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The Best Packing Tips for Families (2023): Learn How to Pack Like a Pro

Posted by Jelinne Navarro on
Mom and baby packing for a trip

**Thanks to Claire Cervino from Casual Claire for this cute photo!

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The Best Travel Packing Tips

Packing for a family trip can be a drag. Some of the painful process includes --- doing laundry, sorting through piles and then folding or rolling the clothes before packing them into your luggage.

Disorganized packing is worse! Cramming everything at the very last minute and hoping for the best. When you’re at your destination, things just keep getting messier and messier until you have no choice but to repack your suitcase from scratch. #momproblems

If your packing problems have you stressing even before your trip begins, it’s time to break your bad habits and get some help. With our collection of packing tips, you’ll learn how to pack like a pro in no time. Keep reading for the best packing tips and tricks to keep you organized during your travels!

The Best Travel Packing Tips

Tired of wasting time digging through suitcases for a pair of socks or shirt? Hate leaving behind small items all because you forgot to pack them at the last minute? This guide’s for you!

General Packing Tips:

1. Have a packing list - Think lists are boring? They are lifesavers, especially for busy parents. You can make your own or download any of ours. Don’t forget to tweak any packing list that you download according to your trip details. Check the list once, twice and then once more just to be extra sure. It also helps to tick items off the list as you pack them so it’s unlikely that you’ll forget something.

Pro Tip: Download and print your packing list then laminate it. Use a dry erase marker to tick off items and wipe clean so you can reuse the list over and over again.

2. Use clear packing cubes - Want to keep your suitcase organized for the duration of your trip? Use clear packing cubes! Instead of a jumbled mess, you’ve got a perfectly organized suitcase with compartments. Your kids will love them and you’ll be the star of the family. Here’s how clear cubes can help make packing a breeze:

✓ Share a suitcase - Allot one color Starter Set for each family member for sharing a suitcase. Lessens the questions about which items belong to who and saves everyone’s sanity!

Sharing a suitcase with packing cubes

**Thanks to Claire Cervino from Casual Claire for this cute photo!

✓ Stay organized for the entire trip - It takes just a few seconds for little hands to mess up perfectly folded clothes. Pack them into cubes and voila, problem solved!

Organize suitcase with packing cubes tip

**Thanks to Courtney from Creek Line House for this photo!

No unpacking required - What’s as annoying as packing? Unpacking! Great news, there’s no need to unpack with our travel cubes. Take them out from the suitcase, set in any flat surface and you’ve got yourself a portable set of drawers.

Portable drawers using packing cubes

3. Pay attention to airline restrictions - Take note of the allowed dimensions and weight limits for your carry on or checked luggage. Some airlines even have strict guidelines for how big and heavy the personal bag can be. So simple yet so important!

Pro Tip: If you’re flying with multiple airlines during your trip, use the most restrictive limit as your guide for packing. For example, if 2 of the airlines allow 8 kg and 1 only allows 7 kg for your carry on, then go with the lower limit when packing.

4. Pick the right luggage or backpack - If you’re packing heavy, pick luggage that is robust and has four wheels. Choosing a backpack is more personal and tough. You’ll need to consider the gear you’re taking, your torso size and the activities you’re planning to do. Don’t forget to consider the weight of the bag, every additional weight counts!

Choose the right luggage for packing tip

5. Have a system for where things are - Keep the things you need to pull out for airport security easy to access. For example, place your TSA approved toiletry bag at the top of your backpack. Similarly, have a place for items you might need during your trip, like always put your smartphone or passport in a side pocket.

6. Leave some room for the return items - A rookie mistake is not allotting extra space in the luggage for your return trip. That extra two to five pounds comes in handy for souvenirs. Also you won’t need to worry about keeping things extra neat for the trip back home because you got that additional space covered.

Suitcase with extra space

**Thanks to Wendi from H2O Bungalow for this photo!

7. Cut back on everything - Feeling lost on which items to pack for your trip? Start by cutting back on everything and going back to the basics. Not just for the clothes but also for your toiletries, makeup, hair tools or products.

Rule of thumb: If an item is a just in case, don’t bring it!  

