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Packing Cubes Review 101: All You Need to Know About Them!

Posted by Jel Navarro on
Different packing cubes

Packing for a trip is already stressful as is...but what if it wasn’t? What if it was actually quick, efficient and somewhat fun? Today, we’re talking about the best travel organizer ever, also known as packing cubes. If you’re new to the packing cube game, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll cover everything you need to know about packing cubes and why they can be a game changer in the way you pack when you travel.

What are Packing Cubes?

Starter Set of packing cubes

Packing cubes are zip-up pouches (or cubes) that compartmentalize a suitcase into categories. They go by many names including packing cells, packing squares, travel cubes or as we like to call them, traveling drawers. They fit neatly inside a suitcase and help divide that space into easy-to-manage chunks. The best part about this packing system is that you can customize them to your liking.

Cubes come in a variety of sizes (from extra small to large ones). You can buy them individually or in sets. It all depends on your packing needs! So whether you travel for vacation, for business, with family, or are going on a backpacking trip, packing cubes will come in handy. These organizers can solve all your packing problems, while also keeping you stylish (can’t say the same with Ziplock bags).

They are seriously the best thing to ever happen to your suitcase.

Why Use Packing Cubes?

Here’s some of the awesome benefits of using packing cells:

 Organizes suitcase into sections - Are you tired of going through your entire bag when you only need a pair of socks? With packing cubes, you can separate items into fewer chunks which is much more manageable. Need to charge your phone? Grab the cube with all your cords and chargers. Need to prepare your outfit for the next day? Pick a shirt and bottom from their designated cubes.

Buy Starter Set in Amazon

Keep your items discreet - Want to keep your travel items private? Nothing like whipping out your laptop and flashing your undies at the same time during TSA inspection. But hey, that’s where travel cubes come in. Packing cubes give you the confidence to unpack whenever and wherever without any worries about what could pop out from your bag.

✓ Organize and maximize space - Pack similar items together or pack by outfit and enjoy a neatly organized suitcase. Plus, utilize every bit of space and get the most out of your suitcase! Cubes help get rid of excess air and allow you to fit more clothes than the folding or rolling method alone.

✓ Make unpacking a breeze - Once you reach your hotel, remove the cubes from the suitcase and place them directly into any drawers available or any flat surface. Suitcase in the closet and bam, you’re all set. #EfficientPacking for the win!

✓ Keep clothes clean and wrinkle free - With cubes, you can separate the clean clothes from the dirty clothes. No need to do extra laundry when you get home! Also, the cubes help avoid clothes moving while in transit, keeping your clothes wrinkle free.


Ultimately, it all comes down to organization. Packing cubes help organize your suitcase (and your mind), making things easily accessible for you.

Top 5 Packing Cube Brands

There’s lots of things to consider before deciding which packing cube brand is the best for you. We’ll get to that part later...right now, here’s a list of the best packing cube brands (depending on your needs):

1. Best for Organization: EzPacking

Burgundy packing cubes

The best packing cube for organization, hands down. With a clear, see-through design and modular construction, it makes packing a breeze. You can actually see what’s inside each cube, so you won’t have to open up each one to find out! It’s the ideal packing organizer for families for hassle free and fun trips! Choose from our Starter Set or Complete Bundle in more than 7 different color options. You can also buy our cubes individually and color code the whole family.



✓ Clear, transparent design

✓ Rigid construction (Great for wrinkle prevention)

✓ Water / stain resistant

✓ Easy to clean

✓ Clamshell opening

✓ Handles on each cube (easy to pull out from suitcase)

Not as breathable as mesh packing cubes

2. Most Lightweight: Eagle Creek Pack It Isolate

Eagle Creek Isolate Packing Cubes

The Eagle Creek Pack It Isolate Packing Cubes weigh next to nothing, great option for one bag travelers. Their cubes come in two sizes: Small and Medium. Made from silnylon, these travel cubes are also water resistant and machine washable.



