelligent charger that adjusts its power output according to the connected devices. Very convenient for business travel!

Toshiba portable external hard drive

28. Toshiba Portable Hard Drive

Another necessary item for business travel is a portable hard drive that lets you save bigger files and have access to them right away when you're on your trip. It's also very convenient when you need to transfer files from one device to another (like when you’re printing). This hard drive has a compact design and up to 2 TB storage capacity to store all your files and content. It has a storage backup software that you can download to retrieve your files if ever something happens to your hard drive and a storage security software that you can also download so you won't have any problem with unauthorized access to your data.

Wireless portable nano travel router

29. TP-Link Portable Hotspot

Hotel WiFi may be the only internet you have access to while you're on a business trip and it may still be too slow or expensive to use. With this pocket-sized wireless portable travel router, you can easily access the internet anywhere, anytime without worry. This device will enable you to create a secure WiFi hotspot so you can send an email or get some work done on-the-go. It can reach up to a speed of 300 mbps so you can comfortably work lag-free. 

Pro Tip: Make sure to use a VPN when you're using public wifi connection to keep your information safe.

Fire TV 4K Essentials Bundle

30. Fire TV Stick 4K Streaming Device

If you're looking for the best downtime entertainment, this Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device is the perfect business travel accessory for you. It's a powerful streaming media stick that enables you to watch all your favorites from Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV, HBO Max, and more! It's the perfect device to help you relax, recharge, and recover from jet lag.

Kensington International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter

31. Kensington International All-in-One Travel Plug Adapter

If you're going on an international business trip, you must have this worldwide adapter so you can plug in on foreign outlets and power up your devices. Each plug is built into the adapter so you can easily choose the right plug that you need with just the push of a button. It also has a built-in safety release button and internal fuse to ensure that you and your devices are protected from external shock and short circuit when charging. It's practical, functional, durable, safe, and high quality so you can comfortably charge your devices at the same time.

Cocoon Grid It Accessory Organizer

32. Cocoon Accessories Organizer

Being organized is key to any travel experience, and even more so when you're on a business trip. You're going to need something that can help you organize your phone, chargers, keys, passport, credit cards, sunglasses, and other travel necessities. You can't just stuff everything in your pocket or your bag because these things tend to get tangled, sink to the bottom, or magically disappear when you need it. You need this Grid-It gadget organizer so you can travel with your chargers, cords, headphones, and other handy gadgets in perfect harmony.

Safety and Security

Airbolt smart lock

33. AirBolt

Get a smart TSA-accepted lock like this Airbolt, that you can conveniently access and control from your phone through an app. This makes it super easy to lock and unlock your luggage especially when you're on a business trip.  It has customizable security settings that lets you create tons of ways to get it unlocked and you'll be the only person that knows about it. This is perfect for those who always forget their luggage lock combination. Don't worry, it has a backup code so you can still unlock your luggage if ever something happens to your phone.

Addalock portable door lock

34. Portable Door Lock

This safety device is great for additional security especially if your business trip involves going to a place that you're not familiar and comfortable with. You can install this device without any tools. You just simply insert the security bracket into the door latch pocket and simultaneously turn the doorknob. Close the door to lock the bracket into place. Then, slide on the security bars, and your door is secure. It serves as an additional portable security system in your hotel room by preventing any unwanted key entry in your private space. It's small enough to fit in your pocket and can be used on most doors that are hinged.

Fossil Women Leather RFID wallet

35. Fossil Women's Leather RFID-Blocking Wallet

Protect your credit cards and other important IDs when going on a business trip using this minimalist RFID leather wallet. It has 12 credit card slots, 1 ID window, 4 bill compartments with 1 back slide pocket and 1 back zipper pocket on the exterior. It can protect and fit all of your important cards, cash, and IDs without looking too bulky. This is the perfectly sleek product that you will need in any trip!

Personal Alarm Keychain

36. Emergency Alert KeyChain Whistle

This device is especially useful for businesswomen going on frequent business trips in places they're not familiar or comfortable with. This innocent-looking keychain actually serves as a personal alarm system that lets out a loud sound and bright light that startles attackers and alerts people within the vicinity of the emergency situation. Just pull the pin, press and hold the button to activate the alarm with flashing light whenever you feel in danger. Be safe and stay safe with this smart device!

More Business Travel Essentials

Doxie Go portable scanner

37. IRIScan

A scanner on the go? Sign us up! This smart and simple scanning device is the perfect business travel accessory if ever you need to scan your documents on the go. It's portable, compact, and rechargeable so you can use it multiple times during your trip. It can connect through WiFi, USB cable, or SD card and doesn’t require a computer to work. With this portable device, you can scan any documents hassle-free anywhere in the world.

Fitkicks for business travel

38. FitKicks

Wearing a pair of comfortable shoes is of the essence when going on a business trip.  And what could possibly be more comfortable than a pair of these FitKicks foldable shoes? They're the best shoes to wear especially when you're on long-haul flights. They slide on and off quickly so getting through airport security will be a breeze. They're foldable and don't take up too much space in your luggage so they can fit right in together with your other travel essentials.

ThinOptics Glasses for business trip

39. ThinOptics

You don't have to carry your reading glasses around on your trip when you can have these bendable and foldable glasses instead. ThinOptics glasses come with a universal case that attaches to your phone or any hard, flat surface. You can take these glasses anywhere with you. They are made to fit comfortably and stay put on your nose when in use.