8. Sharing is caring - Traveling with your hubby or kids? Embrace that advantage to the core! Only bring one or two of each item that everyone uses, like chargers, cords, guidebooks and some toiletries. No need for doubles and split up the items between suitcases so nobody exceeds the weight quota.

Share items packing tip for families

**Thanks to Wendi from H2O Bungalow for this photo!

9. Choose your packing strategy - When you’re using cubes, there’s different packing strategies you can use. Consider the kind of trip you’re taking before choosing the best packing strategy for you and your family. For instance:

✓ Long term trip - If you’re going on a longer trip, organize your items by category. You can mix and match outfits, use the cubes as portable drawers and repack items as you go.

Packing by category for a long term trip

✓ Different destinations - Got a trip with different destinations? Prepare your outfit for each day and destination in advance before packing them into cubes. You can just grab the cube you need and it lessens the time it takes for outfit planning.  

Packing by outfit for a multi-destination trip

**Thanks to Ashley from At Home With Ashley for this photo!

✓ Skiing trip - Allot one Storage Cube for each family member and organize their ski essentials inside.  

Packing for a ski trip

✓ Road trip - Pack your suitcases by day, allot one color Medium Cube for each person and pack their essentials inside. Then pack the cubes in one suitcase so it’s easy to grab the bag at each stop.

Packing for a road trip tip

10. Be realistic - If you don’t workout at home, don’t pack workout clothes. If you don’t wear sandals on a day-to-day basis, you probably won’t start wearing them on your trip. Pack what you really wear and not what you think you might wear. Yup, there’s a huge difference.

Packing Tips for Clothes:

11. Know your fabrics - Don’t just choose and pack clothes based on their weight! Sure synthetics are super light and dry quick but if you sweat a lot, they can make you smell real bad. Cotton is soft and lightweight but wrinkles easy plus takes a long time to dry. Here are your best options for travel friendly fabrics:

✓ Wrinkle resistant fabrics like silk and wool - Silk is a travel friendly fabric, it packs light and doesn’t wrinkle as much. Also works great for layering under for warmth. Wool is also wrinkle resistant plus resists odor so you can wear it a few times without washing.

Pack wrinkle free fabrics like silk

✓ Warm but lightweight fabric like merino - Merino is a subtype of wool which is lighter and softer. It’s also odor and wrinkle resistant making it the ideal travel fabric. It works great for layering for cool weather.

Merino wool for layering in cold weather

✓ Synthetics for heavier clothing items - Synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon and rayon are great for cutting down on your luggage weight. Since they don’t absorb moisture well, they can make you smell. So they’re better for cold temperature or trips that don’t involve sweaty activities. Opt for synthetics for the heaviest items like your pants or your fleece jacket.

Packable down jacket in synthetic fabric

✓ Breathable fabric like cupro - If you want the breathability of cotton and the smoothness of silk, there’s cupro. It’s what Uniqlo uses for its Airism line. This type of fabric is great for any weather, use it for layering or on its own when it’s warm.

Cupro fabric for different weather destinations

12. Plan outfits around a color scheme - Packing everyone’s outfits around a color scheme might seem tedious. But it makes planning easier and avoids having to pack too many items just so outfits can match. Bonus: Family photos look better because everyone’s outfits are color coordinated! Here’s how you can do this:

✓ Pick your base color - Neutral colors like black, navy or brown work best as a base color.

✓ Pick your coordinating color - Now choose a color that matches well with your base color. For instance, white goes great with navy while black matches with any color even bright ones.

✓ Pick your accent color - Last, pick an accent color that goes with both your base and coordinating color. For example, brown goes well with both navy and white.

Plan outfits by color scheme packing tip

Pack clothes that are either in your base or coordinating color. Most of your bottoms should be in your base color. To spice up your outfits, pack accessories that are in your accent color. Try to include bags and shoes in the color scheme!

13. Anything that can do double duty is useful - Pack yoga pants that are comfy enough to be used as pajamas. Dark jeans can be dressed down or up depending on your top. A nice sarong can be used as a beach cover up or a towel. Pick a bathing suit top that doubles as an undershirt or bra in a pinch.

Motto for packing: Any clothing item that has two or more uses can be packed in the bag, everything else must go.

