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The Best Toiletry Bags for Camping & Free Packing Checklist

Posted by Jel Navarro on
Best clear toiletry bags for camping

The mountains are calling and it’s time to conquer the great outdoors! After being cooped up indoors for so long, you deserve a little bit of fun and adventure with Mother Nature. Luckily, camping is generally a no brainer but you’ve got to make sure you have all your fixings packed and ready before you go.

Take your camping toiletry bag for instance! It’s such a small part of your backpack but oh so important. You don’t necessarily need to pack your entire bathroom but a few key essentials will certainly keep you fresh while you’re out exploring in the woods.

Don’t know where to start? We got you covered with our packing guide and our favorite toiletry bags for camping below. If you’re ready, let’s get packing!


Packing Your Toiletries When Camping: Tips & Tricks

Packing toiletries for camping trip

No matter where you’re going or how long your trip is, you need a few basic toiletries to survive. You know, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, the usual. You don’t want to find yourself in the wild without these essentials, right? Anyway, here are some tips and tricks to guide you when packing your toiletries for camping:

1. Compromise is the key

Clean is such a relative term especially when talking about camping. Whether you’re going to a campground for a few days or going off the grid indefinitely, hygiene on the go is most likely going to be different from what you’re used to. So manage your expectations, learn to compromise (both with packing your toiletries and on the trail itself) and, well, embrace the funk!

2. Tiny containers are your friend

Lighten your load by using these travel-friendly, tiny containers instead. Decant and transfer your favorite shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. into these tiny bottles. Then label each bottle using the included kraft paper stickers. These 1 oz bottles are perfect for camping particularly if you have a variety of toiletry items to pack. They’re flat and slender too so won’t take up as much space in your toiletry pouch.

3. Ditch the scented products

Leave your Secret Vanilla deodorant or that yummy smelling fruity lotion at home. Especially if you’re camping in bear country! Anything smelly has the potential to attract bears and other wildlife and is best avoided.

4. Pack an all-in-one soap like Dr. Bronner’s

This multipurpose, organic bar soap from Dr. Bronner’s is super handy for camping. It’s gentle enough to use for your body, hair and even your face! Camping for an extended period of time? This soap can also be used to clean and wash your clothes. Definitely a must have for avid campers!

5. Get a functional toiletry bag

Our last and probably most important tip? Get yourself a super cute and functional toiletry bag for camping. The right toiletry bag makes a huge difference in your packing routine. But what makes a great camping toiletry bag? Let’s get in on this topic below!

What to Look for in a Toiletry Bag for Camping?

Packing toiletries for camping trip

You can find toiletry bags for camping in all shapes and sizes. But do you know what features to look for in a toiletry pouch for backpacking or your other outdoorsy adventures? Here’s a few things to think about:

○ Go as light as possible - First, consider the weight of the toiletry bag itself. Some toiletry bags are really heavy even without all the items packed inside. Anything more than 6 ounces is not such a good idea especially if you’re planning to spend a lot of time hiking or walking around.

○ Match the size with your trip - The ideal size of your toiletry bag depends on how long your camping trip is going to be. If it’s just a short day hike or a weekend trip, a small toiletry bag will probably suffice. Going on an extended camping trip? Better invest in a larger toiletry bag to fit more essentials.

○ Clear is better - It’s true, when it comes to camping toiletry bags, clear is the real winner. Digging through your pouch in a public bathroom isn’t super efficient. It’s way easier if you can clearly see what’s inside your toiletry bag and find what you need in a snap!

○ Go premium or go home - When camping, you don’t have the luxury of resources or even time. It’s important to invest in a toiletry bag that will make #campinglife easier. That’s why we prefer toiletry pouches that are made from PVC (for easy clean up) and nylon (dries super fast). Sure toiletry bags made from these materials are more pricey but hey, good quality ain’t cheap, right??

○ Look out for the extras - You don’t need all that jazz but a few useful features might come in handy. Some toiletry bags come with a handy pull handle which can be super useful when showering in a public bathroom. Some of these extra features can make your camping trip way easier and less stressful.

    5 Cute Toiletry Bags for Camping

    Okay, so packing tips and features: check! Now we can move ahead to the most exciting part… Our top and recommended toiletry bags for camping! Ready to pack your camping toiletries in a fun way? Check out these EzPacking goodies below:

    1. For the Frequent Flyer: TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

    TSA Approved Toiletry Bag for camping

    At the top of our list is of course the super cute and customer favorite, TSA Approved Toiletry Bag! Not a surprise considering this pouch is so versatile and travel friendly. It’s just under quart size, weighs just 2.5 ounces (really!) and has a clear design. This is a great option for anyone who travels by plane a lot or loves bringing a carry on only. 

    Don’t let the small size fool you, this quart size bag can stow around 8 to 10 travel size bottles. The clamshell opening and flat bottom are very useful when you’re icky about resting your toiletries in public bathroom counters. It also comes with double zippers and a convenient pull handle. Made from PVC and nylon, it’s super easy to clean - just use a clean wet cloth or wipe and you’re done!