✓ Super lightweight

✓ Water resistant

✓ Machine washable

Very limp (Clothes more prone to wrinkles)

Top loading opening (Must dig through items)

 No clear design (Have to open up to see what’s inside)

3. Best for Budget: Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics Packing Cubes

The Amazon Basics Packing Cube Set is a great option for those on a budget. The set includes four different size cubes and you can choose from six colors. All cubes have mesh tops for easy visibility.



✓ Affordable

✓ Mesh top for easy visibility

✓ Machine washable


✗ Not structured (Clothes more prone to wrinkles)

✗ Mesh top prone to ripping


4. Best for Compression: Gonex

Gonex Packing Cubes

Are you an over-packer? If you need to save all the space in your bag, there’s the Gonex Compression Packing Cubes. These cubes come with extra zippers for compressing. Ideal for backpackers who have very limited space!



✓ Great for space saving

✓ Lightweight

✓ Machine washable

✗ Not structured (Clothes more prone to wrinkles)

✗ Mesh top is not fully transparent and prone to ripping

5. Best for Variety: Dot&Dot

Dot and Dot Packing Cubes

Aside from a wide range of colors, Dot&Dot Packing Cubes are also available in different sizes including a unique slim size one. You can mix and match colors or avail of their variety set.



Lots of sizes and colors to choose from

✓ More depth

✓ Clamshell opening

 Not as structured (Clothes more prone to wrinkles)

Mesh top is not fully transparent and prone to ripping

Different Types of Packing Cubes

There’s so many packing cube options on the market. But we’re here to help! Check out the different types of cubes below, plus their pros and cons.


► NYLON - The best and most durable packing cubes are made from nylon! They resist wear and tears, making it the perfect material for cubes. There are various kinds of nylon. The strongest ones being ripstop and cordura (which is what EzPacking cubes are made of). Other advantages to nylon is their water resistance, stain resistance and easy maintenance.



Durable and abrasion resistant

✓ Water resistant

✓ Stain resistant

✓ Easy to clean

Takes longer to dry when washed

► POLYESTER - Another type of fabric commonly used in packing cells is polyester. It isn’t as durable as nylon and has even less stretchability. A polyester based packing cube is both water resistant and fast drying. Polyester is a non-breathable fabric though, one thing to think about when you’re going to a humid place.



✓ Water resistant

✓ Fast drying

Not as durable or flexible like nylon

Non breathable

► ULTRALIGHT SIL - Ultralight sil is also known as silnylon. It’s a combination of silicone and nylon making it very lightweight but with great tear strength. This type of packing cube is great for light packers. The downside is that it’s not structured, slippery to handle and packing cubes made from this fabric are more pricey.



✓ Very lightweight

✓ Great tear strength

✓ Packable

 Not structured (limp)

 Slippery, shifts around in transit


► OXFORD - Most cubes made from oxford are mixed with polyester to improve their water resistance. Oxford packing cubes are also resistant to abrasion. Plus, they’re machine washable and structured. But compared to the other fabric types, oxford is heavier and might not be great for light packers.



✓ Resistant to abrasion

✓ Structured

✓ Machine washable

 Thick and heavy

✗ Not as water resistant



► CLAM SHELL - These are packing cubes that zip around three sides. They open like a clam shell for easy access to the things inside. This is more convenient since you won’t need to dig through or dump everything out just to find what you need.



✓ Convenient

✓ Easy access to the things inside

✗ Needs a place to set down

► TOP OPENING - Some packing cubes only have top loading access. They don’t zip all the way so you’ll have to dig through or dump the items to find what you need. The advantage is it’s easier to slip or remove stuff inside without having to take the entire cube out.



Easier to slip in to bag or remove without having to take the entire cube out

✗ Need to dig through or dump the items to find what you need


► FULLY TRANSPARENT - These are packing cubes with a completely see-through design. Like the EzPacking cubes! Easy to see what’s the inside without having to open the cube.