14. Pack a few extra undies - They are small and lightweight so won’t add much weight to your bag. Pack at least one to two undies per day. Unlike outerwear, you’ll go through undies faster during a trip, especially if you plan on doing many activities.

Extra undies packing tip

Pro Tip: Bring one to two athletic bras if you’re planning on doing high impact activities during your trip. They’re more comfy than regular bras and also pack very light.

15. Pack three tops for every bottom - Not much of an outfit planner? Consider packing three tops for every bottom. Shirts and blouses take up less space compared to pants. Plus, it’s easier to repeat bottoms without anyone noticing it. Just pick a dark color so stains and dirt are less noticeable.

16. Bring your go-to outfits - Pack outfits that you’ve been wearing lately since you know that they work. Don’t bring clothes that you never wear at home or that one shirt that just doesn’t fit right when you wear it.

Pack outfits that you love tip

17. Plan one outfit for flight days - Have a trip planned for seven days? Pack six outfits instead of seven because you can wear the same outfit on your first and last days. Cuts the bulk on your luggage and lessens the time you allot for outfit planning. As always, pick comfort over fashion especially if you’ve got a long flight!

18. Bring just one dressy outfit - If you’ve packed versatile items like a blazer or dark pants, you can even reuse them for casual outfits. Don’t bring too many formal clothes that you can’t wear on a daily basis or for casual strolls around the city.

19. Try clothes before you pack them - If it’s been awhile since your last trip or you’re bringing clothing items that you haven’t worn recently, try them on! You don’t want to be stuck with pants that don’t zip up or a dress that has missing buttons during your trip. Save yourself the hassle and try on seasonal clothes before packing them in your luggage. Likewise, if you’ve purchased new clothes for your kids, make sure they try them on before the trip.

Try clothes before packing them tip

20. Bring clothes that you might want to get rid of - Here’s one for the shopaholics: Pack clothes that you don’t mind giving away. Wear them one last time on your trip and then give them away or toss out. Then you’ll have extra space for all the new clothes or souvenirs you shopped for.

21. Pack from the laundry - If you’re more of a last minute packer, try doing laundry a few days before your trip. This works best if you let the laundry pile up until everyone in the family is wearing their oldest, most tattered clothes. It’s easier to pull clothes from the laundry instead of grabbing items from the closet. And you’ll be sure to pack each person’s go-to clothes as well! #winningatmotherhood

22. Starch clothes with natural fabrics - If you can’t help but bring cotton or linen clothes, have them starched and ironed before your trip. Starching refreshes clothes, makes them look crisp and wrinkle free. It works best for formal clothes like suits, dress shirts and pants.

23. Pack light colored clothes inside out - One way to avoid stains on light colored clothes is by packing them inside out. Take it a step further and put your delicate item on top of a sweater before folding them together. This will help protect the item from staining and wrinkling.

24. Alternate necklines when folding clothes - If you’re folding shirts the basic way, alternate necklines when packing them into cubes. Do the same when folding trousers, alternate the seams when packing them into cubes. This will help balance the weight so you won’t end up with a lumpy cube.

Alternate necklines when folding clothes

25. Test pack a few days before your trip - If you’ve got time, test pack a few days before your trip to make sure everything fits and you’re within the weight limit. You can also adjust and remove unnecessary items before you leave.

Packing Tips for Shoes:

26. Use shoe bags - Shoes are dirty and messy, it’s important to keep them contained. Place them in shoe bags before packing them in your suitcase. Great thing about our shoe bag is that it is lightweight and can be folded when not in use. Each shoe bag can hold a pair of large size men’s shoes or up to two pairs of medium size women’s shoes.

Use shoe bags packing tip

**Thanks to Anna from Ask Anna Moseley for this photo! 

27. Stick to three pairs of shoes - Counting the one you’re wearing on the plane, so two pairs can go on your suitcase. Shoes are bulky and add unnecessary weight to your luggage. Wear the bulkiest pair on the plane instead of packing it.

28. Bring a pair of comfy shoes - This pair of Dr. Scholl’s sneakers is perfect. Comfy for walking around plus a versatile style that can work with many outfits. Just make sure that you break in new shoes before packing them for a trip!

