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Starter Set (For Carry Ons)

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What's included in EzPacking Starter Set

Packing Cube Set for Carry On

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The Starter Set is the perfect way to get started with EzPacking. If you travel carry on only, then this cube set is for you! Consider adding on our zipper pouches and laundry bag to complete the organizing experience. In this set, you get four cubes along with a $6 saving. That's an automatic 10% off! 

Capacity: This is the ideal packing cube set for organizing your carry-on luggage. You can comfortably pack 5-8 days worth of clothes with this set alone. Use the large cube for your bottoms, the medium cube for your tops/blouses and the small cube for your undies/socks/loungewear. Use the extra small cube as a clear toiletry pouch.

Starter Set from all angles

This Packing Cube Set Includes:

1 Large Cube: Pack all your bulky clothing items (like sweaters and jeans) in this size packing cube.

Large packing cube with and without clothes

1 Medium Cube: Best for organizing your casual tops (like shirts and blouses) plus your lightweight bottoms (like leggings and shorts).

Medium packing cube with and without clothes

1 Small Cube: This size can hold underwears, socks and loungewear!

Small packing cube with underwear

1 Extra Small Cube: Our TSA approved clear toiletry bag makes passing through security a breeze! Store all your toiletries, cosmetics or smaller travel items in this size cube.

Extra small cube with toiletries

With the EzPacking Starter Set, unpacking is a breeze. Once at your hotel or accommodation, simply remove the cubes from your suitcase and place in the closet or drawer. Done!

Unpacking with packing cubes

**Feel free to add on individual cubes as needed or jump up to the Complete Bundle, which sells at a discounted rate.  

This Travel Cube Set is Recommended For:

  • Solo Travelers - Use our four size cubes for organizing either your luggage or backpack!

  • Couples Sharing a Checked Bag - No arguments necessary when each person has a Starter Set in their own color!

  • Families With Children - Each member of the family can travel with their own color Starter Set for easy organization and less work for parents packing and unpacking the kids.

  • Frequent Flyers - If you travel “carry on only,” you’ll love the Starter Set! You’ll be able to easily see what you packed in your suitcase.

Packing cube set stacked on top of one another

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does this entire set fit in a carry-on luggage? Absolutely! This packing cube set can be used for organizing your carry-on suitcase. Our cubes can be stacked vertically so even these four cube sizes fit inside a compact carry-on bag.

I’ve read that EzPacking cubes can be used as traveling drawers? How does that work? That’s exactly right! Our clear packing cubes make your suitcase into a set of traveling drawers. Unpacking is really easy. Simply take the cubes out of the suitcase and place in your hotel’s cabinet or drawer. No need to unpack and repack clothing. Leave everything in the cubes as you packed them and save time and stress while you travel. Watch the video below to learn more!

What makes this set unique (from other packing cubes sets)? We’re proud of the fact that our packing cube set stands out from the rest! The clear design makes it so easy to identify what is inside each cube. Unlike mesh cubes that don’t have much visibility, our cubes are also more rigid and keep their shape in transit. This helps clothes stay intact and helps reduce wrinkles.

Are these compression cubes? The EzPacking cubes compress like compression cubes (when not in use or when there’s free space). But we’re not strictly compression cubes. These cubes give you the best of both worlds with their space-saving and organizing abilities!

How to wash and care for the cubes? Maintenance of our cubes is a piece of cake! Use a damp wet rag or soft cloth to wipe off dirt and stains.  

Packing Starter Set in suitcase

Product Details:

  • 1 Large Cube (Dimensions:  16” x 10.3” x 4.0”)

  • 1 Medium Cube (Dimensions:  12” x 10.3” x 4”) 

  • 1 Small Cube (Dimensions: 10.3”  x 6” x 4”) 

  • 1 Extra Small Cube (Dimensions:  6” x 6” x 2.5”)

  • Total Weight - 1 Pound and 4 Ounces

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