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20 Unique Ways to Use Extra Small Packing Cubes

 20 Unique Ways to Use Extra Small Packing Cubes

Different ways of using extra small packing cubes
Here at EzPacking, we believe using packing cubes will make all the difference when going on a trip or vacation. That’s why we invented all different sizes and colors for you. We’ve got them all, from extra small to large packing cubes, so there’s a lot of options to choose from when organizing your suitcase.

Aside from organizing the clothes in your suitcase, we’ve heard about so many new way to use the cubes from our customers!

We’re placing the spotlight on our cutie patootie Extra Small Packing Cube and all its strengths, skills, and talents. Find out how to use this cube in 20 different ways!

Unconventional uses for the Extra Small

If you’re a long-time fan of our extra small packing cube, you already know the normal (go-to) uses for it. You can use it for storing your TSA approved toiletries while flying or for storing your travel cosmetics in one place. Don’t know about them? Read more here. 

Here’s a fun list of 20 more ways to use this cube!

1. As a Mini Gym Bag - Organize your valuables such as car keys, house keys, coin purse, wallet, smartphone, earphones and a snack in an extra small packing cube. While you’re busy running on the treadmill or lifting weights, you’ll be assured that your most important items are close to you (and not getting lost at the bottom of your tote bag).

Extra small packing cube as mini gym bag

2. As a Kiddie Toy Bag - Kids can be, well, kids when it comes to toys. Even a short trip to the grocery store calls for taking something to play with. Moms out there...raise your hands if you can relate to this! Store toys inside an extra small packing cube when going out. You can easily avoid tantrums (and wasted money) because toys won’t get lost and are kept safely in one pouch.

3. As a Cable Organizer - When cables get tangled, it can take forever to organize them again. Use a velcro wrap tie to keep your cords neat and then store them inside an extra small packing cube.

ezpacking extra small cube as travel cord organizer

4. As a Bling Stash - Looking for a way to keep your larger accessories (earrings, bracelets and bangles) organized? Invest in a few different Extra Small Cubes and store accessories inside them. You can designate a pink cube for your earrings, a black cube for your bracelets and a gray cube for your bangles. Pull out these cubes when you need a little extra bling for your night out!

5. As a Mini Snack Bag - How do you keep your kid from getting cranky when you’re running errands all day? Snacks and more snacks. But rather than bringing a full-size lunch box, why not just store some of your kid’s favorite snacks in our extra small? It’s small enough to keep in your shoulder bag and it’s specially designed to prevent spillage as well! We like these organic whole grain cookies from My Super Cookies.

extra small cube as kid snack bag

6. As a Coloring Box for Kids - A simple combination of crayons and paper is enough to keep your kid’s occupied, at least for a short while. Store a box of crayons, pencils, an eraser and some blank index cards inside an Extra Small cube. Do this for each of your kids so each will have their own color cube!

7. As a DIY First-Aid Kit - It’s always smart to be prepared in case of an emergency. Accidents are just more common when you have kids. Create a DIY First Aid Kit using an extra small cube with all the essentials such as antibacterial ointment, bandages, alcohol and some medication.

Want to learn how to make a DIY First Aid Kit? Read here.

DIY first aid kit inside a packing cube

8. As an Underwear Drawer Organizer - It’s hard to keep an underwear drawer organized. When the little ones get their hands on a neat drawer, expect chaos. So if you want to keep everyone’s undergarment drawer organized, invest in some Extra Small Cubes. You can store specific undergarments in one cube or separate them (panties, briefs, bras, boxers, etc.) before organizing them inside each drawer. The cubes are see through so you should have no problem finding things inside the drawer!

9. As a Hiking Kit - Exploring the woods is a great adventure but it does come with some risks. If you’re planning a  hike, it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Bring the hiking essentials: a map, a compass, a swiss knife, a lighter, a small flashlight, a hat, snacks and water. Store and organize them in an Extra Small cube. To be extra prepared, bring a portable water filter as well, just in case you run out of water and are near a river. Don’t forget to bring your DIY first aid kit (from tip 7) just in case.

10. As a Mini Tool Bag - Why invest in bulky tools when you barely use them? You can find miniature versions of almost every tool like this mini pliers set, mini bike tool, mini screwdriver set and mini garden tools set. We know they’re adorable (and take up so little space) but they also get the job done! Store these mini tools in an Extra Small cube and store in your garage or car. Our cubes were designed with durability in mind, so you don’t have to worry about them ripping or breaking.

11. As a Backpack / Tote Bag Organizer - You know the drill. Searching for those small items bouncing around at the bottom of your (or your kids) backpacks. It’s time to separate, organize and pack items into different cubes. Separate items by type and color code for easy organization. 