Bring comfy shoes packing tip

29. Leave the heels at home - Opt for high quality sandals with good cushioning and arch support. Make sure that it’s stylish and goes well with different outfits from casual to dressy.

30. Ditch the hiking boots - There are obvious benefits to the heavier, bulkier hiking boots especially if you’re running on a rugged trail. But if you’re running on an easy trail, pack trail runners instead. They’re more lightweight, quick drying and very comfy.

31. Remember your color scheme - When packing shoes, remember your clothes’ color scheme. Pick shoes in your accent color so that they go well with your base and coordinating colors.

32. Store smaller items inside your shoes - Fill the space inside your shoes with smaller items like socks, belts or ties. If you’re icky about contamination, spray your shoes with a freshener before packing items inside. Do this at least two days before your trip!

Space inside shoes for storing smaller items

33. Save space by stowing your shoes correctly - If you’re storing your shoes in a suitcase, there’s two space saving approaches you can use:

✓ Soles Facing Walls - Instead of facing the soles of a pair of shoes together, keep the soles facing the wall of your suitcase. Not only does this save space, but you can also access your shoes easier later on.  

Soles of shoes facing walls of suitcase

✓ Feet to Toe - Storing your shoes in pairs? Place them feet to toe, just like in shoe boxes. You’ve got a neat rectangle instead of dealing with an uneven and inefficient space. Great combo when using our shoe bags!

Shoes packed feet to toe tip

**Thanks to Becky from Organizing Made Fun for this photo!

34. Place your shoes in the right space - Yes, there’s a right way to pack your shoes in your bag. It depends on the kind of bag that you have:

✓ Rolling Luggage - If you’re bringing bulky and heavy shoes, try placing them near the bottom of the case. It will help balance the suitcase and make it less likely to tip over.

✓ Backpack - Backpackers should limit the shoes they’re bringing. But a general rule is that heavy shoes should be packed at the center of the backpack to balance the weight.

✓ Duffel Bag - Heavy shoes should be packed at the bottom of a duffel bag. Place other heavy items like electronics next to the shoes to balance the weight.

Packing Tips for Toiletries:

35. Never unpack your toiletries bag - Some things aren’t meant to be your toiletries bag! If you travel often, this one can save you a lot of time and headaches. Keep your toiletries bag ready to go every time and have all your travel size essentials inside. Especially your go-to items that you can’t get overseas.

Permanent toiletries bag tip

Pro Tip: After a trip, check your toiletries bag for items that need to be refilled or replenished like lotion, cotton swabs and pads.

36. Save samples of your fave toiletries - Beauty stores are pretty generous when it comes to samples. Here’s a list of beauty stores that give free samples when you buy full size products from them. But hey, don’t use those samples at home because they’re the perfect size for your toiletry bag.

37. Don’t take everything you love - We know your skincare routine is super important but trust us, you’ll survive without all your facial masks for a few days. Try to cut down and just bring the essentials such as facial wash, toner and moisturizer.

38. Pack versatile toiletries - Yup, double duty also works for toiletries! For instance, aloe vera can be used for sunburn relief, as a moisturizer and even as a makeup remover. Or how about bringing makeup items that are multipurpose - a lip and cheek tint, full coverage foundation instead of bringing an extra concealer, etc.

Pack versatile toiletries tip

39. Travel size is the way to go - This is important for our carry on only travelers! Remember the TSA Liquids Rule? All your liquids must be under 3.4 ounces so they can go in your carry on. Check online and see if your favorite toiletries are available in travel size versions. If not, the next tip is for you…

Pro Tip: You don’t need to pack all your toiletries in a 3.4 ounce container, sometimes a smaller container will suffice so assess your needs!

40. DIY travel size toiletries - Can’t find travel size versions of your go-to toiletry products? You can make your own, here are a few ways you can do this:

✓ Use GoToob containers - These squeezy containers come in different sizes from 2 ounces to 3.4 ounces. Perfect for travel! We also love the wide opening for transferring goopy toiletries like conditioner and moisturizer (which fall under the TSA Liquids Rule).

✓ Use stackable containers - If you want to save even more space, use stackable containers instead. 