✓ Easy to see what’s inside without opening the cube

Not prone to tears, rips and abrasions

✓ Not prone to tears, rips and abrasions

Not as breathable as mesh

► MESH DESIGN - These are cubes with a mesh top giving some visibility to what’s inside. But they’re not fully visible and mesh is more prone to tears, rips and abrasions.



Gives some visibility to what’s inside

More breathable material

✗ Not fully visible

✗ Mesh is more prone to tears, rips and abrasions


► STRUCTURED - If you want a packing cube that holds its shape, go for a structured one. A structured packing cell reduces the likelihood of clothes wrinkling. Plus, you can stack the cubes either horizontally or vertically because of the more rigid design.



✓ Holds their shape

✓ Less wrinkling in clothes

✗ Not as pliable

► FLEXIBLE - Cubes made from ultralight silnylon belong in this group. They are very flexible and packable (almost like packing clothes into a pillowcase). Problem is, clothes are more prone to wrinkling with these types of packing cells.



✓ Lightweight

✓ Flexible and packable

✗ Very limp and doesn’t retain shape

✗ Clothes are more prone to wrinkling


► DOUBLE SIDED - These are cubes with two sides for separating clean clothes from the dirty. Some double sided cubes have a moisture proof compartment to keep soiled or wet clothes contained.



Great for separating clean clothes from the dirty

Convenient and keeps clothes organized

More expensive

✗ Can be bulky

► EXPANDABLE / COMPRESSION - These are packing cubes with double zippers that you can use to either expand or compress the pouch. Keep the second zipper unzipped to expand the cube. Or keep the second zipper zipped to compress the cube and the items inside. However, when fully compressed, these cubes aren’t completely flat, they still bulge on the center.



Great for space saving

Compresses clothing

Second zipper can get snagged with the fabric underneath

✗ Become rock hard ovals when compressed

► MODULAR - There are only a few modular packing cubes in the market (EzPacking is amongst the few) ). Modular cubes retain their shape so clothes are less likely to move while in transit. The rigid design also allows you to stack the cubes in your suitcase or backpack however you like!



Holds their shape

Less wrinkling in clothes

✓ Can be stacked vertically or horizontally

Less give when packing in a full suitcase or backpack

► WATER RESISTANT - Cubes made from nylon or polyester are usually water resistant. Take them to the beach or by the swimming pool, no problem! Rest assured that the items inside are also protected from getting wet. Or if you’re bringing liquids, leaks will be contained inside.



Great for packing liquids

Still can’t submerge to water

How to Choose the Best Packing Cubes?

It can be overwhelming to choose one from the hundreds of packing cubes out there. Don’t worry! Here’s a few tips on how you can choose the best travel cubes for you or your family’s needs:


Remember that there’s a LOT of variety to choose from. But you can narrow them down if you know your purpose. Do you need cubes more for organization or to save space? Are you traveling for the long term and need cubes that will hold up with you all throughout your trips?


The size of the bag you’re using also matters. We recommend matching the cubes with the suitcase / bag you’re choosing to use For example, a standard size carry on fits our Starter Set perfectly. If you’re checking luggage, our Complete Bundle is an ideal choice. When it comes to  smaller tote bags, duffle bags or diaper bags, buying a few individual cubes is your best choice. Below you can see how XoLivi used four Small Size Clear Packing Cubes to organize her diaper bag.

Duffel bag with EzPacking cubes

*Thanks to Livi from Xo Livi for this awesome photo!


Packing by outfit is always a great choice, especially if you’ll only be away for a few days. Investing in a few larger sizes, like the Medium Cube or Large Cube are perfect for packing a few outfits in each. Or if you’re planning to pack similar items together (such as shirts and pants separated), your best choice would be a set of four cubes, such as the Starter Set. Are you sharing a suitcase with your hubby or having the kids share a duffle bag? Invest in two Starter Sets or one Complete Bundle for the family.


Are you planning on a backpacking trip around Europe? Does your travel plan involve a lot of outdoor activities? Better invest in nylon based packing cubes which are more durable and abrasion resistant. They’re also water resistant and can withstand humidity or extreme weather changes.

