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Items You Can Store in Large Packing Cubes (Travel Edition)

Items You Can Store in Large Packing Cubes (Travel Edition)

 Large packing cube with jeans and clothes
Packing cubes stand out from any other type of luggage organizer because of their innovative design. It helps that packing cubes come in different sizes, making storing and organizing items easier.

EzPacking has four sizes when it comes to travel packing cubes. From the super cute extra small cube up to the roomy and spacious large cube. Oh, we also have the extra large (storage) packing cube and dress cube. So many sizes to choose from!

But right now, let’s focus on our large packing cubes and what travel items fit best in this size.  

What differentiates EzPacking’s large packing cubes from the other brands?

Large packing cube in gray inside carry-on suitcase

Our cubes are clear! You can actually see what's inside each cube!

The EzPacking Large Cube measures 16 inches long by 10.3 inches wide by 4 inches high. Despite the larger size, they remain very lightweight at just 7 ounces!

The cube fits in most luggage sizes and won’t add much additional weight. We use a high quality Cordura fabric and strong yet flexible vinyl plastic that allows you to see through the cubes!

These two features set the EzPacking large packing cubes apart from other brands (especially for brands that use mesh materials in their cubes). You can choose from many different colors and each cube comes with a convenient pull handle! This makes it super easy to pull the cube out of your suitcase. 

Large size but super lightweight

 See-through design / clear cube

 High quality materials used 

Different colors to choose from

 Pull handle for easy access from suitcase


What travel items can you store in large packing cubes?

Packing clothes inside large cube

You should pack larger and bulkier travel items in our large packing cubes. Choose the folding method or rolling method, or a combo of the two. Whichever works best for you! Below is a simple guide on what travel items you can store inside our large packing cube:


EzPacking large packing cube with bulky tops

Dress Shirts - Men’s dress shirts are best stored in large packing cubes using the folding method. Dress shirts are more prone to wrinkles so rolling them is a no-no!

Dresses (Formal) - Your casual cotton dresses can be organized in small packing cubes. But if you’re attending a special event, you’ll need formal dresses. Fold and store them into large packing cubes. You can avoid wrinkling or damaging their delicate fabric this way. 

Jackets & Sweaters - Going skiing or snowboarding? You can get away with wearing your bulkiest (and heaviest) jacket on the flight. But for your smaller jackets and sweaters, you can definitely store them in a large packing cube. 


 Black large packing cube with jeans

Jeans - Of course you’ll bring your favorite pair of jeans, but what else? It’s best to bring 2-3 pants for a week long trip, so you can switch off wearing each of them. Some types of jeans are also more prone to wrinkling (those with softer fabric) so they’re better off folded before storing in your large packing cubes.

Pants & Trousers - Chino, khaki, corduroy… It’s best to bring a variety of pants besides jeans to make outfit switches a breeze! Depending on your size, you should be able to fit 4-5 pairs of pants into your large packing cube.  


Black large packing cube with toiletries and tools

  Hair Stuff - Can’t leave home without your hair goodies? Maybe you’re the type who needs all sorts of combs and brushes to tame your mane (we get it). A large packing cell is a handy tool for holding all these larger tools. If you’re bringing larger toiletries with you, you can also store them together in this  large packing cube.

 Blankets - Kids are more affected by temperature changes (hello coughs and colds). Bringing an extra blanket is always a good idea, just in case it gets cold during the flight or if the hotel doesn’t have enough. Store extra blankets in a large cube to easily access them in flight or to separate them from other items in your luggage.

Towels - Going to a beach destination? It’s a must to bring microfiber towels with you. Organize them in a separate large packing cube, along with other beach items and you can take the whole cube with you to the beach. This is very handy especially if you don’t have room to bring a splash-resistant bag!

Dirty Laundry - A large packing cube can also work as a laundry bag! In case you forget to bring your laundry bag, or you run out of space for all your laundry, simply utilize a large packing cube as your dirty laundry storage. Your dirty clothes will be contained in one place (away from clean clothes) and dumping into the laundry upon returning is so easy!  


How many large luggage cubes do you need?

Woman organizing suitcase with large packing cubes

The answer to this question really depends on your specific situation and trip!

For a simple 7 day sightseeing trip in a tropical country (where casual clothes are a must), you might only need one large packing cube for a few outfits. If you're traveling for more than 2 weeks and going to a formal event (or even a colder place), you might need at least two large packing cubes.

For a family, each member might need one large packing cube for their bulkier items. It’s best to assess your individual situation to determine how many large packing cubes you’ll need. We do recommend purchasing a set to get the most value (bang for your buck). 

Starter Set - includes four packing cubes, one in each size. This include one Large, one Medium, one Small and one extra small packing cube. It’s the best packing cube set for someone new to the EzPacking world! Also, it's perfect for a carry on suitcase. 

EzPacking Packing Cube Set clear large packing cubes

The Complete Bundle - this bundle includes two of each size packing cubes. Plus, it also includes two shoe bags, a laundry bag and three folding boards. That's 12 items total! It’s the perfect luggage organizer set for families or a couple wanting to split a suitcase!

EzPacking packing cube set clear large packing cubes

When traveling, it’s important to pack luggage organizers that are not only space savers but are also versatile (and clear). Large packing cubes are perfect for organizing your clothes, travel essentials and so much more.

We would love to know how you use your large packing cubes!

Anybody use them for storage when not traveling? That’s for another post coming soon!

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