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10 Uses for Extra Large Packing Cubes (2023): Unique and Fun Ways to Use Cubes

Posted by Jelinne Navarro on
Different ways to use extra large travel cubes

When you’re not traveling, what do you do with your packing cubes? Specifically your Extra Large Cube or Storage Cube? If you let your packing cubes gather dust in the shadows, you’re seriously missing out on a practical alternative storage solution. Let’s chat about how to get the most out of your packing cube investment!

What Makes Our Extra Large Cube Unique From Other Brands?

EzPacking's Extra Large Packing Cube

**Thanks to Megan for this photo!

The Extra Large Cube is also known as the Storage Cube. It is 20 inches in width and 15 inches in length. Just like our other packing cubes, it is made of durable cordura and clear vinyl materials. The transparent design allows you to see exactly what’s inside without even opening the cube. It also has other nifty features including double zippers and vertical stackability.

✓ Larger size than other packing cube brands - EzPacking offers one of the largest sizes of packing cubes.

✓ Very lightweight - Despite the larger size, EzPacking's Storage Cube still remains very lightweight at just 8 ounces.

✓ See through design - Our Extra Large Travel Cubes have the same see-through design which allows the customer to see exactly what’s inside.

✓ Easy to zip and vertical stackability - These Storage Cubes have an easy-zip feature and can be stacked vertically.

Different Uses for Extra Large Packing Cubes

Extra large packing cube for travel

**Thanks to Megan for this photo!

Extra Large Cubes can be used for storing larger and bulkier clothing items when traveling. But what about their other unique uses? We curated a list below of the different uses for our Storage Cube (including our favorites). Hopefully, you’ll have some “Aha” moments while reading through this list wondering why you didn’t think of these storage ideas first!

1. Bedding Items Storage - During summer, heavy bedding items like duvets, blankets, extra pillowcases and bed sheets usually get stowed in the linen closet. When winter season comes around (and you need them again!), it can be a real struggle to find the matching sheets and pillowcases. Here’s where our Storage Cubes come to the rescue! Simply store similar bedding items by design so you can easily find what you need. You could stack these similar items on top of another so you can grab what you need with easy access.

Extra large packing cubes used for storing bulky beddings

2. Off-Season Clothes Storage - Messy closet bugging you? It might be time to remove clothes that are considered out-of-season. Similar with comforters or duvets, you don’t really need heavy-duty winter jackets during the summer (or festive holiday season prints during autumn). Use the Storage Cube for storing out-of-season clothing items. Remember to keep the cubes in a cool, dark and dry place to prolong the life of the fabric.

Extra large packing cube for skiing clothes

3. Moth / Insect Proof Storage - If you think that storing clothes in a cabinet is enough to protect them from moths (or other insects), think again! Moths can enter through the small cracks of your cabinet. They love fabrics like wool, satin, silk, leather and cotton. If you notice small holes in your clothes, it might be because of these little friends. To resolve the situation, wash all clothes in the affected area and brush them before storing in an Extra Large Cube. Make sure the zipper is tightly closed and the closet is cleaned before storing the cubes inside!

Extra large packing cubes for protecting clothes from insects

**Thanks to Ursula from Home Made by Carmona for this photo!

4. Diaper Storage - If you have a nursery room, simply place the packing cube near your diaper changing area and store all extra diapers for easy access. For moms with kids using different size diapers, label the multiple Extra Large Packing Cubes for easy identification of the specific sizes.

5. Car's Emergency Kit - It’s always best to be prepared for the worst, especially when it comes to your car. Even if you take good care of your vehicle and have it regularly checked, accidents can happen. Essential tools like a spare tire, jumper cables, tow rope and reflectors should always be in your car’s trunk. In an Extra Large Cube, store non-perishable food items, water, flashlight and a first aid kit. Now you’re prepared for any car emergencies!

Extra large cubes used as emergency car kit

**Thanks to Ursula for this photo!

6. Electronics Storage - Instead of letting your old laptop or tablet sit in the dark without any protection from water, heat or rodents, store them inside an our super size packing cube. The same goes for extra cords and chargers that you might have. With an Extra Large Cube, you can organize them neatly and easily find them in case you need them.

Pro Tip: Attach a velcro or washi tape to avoid tangling your cords. You can even label them so it's easier to find what you need the next time.

7. Toys Organizer - Whether they are collecting barbies, cars or legos, it’s hard to stay neat and organized when play time happens all day long. Let them understand the importance of cleaning up and organizing particularly with the their own mess. Cleaning up can be fun when kids use the EzPacking Storage Cube because they see where all their toys need to go. It’s not a hard “task” for them to accomplish: put all your toys inside and zip closed!

8. Closet Organizer - So you’ve neatly folded all your shirts and shorts in the cabinet. The problem is, it’s very easy to mess up an organized closet, which only took you a whole day or more to fix! And now you’re running late for work. To make your life easier, you can organize similar clothing items in an Extra Large Cube. Voila, problem averted because you can easily remove the cube that you need instead of digging through the entire cabinet!

Closet organized with extra large cubes

**Thanks to Lisa from Imagine It Done for this photo!

9. Under the Bed Storage - If you live in a small apartment with limited space, it’s important to find unconventional storage solutions. How about the space under your bed? Utilize Extra Large Packing Bags for storing unused school books, documents, or off-season clothing items.

10. RV / Campervan Organizer - For a family traveling via campervan or in an RV, it’s a must to keep everything organized and neat. Small space and clutter is a combination that doesn’t mix all too well (not surprising). Extra Large Packing Cubes can be used for organizing clothes in a campervan. Allot one EzPacking Storage Cube for each member of the family and have them organize all their items inside.

Need some more creative organizing ideas for maximizing space in a small house? Find more awesome ideas here, giving you tips from all the best bloggers around. We especially love #12 - go see why! 

Campervan organized using extra large packing cubes

**Thanks to Nicki (@saltypinkpineapple) for this photo!

Want Your Own Storage Cube?

Packing cubes are versatile storage pieces. While they are usually bought for the purpose of traveling, they also have other great uses! Try out the different uses for the home  we mentioned above and let us know what is working for you!

There’s no limit when it comes to the storage capabilities of packing cubes. Extra large cubes can also be used for garage organization, for storing school supplies, for office organization and more. Have you found any other unique uses for extra large packing cubes? Share them in the comments section below! If you’re interested, you can purchase your own EzPacking Extra Large Packing Cube here!

P.S. Want to learn more about packing cubes? Click here for a detailed guide - including their different types, the best brands and lots of tips and tricks!

Unique uses for extra large packing cell

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