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How to Use Packing Cells for Suitcases

Posted by Jelinne Navarro on
Woman using packing cells for suitcase organization

**Thanks to Aimee for this awesome photo!

We all know the classic way of packing clothes: folding then meticulously placing them in your luggage and hoping for the best.

Let’s get real.

That’s a bit outdated and doesn’t really save any space. Then there’s the rolling method, which is better in terms of maximizing suitcase space but won’t stay neat after the first flight because contents shift around a suitcase.

On their own, these methods do work but not for both organizing and maximizing space. The latest (and best) innovation is clear packing cells!

Packing cells work with either the folding or rolling method for maximizing suitcase space. And unlike most other travel organization products on the market, you can actually see what’s inside EzPacking packing cells!

If you want to be part of the latest craze in suitcase organization, keep reading for more info on how to use packing cells for suitcases.

First Off, What are Packing Cells?

Starter Set in turquoise

Packing cells, packing cubes, travel cubes and packing organizers are all different names used to describe the same thing - organizing tools for your suitcase! Packing cells are lightweight, rectangular-shaped luggage organizers. They are usually made of nylon fabric with a mesh design.

Here at EzPacking, we’re different. Our packing cells combine cordura nylon and vinyl plastic so they are more durable and see through! Instead of mesh on the tops of your packing cubes, you’ll be able to see inside each cube with our clear design.

You’ll know exactly where you packed your favorite shirt without looking through your whole suitcase.

You can choose from a wide variety of colors and sizes to suit your luggage packing needs. We usually associate packing cells with suitcase organization. But they can also be used for organizing backpacks or even for home storage!

Folding or Rolling: Which is Best for Packing Cells?

How to roll or fold clothes for packing cells

You can use either the folding or rolling method for your clothes when using packing cells for luggage. Our best recommendation is to use a mix of both methods! Here are the two methods compared:

Folding Method - It’s best to fold fabrics that can easily wrinkle such as cotton shirts, dress shirts, and jeans before organizing them into packing cells. Also use the folding method for your formal clothing items like business shirts and pants. 

Rolling Method - Wrinkle-resistant fabrics like wool, knit and silk can be rolled to maximize suitcase space. Even some types of jeans and casual dresses can be rolled as well.  

EzPacking Tip: Fold the majority of your clothes into your packing cells first! At the end of the packing process, roll up a few items and place them in the sides of each packing cell to maximize space.

Other Strategies You Can Use With Packing Cells 

Small packing cell

**Thanks to Megan for this awesome photo!

After you’ve decided whether to roll your clothes or fold them (or a mixture of both), let’s decide on strategy.

Now we’re getting serious! Just kidding, but we’ll show you how to be a packing pro with a few different ways to start. We’ll give you some recommendations for each strategy and you’ll decide which one works best for you!

1. Packing by Category (Classic) - Organizing items by category is the preferred (and most popular) strategy used by most of our packing cell fans. Using this strategy, similar items are organized and packed together in one packing cube.

All your underwear, bras and socks can go in a small packing cube. All shirts and blouses can go in a medium packing cube. Then, all bottoms including jeans, leggings and trousers can go in a large packing cube.

Packing items by category

**Thanks to Lisa for this awesome photo!

This strategy is ideal for: families, couples or solo travelers going on a longer trip. Organizing clothes by category means that you’ll be able to choose from various items in each cube.  You can use your packing cells as portable drawers in your hotel (or Airbnb) so there’s no need for packing or unpacking. So convenient!

2. Packing by Outfit - Another strategy you can use is to pack complete outfits into each packing cell. The How To:

 Lay out different outfit ideas on your bed.

 For each outfit, think about your top, your bottom, shoes and other accessories that might go with the outfit.

 Fold up all your outfits and place a few into each cube. Now you’ll have everything in one place when getting ready for the day.

Packing by outfit

This strategy is ideal for: families, couples or travelers going on a short trip, who know the outfits they’ll end up wearing (for the most part).

You won’t need as much clothing items so you can simply prepare your outfits in advance and lessen the time allotted for outfit planning during your trip. We also recommend this strategy for travelers with several destinations in one trip. You’ll have planned outfits for city sightseeing, the theme park and your beach outing all in one cube.

3. Packing by Individual - This strategy works well by designating a specific color packing cell for each member of the family.

Each member of the family will have their own color to stay organized. Depending on the length of the trip, each member of the family should have their own cube (short trip) or their own Starter Set (longer trip). 

Packing by individual

**Thanks to Katie for this awesome suitcase photo!

This strategy is ideal for: families or couples sharing a suitcase. By designating a specific color packing cell for each family member, it’s easier to share a suitcase and stay organized! No more problems finding which items belong to which family member (and messing up their stuff). Keep the family happy!

What are the Pros of Packing Cells? 

Using packing cells for suitcases by individual

There are many advantages to using travel packing cells for suitcase organization. Why is this travel organization system so good? Here are some reasons WHY:

✅ Clear, see-through design - You don't need to rummage through the entire suitcase for a pair of socks.

Traveling drawers - No need to unpack (or repack)! Packing cells act as traveling drawers for your suitcase, hotel or Airbnb.

Easy suitcase sharing - Allot different color cubes for each family member for sharing luggage (save money on baggage fees)

Packing a Suitcase for a Week With EzPacking 

Here’s a guide on what to pack for a week long trip! This packing guide is perfect for our Starter Set. We'll tell you what to pack inside each size packing cube:

✔️ Extra Small Cube - Use the smallest size cube for your cosmetics or toiletries. It’s quart size and TSA compliant! Pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, makeup remover, perfume and other important items. We like to say the lucky number for this size is 11 items! They all need to be travel size of course!

✔️ Small Cube - Pack 7 pairs of underwear, 7 socks, 2 bras, 2 pairs of loungewear in the small packing cube. That’s a week’s worth already!

✔️ Medium Cube - Organize your casual tops inside the medium packing cube. It can fit 7- 15 shirts (depending on your size and shirt materials). Also, you can squeeze in 2-3 shorts or 1 or 2 dresses.

✔️ Large Cube - Our largest size cube is great for your bulkier items including jeans and jackets. Packing by outfit? This size cube can hold 4-6 outfits.

Where Can You Find Packing Cells?

Woman drinking coffee while buying packing cells online

Packing cells can be found in local stores such as Ikea, Kmart and Target. But if you want to purchase high quality and affordable packing cells that will last you more than one trip, look no further.

You can find and purchase different sizes of packing cells on the EzPacking website. What makes us different is the clear design of our cubes - we want you to be able to see what’s inside each cube without having to take everything out of your suitcase!

If you haven't traveled with packing cells before, you are missing out! Give yourself the gift of organization and never look back. If you’re ready to make some real changes with the way you pack, check out all the different color and size options here.

Be careful, you might just fall in love with packing cells!

P.S. New to the packing cube game? Click here for a detailed guide - including the different types of travel cubes and the BEST brands to choose from.

How to use packing cells for suitcase organization
How to use packing cells for suitcases

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