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Our Story

EzPacking was designed by Monica, a busy mother of three who needed an easy way to organize a suitcase and see what she packed. 

She was frustrated with helping her daughter pack for college. The suitcase was a mess. There had to be a better way! 

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What did Monica design? Show me!

Monica’s biggest problem was that she couldn’t see what was in her suitcase.

She tried other packing cubes and suitcase organizers. Nothing worked like she wanted.

That’s why she created a see-through packing cube design. She called it EzPacking!

Starter Set

☑ Perfect set to get started with EzPacking!

☑ Great for carry-on suitcases

☑ Comes with 1 of each cube size (4 total)

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The Complete Bundle

☑ The "all-inclusive" packing cube set

☑ Great for families or couples

☑ Comes with 13+ items

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Individual Sizes

☑ Select the exact sizes you want

☑ Choose your favorite packing cube colors

☑ Make your order customized to you!

☑ Add on our other travel accessories

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