✓ Use contact lens cases - Great for transferring small amounts of liquid foundation or concealer. 

✓ Use travel size spray bottles - Perfect for facial mist, toner, perfume or your other true liquid toiletries.  

Pro Tip: Fill your containers up to 75% full only to avoid busting. Remember that air isn’t pressurized on a plane and liquids expand at higher altitudes.

41. Get a TSA Approved Toiletry Bag - Be ready for airport security! All you need is our TSA compliant toiletry bag and you’re good to go. This size cube can hold up to 10 travel size bottles. It’s the best toiletry pouch for your carry on! It even has a clam-shell design, easy to set in any flat surface without having to dump all the items inside. #InsiderInfo: Our TSA bag is more durable than regular ziplock bags. It’s three dimensional too so you can pack way more toiletries inside.

TSA approved toiletry bag

42. Go for solids - We know, the TSA Liquids Rule can be limiting. So why not try solid alternatives? Lush makes a great solid shampoo bar which lots of travelers swear by. You can also find other toiletry products like sunscreen, mouthwash and face wash in solid forms.

43. Bring castile soap - This multipurpose soap can be used as a shampoo, bathing soap, dishwashing soap and more. It’s mild so can be used by the entire family too!

44. Personalize and make smart swaps - Can’t live without your arsenal of skin care products but have generally low maintenance hair? Leave the excess hair products at home to make room for your skin care essentials. Personalize your toiletry bag and swap the items that you must bring with those that you don’t need as much. #compromiseiskey

45. Smaller is better - So you’ve probably downsized your liquid toiletries, but why not take it a step further? Unless you’re traveling for a year or more, you don’t need full size versions of everything else. Here’s a few items you probably didn’t think of downsizing yet:

✓ Mascara - If your mascara always dries out before the expiration date, opt for a cute mini version instead. Saves you a little space and guarantees you’ll finish it before it dries out!

✓ Lipstick - This mini lippie from Nars is too adorable to use!

✓ Nail Clipper - Groom your nails at home and just bring a small size clipper for you trips.

✓ Hair Brush - Save about half of the space with the Tangle Teezer!

✓ Makeup Brushes - Only bring the essentials in mini size.

46. Primp before you leave - Get your nails done so you don’t need to bring a manicure kit. Have your roots touched up or get a blow out so you don’t have to worry about your hair. Get a facial, go tanning, get a wax and you’ll save tons of space in your toiletry bag! And you’ll enjoy your trip more since you don’t need to worry about how you look.

Packing Tips for Electronics:

47. Stick to the essentials - Electronics are heavy, more so if you are bringing the full gear like camera, lenses, laptop, tablet, etc. Think again before packing your fave gadgets into your bag! For a short weekend trip, do you really need to bring your laptop? Consider finishing work before your trip so you don’t need to bring your bulky gear with you - plus you’ll enjoy the vacay more! Same goes for those who can’t live without their photography gear, cut down on the accessories and you’ll travel lighter.

Electronics for packing

48. Choose travel friendly gadgets - If you’re traveling for the long term, invest in gadgets that can keep up with you while you’re on the move. Here’s a few notes to remember:

✓ Consider the weight and size - Every additional pound counts! You’ll want the lightest and most compact gadgets to lessen the weight you’re already carrying especially if you’re backpacking.

✓ Versatility - You can easily cut down on the bulk if your gadget is multifunctional. A 2 in one laptop, a tablet that doubles as an ebook reader, smartphone as a camera, get the point?

✓ Long battery life - Can’t always rely on cafes for charging especially if you’re on a remote island.

✓ Think least about storage - The most compact gadgets usually have the lowest storage. No worries! You can rely on cloud storage or an external hard drive instead.

49. Go for a mirrorless camera - It’s the best of both worlds giving you great quality photos (comparable to a DSLR) while still being compact as a point and shoot camera. 

Lightweight camera for packing tip

50. Learn how to maximize your gadget’s uses - That’s not just an iPhone, it's also a camera, ebook reader, GPS and more. Before your trip, learn how to make the most out of your phone. If you want to turn your iPhone into an almost DSLR alternative, try downloading apps like VSCO and Camera+ 2. Or consider buying a high power lens kit that attaches to your phone. Your tablet can be a makeshift laptop by attaching a keyboard and downloading word processing apps.