Extra small packing cube as tote bag organizer

12. As a Receipt Keeper - It’s easy to misplace small documents like receipts and utility bills since we keep putting them in places they shouldn’t be. Also, don’t you hate when your wallet keeps getting larger and thicker? Let’s shed some weight from your poor wallet and store these documents in an Extra Small Cube. Label each cube accordingly and place them in a cabinet where you can stack them vertically. Easily pull out the color you need in no time. Come tax season, all your receipts will be ready for the accountant!

13. As a Water-Resistant Pouch - Our packing cubes have the super power ability to resist splashes of water. So the next time you’re going to the beach or to a waterpark, protect your items using an extra small packing cube. But hey, if you’re planning on fully submerging your electronics in water, be smart and invest in a waterproof case instead. Please note - our cubes are “splash resistant” but not waterproof!

Extra small travel cube as a water-resistant pouch for the beach

14. As a Baby Flash Card Keeper - Are you teaching your kid how to read using flash cards? The key is practice, anywhere and everywhere! Store your first words flash cards in an extra small packing cube so you can become a #MomBoss.

15. As a Mini Sewing Kit - Have you ever left your house without noticing there’s a hole in your pants? Be honest -- it happens to the best of us. At times like this, having a sewing kit in your handbag (or car) is a life saver. Keep your needles, buttons, small scissors and threads inside an extra small packing cube. You’ll be prepared for any fashion emergency that comes your way.

16. As a Mini Lotion / Skincare Pouch - The latest trend in skin care is glass skin. Yup, dry skin is not so in. Want to achieve that glowing, healthy skin? Make sure you store your favorite (but mini size) skin hydration essentials including lotions, creams, moisturizers and serums in an extra small packing cube for easy access.  

17. As a Pet Food Keeper - Going for a walk with your pup? Bring some snacks and treats for your pet to keep them happy and energized. Don’t forget special bags for their #2 duties! You can store these snacks, baggies and even some small toys in an extra small packing cube. Also, the easy grip handle allows you to tie the cube to your leash!

18. As a Mini Beach Pouch - Beach days are the best, especially when you’re with your hubby and the kids. But how many times have you lost your favorite sunglasses because you were too busy enjoying the waves or feeding the kids? Use the Extra Small as a mini beach pouch for each member of the family. Mommy can store her valuables and daddy can keep his electronics safe while the kids run around like little beach monkeys!

Beach bag organization with extra small packing cube

19. As a Craft Bag - Creating your masterpieces on the go? Organize your arts and crafts using our extra small packing cubes. For example, easily store mini art supplies such as paints and small brushes. Or pack different color yarns and crochet materials for your DIY projects.   

20. Picnic Utensil Holder - Park, food, puppy and a blanket? Sounds like a great afternoon, right? An even better idea is keeping your disposable spoons, forks, and knives (and napkins) organized and clean in an extra small packing cube. If you’re concerned about the environment, invest in this travel folding cutlery set (which fits perfectly in our smallest cube).

What differentiates our extra small packing cubes from other brands?

Extra small packing cube for toiletries

✓ Compact quart size, yet roomy - How can something so small fit so many items inside it? The secret is in the materials used in our extra small packing cubes, but more details on that below! Our extra small cube is six inches by six inches in length,  but you’d be surprised just how many items can fit inside. Our record is 15 items!

 Clear design - All three sides of our extra small packing cubes have a clear, see-through design. This comes in handy during TSA inspection or if you’re in a rush to find what you need. From a top glance at your suitcase, you can see which cube to grab!

 Durable materials - Made from high-quality cordura and vinyl, our extra small packing cubes will last you a long time. These materials also give our cubes a  balance between stiffness and flexibility so you can store lots of goodies inside!

 Easy grip handle - Simply grab your extra small cube (packed with your toiletries) and head to the bathroom! The cube's easy grip handle is so convenient. When unpacking your suitcase at your destination, it's as easy as pulling the cubes out! 

    The extra small packing cube is ideal for every member of the family

    Royal blue extra small cube with toiletries

    Our extra small packing cube really functions as an organizing tool for life.

    We already know its uses for traveling, but its versatility for other uses has no limits!

    How can each family member use our extra small packing cubes?

     For Mommies - Home organization or travel organization. Moms can use packing cubes for organizing bedrooms, makeup bag, tote bag, their kids’ toy rooms or even their gym bag!

     For Daddies - Are you a Dad struggling to keep your electronics organized? Maybe you’re the resourceful daddy who always finds a way to keep the home in tip-top shape. Our Extra Small Travel Cubes can level up your game!

     For Kiddies - For the kids who love to snack and can’t leave home without their favorite toy, an extra small packing cube is an excellent way of keeping track of the things they love!

      Are you excited to try out our sweet ideas for your extra small packing cube? We hope so!

      If we missed out on other ways you love to use your cubes, please let us know! If you haven’t tried the wonders of our extra small cube and think it’s about time to get one, click here to start choosing colors!

      Curious about the different sets of packing cubes we offer? Check them out here.  

      Happy Travels everyone!

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