Travel Anti-Nausea Wristband

40. Anti-Nausea Travel Wristband

If you feel queasy during flights even though it's your tenth time flying for business, this wristband can help you find relief! It works by applying pressure on the wrist with the built-in plastic stud to help restore balance in the body. Just wear the wristband and position the button between the two tendons on the underside of the wrist. Press it for two minutes until you feel relief.

MLVOC travel pillow

41. MLVOC Travel Pillow

Don't let a stiff neck or aching back throw you off your A-game on your business trip. This memory foam neck pillow will keep you comfy when you’re sleeping on the plane, on the train or anywhere else. It provides the ultimate support to keep your neck and head from falling forward, relieving you of neck pain during travel. It's made with a sweat-resistant design, breathable and super soft fabric that can be washed so you can use a fresh and clean pillow for all your journeys.

Silicone Luggage Tag

42. Ovener Travel Luggage Tag

Never lose your luggage again with these bendable and flexible silicone luggage tags that come with an ID card. They're extremely durable, compact, lightweight, and easy to spot on the baggage claim area. It has a sturdy steel loop that you can easily attach and remove on your luggage's handle.

Buzio insulated water bottle

43. Buzio Insulated Water Bottle

Keep yourself hydrated during your business trip with this Buzio insulated water bottle with straw lid and flex cap. This bottle is made with a unique TempArmour technology that keeps your beverage cold for up to 2 days and hot for an entire day. It's made of non-toxic durable food-grade stainless steel that protects that water flask from oxidation and flavor transfer so your drink remains clean and fresh all the time.

Rocketbook smart reusable notebook

44. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

For writing down ideas or coming up with an outline for business proposals, this environment-friendly Rocketbook smart reusable notebook will be your best bud. You can easily wipe the pages off clean with a damp cloth and write new ideas again. Your notes will also be saved online so you can keep a digital copy of your thoughts and ideas and organize them on your phone. Just download the app on your phone, scan the notes on the page, and voila! It will be automatically saved in your folder.

Clear circular pouch set

45. Clear Circle Pouch Set

These pouches are great for organizing any loose travel items that you have lying around so you won't miss anything. These cute pouches are made of vegan leather piping and suede interior lining with durable plastic sides that lets you see what's inside. You can use it as a clear cosmetic bag, toiletry bag, charger and earphone pouch, clutch bag, or a storage for any other travel-sized items you might have. These can be easily kept in your tote bag or carry-on luggage for better organization.

More Useful Tips and Tools For a Smooth Business Trip

Suitcase, backpack, and other travel items on the floor

Hold on, we’re not done just yet. Here are other helpful tips to make your business trip as smooth as possible. With the best business travel accessories and these tools and hacks for travel, you’ll be looking forward to more business trips in the future!

✔️ Join rewards programs - Does a flight upgrade to first class seats, access to free meals in an exclusive airport lounge, free stay at a hotel, and other lucrative perks sound good to you? If it does, well, you better get yourself some travel rewards cards and save up on miles or points so you can earn premiums and discounts for your next business trip. You can find everything you need to know about travel rewards cards and how to get one right here.

Charging electronics

✔️ Charge electronics before you fly - Forgot to charge your phone? No big deal. Just make sure you’ve got your power bank all juiced up and ready to go before you leave. While you’re at it, make sure your laptop, tablet, and other handy tech you’re planning to bring with you on the trip are at 100% so you can use them whenever necessary.

✔️ Use trusted traveler programs that speed up your travel - There are a handful of trusted traveler programs that you can apply for. There's TSA Pre-check, Global Entry, Nexus, and more. If you become a member of any of these programs, you can use expedited lanes at the U.S. airports where these programs are available, and even when crossing international borders. In other words, no more removing of shoes, laptops, belts, or jackets or wasting precious time standing in line going through security checks. Each program has their own perks so make sure to check out which suits you best.

Passport and boarding pass

✔️ Book non-stop flights - For a faster and more convenient way of getting to your destination, make sure to book non-stop flights. Without stopovers or connections between cities, you will encounter very few unexpected airport delays. This will be more expensive than connecting flights but it will save you precious hours, allowing you plenty of time to rest or prepare for your meetings.

International airport lounge

✔️ Pay for an airport lounge membership -  Having airport lounge access can significantly improve your entire business travel experience. Aside from having your own cozy space away from the busy and noisy airport, your peace and quiet also comes with complimentary snacks, drinks, reading materials, free Wi-Fi, and some even have shower facilities. Check out this article on how to score airport lounge access.

✔️ Print important confirmation numbers - You can't really rely on your phone all the time, especially when all your confirmation numbers and emails are in there. Even though the chances of losing your phone when going on a business trip may be highly unlikely, it can still happen. If not, you may run out of battery just when you need your boarding pass or confirmation number. Make sure to print a few copies of these important documents and keep them in an easy-access place.

Lady checking her smartphone

✔️ Download useful apps for business travel - A busy corporate traveler such as yourself needs mobile apps that can keep up with your needs for your trip. For example, cancellations or delays are sometimes unavoidable and you will need a mobile app that will enable you to adjust bookings or modify accommodations in real-time. Or you may need to snap photos of your receipts and file them, or perhaps digitally sign a document, and many more! These useful business travel apps will make even the toughest business trip seem like a walk in the park.

In a recent article, American business magnate Bill Gates says that more than 50% of business travel will disappear in the post-coronavirus world, which will pave the way for a new approach in conducting business trips. This doesn’t necessarily mean that going on business trips will vanish entirely, only that it will be less frequent. Despite the gripping effect of the pandemic altering the way people travel for business, these business travel accessories, as well as the tips and tricks, will still prove useful to your future trips.

Have a safe and productive business trip ahead!


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