51. Save them to the cloud - The weight of an external hard drive and the additional cords can add up fast. If you’re going somewhere with reliable internet connection, consider saving your files to the cloud instead. Lots of options out there like Google Drive and Dropbox or iCloud for Mac users.

52. Go small or go home - Yup, you read that right! When it comes to electronics (and their accessories), always go for the smallest option if you want to save space in your bag (who doesn’t?!):

This lipstick size Anker portable charger

Lipstick size portable charger by Anker

This compact Bose QuietComfort 20i Noise Cancelling Headphones

Bose QuietNoise headphones

This lightweight AmazonBasics Tripod

AmazonBasics lightweight tripod

53. Get yourself a multi-USB charger cable - Got a techie family with lots of devices? Do yourself a favor and get a multi USB charger cable. You can charge multiple devices at the same time. No more fumbling for cords anymore!

54. Pack a multi-port adapter plug - Don’t bring ALL those bulky adapters for each of your charger cables. They take up precious space and it’s just unnecessary. 

Multi-port adapter plug

55. Deal with your cords and chargers - Don’t just throw your cords and chargers mindlessly in your bag. These things can’t withstand rough holding, trust us. Avoid a tangled mess and a broken charger by following these tips:

✓ Perfect wrapping your cords - Yup, apparently there’s a right way of wrapping your cords to prevent damage. Practice it, perfect it, love it!

✓ Hold cords with velcro - Velcro wrap ties come in handy for the organizing junkies. They keep your cords wrapped while in transit!

✓ Label your cords with washi tape - Getting tired of fumbling for your iPhone charger every time? Label your cords with washi tape and you’re on your way to a stress free trip. Check this post for more instructions!

56. Pack all your electronics together - This is killing two birds with one stone! First, the TSA will make you remove electronics like your laptop, gaming console and camera from your bag. Having them all in one place is just way easier. Second, you can easily access your electronics if you need them (very important during a flight).

57. Secure your electronics - Nope, you can’t just dump your gadgets and cords in your bag then be on your way. That won’t work if you want to keep your items secured and protected. Use an Extra Small Cube to keep your cords and chargers in one place. Place your laptop in a padded sleeve cover before packing it in your bag. Don’t forget your camera, use a padded inner case bag before stuffing it in your bag.

Extra small cube for packing cords and chargers

Pro Tip: Get a good bag for your electronics. For example, this Swiss Gear TSA Laptop Backpack makes passing through the airport security easy. If you’re traveling with a suitcase, make sure it’s robust enough to handle the weight of your electronics.

58. Take out items between trips - After each trip, reassess and take out redundant items from your electronics bag. For example, if your trips are domestic, you won’t need a plug adapter. If you’ve got extra batteries or cables in your bag, assess if you’ll need them especially for a short weekend trip.

Packing Tips for Miscellaneous Items:

59. Always pack a wet bag - It’s great for stashing wet swimsuits, sweaty clothes or even soiled baby clothes. We love this one by Planet Wise, it’s waterproof and machine washable.

Wet bag for swimsuits, sweaty clothes, etc.

**Thanks to Livi from Xo Livi for this photo!

60. A scarf is handy - A scarf can be used as a blanket, beach cover up, towel and more. Plus it’s super lightweight so it doesn’t add much to your bag’s weight.

61. Get a foldable laundry bag - Unless you want your clean and dirty clothes to end up in a muddle, get our foldable laundry bag. It has a drawstring closure, comes in a bright hue so you won’t accidentally leave it behind and folds into a compact size when not in use.  

EzPacking foldable laundry bag for travel

**Thanks to Karen from A House Full of Sunshine for this photo!

Pro Tip: Use one suitcase for all your dirty laundry on the way home. Place your laundry bag inside so you won’t contaminate the clean interiors.

62. Go digital with your guidebooks - Yup, Lonely Planet guidebooks can be purchased and downloaded online as ebooks! For example, the Lonely Planet Guide on Southeast Asia is over 900 pages long and weighs a ton. Get it in its digital format and you won’t need to worry about your back or your destination.

