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Different Ways to Use Large Packing Cubes for Travel (2023)

Posted by Jel Navarro on
 Large packing cube with jeans and clothes

Want to step up your packing game but don't know where to start? Glad you stumbled upon this post!

EzPacking has four sizes when it comes to travel packing cubes. From the super cute Extra Small Cube up to the roomy and spacious Large Cube. Oh, we also have the Storage Cube and Dress Cube. So many sizes to choose from!

But right now, let’s focus on our Large Packing Cube and the different ways to use it!

First, What Makes Our Large Packing Cube Unique?

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Before we get to the good stuff, let's highlight the best features of our Large Cube!

Can you guess the first one? Obviously, it's the totally clear design! No more guessing what's inside each cube or messing up your perfectly folded clothes just to find a pair of socks. 

Next is the super structured construction thanks to the sturdy Cordura material. This means that our cubes can be stacked in your suitcase any way you like. Watch this video to learn how!

But that's not all, here are some more features of EzPacking cubes that really makes them stand out from the rest:

 Pull Handle - Our cubes have a pull handle for easy access on the go.

✅ Clamshell Opening - Zips open from three sides like a clamshell so you don't need to dump the contents outside just to find what you need.

✅ Reinforced Stitching & Zippers - Which means our cubes will last a long time!

✅ Wipe to Clean - Super easy to clean, just use a damp cloth to remove any stains or dirt from the cube.

Our Favorite Ways to Use Large Packing Cubes

Large Packing Cube in pink

Honestly, there's soo many ways to use the Large Packing Cube. Whether you're traveling or organizing at home, this size cube will come in handy. Below we highlight the different ways our customers LOVE to use our Large Cubes. Enjoy and have fun packing!

1. Pack like with like

Large Travel Cube
Let’s go back to the basics! Our Large Cube is the perfect size for your bulky and heavy clothing items like sweaters or jeans. Did you know? This cube can fit up to 10 shirts + 2 to 3 pairs of pants. Such a game changer!

2. Fit 3 to 4 FULL outfits

Hopping from one city to another? You can pack 3 to 4 complete outfits inside your Large Packing Cube instead. Plan your outfits in advance so there’s less hassles when you’re moving from place to place. 

3. Avoid wrinkles and creasing

Have a work trip coming up? Fold your dress shirts and other formal clothes to minimize wrinkles. Then pack them inside a Large Packing Cube. 

Pro Tip: Place your wrinkle-prone items inside a sweater and fold them together. The sweater will protect them from creasing!

4. Organize the whole family

Large Travel Cubes
**Thanks to Katie for this awesome photo!

These Large Packing Cubes make packing for family vacations super easy! Traveling with several members of the family? Assign 1 color Large Cube for each person and organize their essentials inside. Enjoy your vacay and argue less about where everyone’s things are!

5. Use as traveling drawers

Going cruising or road tripping? Limited space = Large Cubes to the rescue! Simply unpack your cubes and zip them open to access the items inside. Voila, instant traveling drawers! 

6. Keep seasonal clothing organized 

Don’t let dust and insects get to your off-season clothes! Pack them in a Large Cube before storing them away.


Pro Tip: Organizing your bed sheets or larger duvets? Check out our Storage Cube instead.

7. Share a suitcase

One suitcase for hubby and you? Sharing checked luggage with the kids? Why not! Quickly identify which cubes belong to whom by color coding. Pink for mommy, blue for daddy, lilac for baby and so on. Now who said packing can’t be fun??

8. No more bad hair days

Large Packing Cube with hair tools and products

Can’t leave home without your hair goodies? Maybe you’re the type who needs all sorts of combs and brushes to tame your mane (we get it). A Large Packing Cell is a handy tool for holding all these larger tools. If you’re a skincare kinda girl, you can fit your larger toiletries in this cube as well.

3 Reasons Why Customers 💖 the Large Packing Cubes

Still can't decide? Don't take our word for it, take theirs! 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I recently purchased these for a family vacation abroad. This is the most organized I’ve ever been on a trip. I packed way in advance and when time came closer to our trip, I could easily check inside my suitcase to see what I had. Unpacking was a breeze at our hotel because everyone was color coordinated by packing cube. This made such a huge difference. I could finally stop fumbling around with what I had because I could see everything and knew exactly where it was." - Jhennifer G.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I have 4 boys ages 12, 10, 7 & 4. We have gone on several quick trips this summer and they make my life so much easier!! Each boy has a different color cube and they hold enough shorts, shirts, socks, underwear & PJ’s for several days. I use to get so overwhelmed with packing for everyone now I enjoy it! - Grace R.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "On my first trip using my EzPacking cubes I found them incredibly useful... and not even for the reasons I bought them. My bedroom in the apartment I was staying in had no dresser, no drawers, no shelves. So I used my EzPacking units as drawers and put them under the bed. Thanks for a great product." - Judy B.

So there you have it, our handy Large Packing Cube! Big in size and LOTS of ways to use. Plus, it comes in fun colors like lilac, pink and this lovely turquoise:

Turquoise packing cube

Ready to upgrade your packing game? Our Large Cube is also included in our packing cube sets.

We would love to know how you use your large packing cubes!

Comment below or send us an email. Let's count the ways to use our large cubes!

P.S. New to the packing cube game? Click here for a more detailed guide - including the different types of travel cubes and the BEST brands to choose from. 

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