Large Cube as beach tote bag


Sure there are cheap packing cubes that won’t break the bank. But consider their durability and long term use. If you have a lot of trips planned or you’re traveling with kids (who aren’t that careful with gear), it’s best to invest in a set of durable packing cubes. Mid-range ones like EzPacking cubes give you the best of both worlds.


Packing cubes are available in many different colors and designs. We just love a suitcase organized with colorful cubes, especially when it’s color coded! Plus, you’ll be confident during your travels knowing that all your items are packed neatly into cubes.

Suitcase organized with travel cubes

*Thanks to Jennifer from Smart Fun DIY for this suitcase photo!


How to Pack with Packing Cubes

Packing cubes will seriously change the way you pack. And no, using packing cells is not as complicated as you think! It’s easier than any other packing system (or packing hack) and you’ll seriously thank the heaven for this unique organizer.


Packing items inside the cube

Pick an empty space where you can lay flat all your travel items. An empty bed or clean floor works well! Then you’ll need to choose your packing strategy at this point. There’s several ways to do this:

✓ STRATEGY 1: PACK BY CATEGORY - This is considered the classic way of packing travel items. With this strategy, similar items are packed together. So undies or socks are packed together, tops like shirts or blouses are packed together and bottoms like jeans or shorts are packed together. Great for travelers who want the option of mixing and matching items during their trip, instead of having outfits placed together.

✓ STRATEGY 2: PACK BY OUTFIT - Who else hates planning their day-to-day outfits during trips? This strategy is for you! Pack full outfits instead (including 1 underwear, 1 top, 1 bottom and accessories). Great for a short trip or those traveling with the kids!

✓ STRATEGY 3: PACK BY INDIVIDUAL - Use this strategy to keep each member of the family’s  clothing items separate and easy to access. Allot one packing cube for each person and pack all their clothing items together. Great for a weekend trip to granny or an outdoor camping trip. Give each member a Large Cube in a different color to help differentiate each person’s items.


The good thing about packing cubes is that they go well with other packing methods. So go ahead, fold items that wrinkle easy like dress shirts or trousers. If you’re bringing formal clothes, it’s also a good idea to fold them. Now might also be a good time to practice the #KonMari method of folding clothes. Here’s a great guide to get you started!

Folded jeans for packing


For your other clothing items, those that aren’t as wrinkly, there’s the rolling method. Did you know that you can even roll undies into a compact size? If you’re not familiar with the rolling method, watch this video on how you can fold all types of items into a compact size for travel (also called the Army Packing method).

Rolling clothes before packing into cubes


Now it’s time to pack those neatly folded or rolled clothes into cubes:

✓ Extra Small Cube - Ideal size cube for organizing a diaper or tote bag! Also works as a TSA approved toiletry bag for packing your three ounce liquids.

Extra small cube with toiletries

Small Cube - For packing underwear, socks, bras or lightweight loungewear.

Small packing cube with undies

Medium Cube - Great size for packing tops like shirts, tank tops and blouses. Also ideal for packing lightweight bottoms like leggings and shorts.

Medium packing cell with shirts

Large Cube - For packing bulky clothes like jeans, jackets and sweaters. Works well when you’re packing by individual or sharing a suitcase.

Large travel cube with jeans


Stack the cubes vertically or horizontally depending on the size of your luggage. If you’re packing the cubes in a backpack or tote bag, strategize how you do so! Place the less important cubes at the bottom of your bag. Place the ones you’ll most likely need at the top like the cubes holding your  toiletries, valuables and snacks.

Packing cubes stacked vertically in suitcase

Why You’ll Love EzPacking Cubes

Now that you’re a cube expert, let’s talk about the BEST packing organizers. Here’s some important tidbits about the EzPacking Cubes:

✓ Durable Cordura Nylon - Our cubes are made from durable cordura nylon. They won’t easily rip and can withstand pressure. EzPacking Cubes are designed to last for the long run!