Go digital with guidebooks packing tip

63. Mix your personal items in different bags - Traveling with another person? Cross pack and stash some personal items in each other’s bag. If the airline loses one bag, at least each person will have some clothes for the first few days of your trip.

64. Take enough diapers, baby food, etc. for a day - If you’re traveling with a baby, take enough diapers, baby food, wipes, etc. that will last you for a day. Buy more once you reach your destination.

Pro Tip: The week before your trip, take note of how much diaper your baby is averaging per day. Count the first diaper after waking up until before sleeping. Then add in one to two diapers for emergencies!

65. Bring a PackTowl - This ultralight towel absorbs water really well and is super quick to dry. Use the snap closure to wring the towel dry and be on your way. Perfect for on the go travelers and beach adventures!

Bring a lightweight PackTowl tip

66. Merino Wool Buff has many uses - A merino wool buff weighs next to nothing yet has so many practical uses such as a bandana, neck gaiter, face mask and more. We like the Buff Merino Wool because it’s super soft but can create warmth when bunched up.

67. Bring more accessories - Downsize on everything else but your accessories. They take up so little space but can help upgrade your outfits from drab to fab. We recommend packing some options for rings, necklaces, bracelets or bangles.

68. Use a jewelry roll for your smaller pieces - Can’t decide which of your rings or bracelets to take on the trip? We get it, a girl needs options! Use our travel jewelry roll to keep your items secured during a trip. It has different size compartments that will fit all your jewelry items!

Jewelry roll for packing accessories

69. Bring biodegradable sunscreen - Did you know that some places have banned the sale and use of regular sunscreen? Some ingredients in regular sunscreen has been shown to have serious negative impacts in corals. Check the rules in your destination and bring a biodegradable sunscreen instead.

70. Use spaces in your extra purse - Utilize storage spaces in your extra purse by stashing small items inside like cords, coins or pens.

71. Don’t bring your best items - If you’re not prepared to lose an item, don’t pack it. So leave that sentimental item at home including your kid’s lovey (if you only got one of it). Same goes for expensive items or your brand new recruits. Anything from losing a luggage to getting robbed can happen when you travel!

72. Painter’s tape everything - Traveling with kids? Never ever leave home without painter’s tape. This handy tool can be used for lots of things like child proofing electric sockets or holding curtains together. You can even use it for entertaining kids like creating a makeshift road track on the floor.

73. Ship larger items ahead or back home - Want to seriously cut down on what you’re bringing? Mail items ahead of time or back home. The USPS rates for their Flat Rate boxes are cheaper than checking a luggage. It can take a few days before the package reaches your destination but you can just schedule shipping ahead of time.

Ship items ahead or back home

74. Stash items in your car seat bag - Car seats fly free and there’s additional space you can use there. Cover your car seat with a padded travel bag and stash items you can’t fit in your suitcase there. Maybe a whole bag of diapers, some wipes and your bulky shoes. You’re welcome!

75. Skip hair tools and products - Most hotels have in-room hair dryers. And while you can’t survive without your curling iron at home, you probably won’t need it as much on your Carribean trip. Instead, learn a few basic hairstyles and bring more hair clips and ties.

76. Use a portable luggage scale - It’s handy for weighing your luggage before a trip. Or you can also use it for weighing items before buying them in your bag. That backpacking backpack that claims to weigh under 4.5 lbs? Weigh it before you buy it so you’re extra sure!

Use a portable luggage scale packing tip

77. Reassess after each trip - Packing is a subjective process. Look back and ask yourself which items were the most useful on your past trip? Which items could have been left behind? Assess your packing list after each trip and remove items that are redundant or were of no use. This little tip can save you lots of luggage space and make you a #packingpro in no time.

Did you enjoy our list of packing tips? While packing is probably the most hated part about traveling, these tips can help make it less of a burden. Also with the right tool, packing for a trip is easier. Get our clear packing cubes and see the difference! Stay organized for the entire trip, make sharing a suitcase possible and enjoy your travels more.

#OrganizedPacking for the win!

P.S. Want more packing tips? Click here for our post on Smart Packing Tips: Guaranteed to Make Your Travels Easier.

Packing tips for holiday travel
Best packing tips for families

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