    2. For the Sophisticated Camper: Half Moon Bag

    Half Moon Toiletry Bag for camping

    Pack your camping toiletries in style with this classy Half Moon Bag. Perfect for the glamping life, don’t you think? This one’s also under quart size, weighs 4 ounces and has a clear exterior. Yup, this little beauty is also TSA approved! 

    Whether you’re a suitcase or backpack kind of girl, this clear toiletry bag is a great addition to your organizing essentials. You can fit up to 10 travel size toiletries in this cutie. It’s made from a combo of vegan leather (piping) and clear PVC (sides). Just like our other products, this toiletry pouch is super easy to clean and care for.

    3. For the Whole Family: Large Cosmetic / Toiletry Bag

    Large Toiletry Bag for camping

    Need a camping toiletry bag with ample space for all your essentials? This Large Toiletry Bag is for you! Sharing toiletries with the whole family just got a whole lot easier with this lightweight pouch. Weighing just 3.8 ounces, you can definitely fit a lot without worrying about adding weight to your camping ensemble.

    It can fit your toothbrush, hair brush, and all other full size toiletries… up to 20 to be exact! It opens flat on all three sides and has a flat bottom so you don’t need to dump the contents outside to find what you need. Other features include a clear exterior, pull handle and double zippers.

    4. For the Busy Camper: Circle Pouch Set

    Circle Pouches for camping toiletries

    Got all your weekends marked with every kinda camping adventure? Well, this adorable two-piece Circle Pouch Set is a great companion to all your outdoor journeys! This set includes two, different sized clear pouches - one small (3 ounces) and one large (5 ounces). 

    The small pouch can fit 2 to 3 travel size items while the large pouch can fit 4 to 6 full size toiletries. Made from durable vegan leather and PVC, these pouches are perfect for keeping your camping toiletries organized on the go. Not to mention the super unique and compact design which makes packing your essentials more fun!

    5. For the RV Camper: Medium Packing Cube 

    Medium Packing Cube for organizing camping toiletries

    If RV camping is your idea of a fun trip, you’ll need a Medium Packing Cube to keep your toiletries and other essentials organized. Don’t let the small space of your camper limit you! Packing cubes are all you need to keep your travel shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, etc. in one space. This medium cube weighs just 5.7 ounces and is the perfect traveling drawer for your RV. 

    Starter Set in Amazon

    Whether you’re packing your toiletries, makeup or even your hair dryer, this cube can fit them all. Just like our other size packing cubes, it comes with a convenient pull handle, double zippers and has a clear, see-through exterior. It’s available individually or as part of our travel packing cube sets like the Complete Bundle.

    So whatever type of camper you are, EzPacking has got you covered with our selection of camping toiletry bags! These lightweight travel pouches and organizers are our top choices when it comes to camping, backpacking, hiking, and more. They’re all lightweight, sturdy and low maintenance. Plus, the clear design is absolutely useful and makes packing toiletries (or other things) a breeze.

    Free Toiletry Packing Checklist for Campers

    TSA Approved Clear Toiletry Bag for camping

    Before you go and explore the great outdoors, we’ve got one last thing for you. Find our mini toiletries checklist for camping below! It includes the essentials you need to pack in your toiletry bag and a few of our favorite products as well:

    EzPacking’s Camping Toiletry Packing List

    ✔️ Toothbrush - Love this electric toothbrush with its own travel case

    ✔️ Toothpaste Tablets - Denttabs for the win!

    ✔️ Dental Floss - These individually packed ones are perfect for camping 

    ✔️ Travel Size Sunscreen 

    ✔️ Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner 

    ✔️ All-in-One Soap Bar - Like Dr. Bronner’s

    ✔️ Wash Cloth

    ✔️ Toilet Paper - Bring more than you think you’ll need (coreless ones to save space)

    ✔️ Portable Bidet (Optional) - A peri bottle works too

    ✔️ Wet Wipes - For wiping down when a bathroom isn’t available

    ✔️ Unscented Stick Deodorant

    ✔️ Bug Spray

    ✔️ Hand Sanitizer

    ✔️ Comb / Hair Brush

    ✔️ Feminine Hygiene Products (Pads / Tampons)

    ✔️Travel Microfiber Towel

    ✔️Extra Trash Bags - For disposing your used toilet paper and other items

    So there you have it, a complete guide for packing your toiletries when camping! Easy peasy, right? Keep in mind that hygiene on the trail can be different from hygiene at home or even on a different kind of trip. It’s important to expect the unexpected and always be prepared. 

    Having a compact yet complete camping toiletry kit is the best way to anticipate any bathroom emergencies… especially in the wild! You also need a super functional toiletry bag to keep all your camping essentials organized. Take your pick from our selection of travel organizers here and let the adventures begin!

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      I don’t travel anywhere without multiple sizes of your organizer bags. I Love them and it makes packing a breeze. Pants, shorts in one container. Shirts in another! It’s easier to see if anything is missed! I keep my daily make up in one and medications in other!

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