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Welcome to EzPacking! We’re so happy you found us. 

Congrats, you are one step closer to being an organized traveler. Let’s get started...

Our Mission

We're a family business based out of sunny San Diego, CA. We are on a mission to help travelers get organized.

Makes sense…  We started our business by designing an awesome set of clear packing cubes! 

Our Story

EzPacking was designed by Monica, a busy mother of three who needed an easy way to organize a suitcase and see what she packed. 

She was frustrated with helping her daughter pack for college. The suitcase was a mess. There had to be a better way! 

Want to read our full story? Check out our About page.

What did Monica design? I want to see!

Glad you asked! Monica’s biggest problem was that she couldn’t see what was in her suitcase. She tried other packing cubes and suitcase organizers. Nothing worked like she wanted.

Monica designing EzPacking

That’s why she created a see through packing cube design. She called it EzPacking!

What are packing cubes? 

Think of packing cubes as small rectangular ‘boxes’ that organize and separate items inside your suitcase, duffel bag, backpack or purse. They compress clothing, organize items into categories in your suitcase and save loads of space! 

Packing cubes for travel 

How is EzPacking different from other packing cubes on the market?

Starter Set for carry on

Our packing cubes are different because they are... CLEAR!

Most packing cubes are made out of flimsy mesh material. Sure, they are lightweight. But they don’t hold their shape and don’t prevent clothes from moving around in transit. 

These were the problems that Monica set out to solve. Thankfully she did! 

Why you need EzPacking cubes

But on a more serious note, here’s also why you need EzPacking cubes:

Why EzPacking is different

Seen us on the web but not sure where?

EzPacking on NPR

You may have heard our story on NPR’s How I Built This or in other blogs. Check out our Media Features page for more.

Sweet, I’m in! What do I need?

Well, that depends on how you like to travel. If you like to go in a carry on suitcase, we would recommend our Starter Set.

If you travel with a checked bag (anything larger than a carry on), check out our Complete Bundle. Great for sharing a suitcase too!

Check out our mini guide below:    

Starter Set  Complete Bundle

 Don’t forget some of our accessories too!   

EzPacking accessories

Recommended Reading + Packing Tutorials

Besides for our packing cubes, we want to help you become a travel pro. We release helpful blog posts and video tutorials that should hopefully give you some “ah ha” moments! Here’s a few customer favorites:

Travel Tip Blog Posts:

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How to Pack Videos:

How to Pack the Starter Set  How to Pack the Complete Bundle

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