✓ Clam Shell Opening - With our cubes’ clam shell opening, it’s easier to access the items inside without having to dig through the entire pouch. Plus, you can set the cubes on any flat surface and enjoy this caddy like feature.

Packing cube with clam shell opening

✓ Transparent / Clear Design - EzPacking Cubes have clear front and side panels. No guessing what’s inside each cube because the contents are fully visible. Stack the cubes vertically or horizontally, and you’ll still be able to see what’s inside the cubes. No more searching at the bottom of the bag.

✓ Modular Construction - Tired of those cheap and flimsy packing cubes? EzPacking Cubes are more rigid and retain their shape even while in transit. Enjoy stacking them in your suitcase vertically or horizontally! Never worry about wrinkled clothes with the help of our cubes’ modular design.

✓ Water Resistant - Thanks to the nylon and vinyl plastic materials used, our cubes are water resistant. Use a Large Cube to pack toys or as a tote bag for your next beach trip. A few splashes of water can be easily wiped away from our cubes using a dry towel.

Large packing cube used as beach tote



Fully Clear


Water Resistant

EzPacking Cubes

Other Brands


Not all packing cubes are made equal. Here’s a few more features of our cubes that separate them from other packing organizers:

✓ Pull Handle - All our cubes come with a grab handle for easy access while on the go.

Packing cube with pull handle

✓ Double Zippers - Our cubes’ also have double zippers for a smooth and snag free access to the things you need.

✓ Wipe to Clean - Use a wet rag or wipes to clean your cubes. Easy to clean, quick to dry, great for when you don’t have the time to do laundry.

Wipe to clean packing square

*Thanks to Lisa from Imagine It Done for this photo.

✓ Various Sizes - From extra small to large, choose the size that works best for your travel style. Each of our cube sizes cater for different travel items!

✓ Cute Colors - Love neutrals? Our cubes come in classic colors like black and gray. Feeling girly? Check out our cubes in fuschia, rose, lilac and burgundy. You’ll definitely find a color you love!

Different packing cube colors

Are Packing Cubes Worth It?

Do you dread packing for trips? Is your suitcase already a hot mess just a few hours after reaching your destination? If organization is your problem, packing cubes are so worth it. They help keep you organized all throughout your trip! That’s the dream, right?  Here’s a few more reasons why you need packing cubes and why they’re the best travel gear investment:


Who wants to memorize 10 steps perfecting a packing hack or trick? Or spend the night before a trip vacuuming air out of their clothes? Packing doesn’t have to be the most stressful part of your trip. If you use packing cubes, it’s as easy as fold, pack and zip, done! Once you’re at your destination, unpacking is simple.

Happy packer with travel cubes


Let’s be real here...just how sturdy are those Ziplock or plastic bags you’ve been using to organize your suitcase? Good quality packing cubes have reinforced stitching and strong zippers. They won’t give in with repeated and pressured use.


Choose the right packing cubes and you’re set for years to come. Cubes can be reused many times because they’re made from more durable material. Wipe or wash them and they’ll look the same as the day you bought them.

Buy packing cubes in Amazon


Large packing cubes can hold up to five different outfits, depending of the bulkiness of the clothes. We even have the Storage Cube, our largest packing cube size. Perfect for packing away bulky winter clothes and extra towels and linens!


Packing cubes stack nicely in a backpack, duffle or suitcase. The same can be said for other packing organizers like compression bags and folders.


Packing cubes are great for organization at home, in your closets and even your car.  The smaller cubes can be used for organizing a tote bag or diaper bag. Our largest cube sizes can be used for storing bed sheets, duvets and out-of-season clothing.

Packing cubes for organizing closet

*Thanks to Ursula from Home Made By Carmona for this photo.

We hope our packing cube guide covered everything you need to know about this suitcase organizer! Interested in EzPacking Cubes? Head over to this page to learn more about our different cube sizes and sets. Our Starter Set is perfect for packing a carry on while our Complete Bundle fits in a standard size checked luggage. 

#OrganizedPacking for the win!


Packing Cubes Review 101


Packing cubes review

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