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28 Best Travel Organizers for Every Traveler: Useful Accessories for Better Packing

Posted by Bea Manzano on
Burgundy starter set and travel jewelry roll

**Thanks to Xo Livi for this photo!

Travel accessories have definitely made packing for trips not only easier but actually enjoyable. Who wouldn't want a smooth and stress-free way of arranging things into a suitcase? You see, packing is just more fun when you have travel organizers that allow you to maximize the limited or extra spaces in your bag for a more organized trip.

Some travel packing accessories are only made for saving space, some only for organizing and the best of them are for both! Well, we've made a list of what could be your go-to overall travel bag organizers to keep you sane while traveling. Try out something new for your travels and do a test run to see if they work for you.


Why You Need Travel Packing Accessories

mom and kids packing for travel in a rose starter set

**Thanks to Jenna for this photo!

Packing 101: When going on a trip, gathering the things you need and putting them directly in your suitcase is a big mistake. You need functional packing accessories that will help you  achieve peace of mind when traveling - knowing that all your essentials are kept perfectly safe in your suitcase. So, if you’re not yet totally convinced as to why you need travel organizers, these reasons might change your mind entirely:

1. Keeps you organized when packing.

organizing travel essentials in clear packing cubes

**Thanks to Melissa for this photo!

We're pretty sure you know this already (since the name already gives it away) but yes, the primary thing travel organizers do is keep you organized when packing! They usually come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. You can use these heaven-sent travel packing accessories for organizing everything! From your documents, keys, toys, and other small loose items to undies, socks, shirts, dresses, bedding, and more!

2. Allows you to pack MORE things.

Never leave any important item behind just because it won't fit in the suitcase. If that's usually the case when you pack, you just need a little help with organizing your things. Travel organizers will allow you to fit more into your bag. They usually compress your things together and you can make use of the empty gap spaces in the luggage for other things. #overpackerproblems

3. Keeps your travel items perfectly safe.

Other than keeping you organized for your trips, travel organizers also protect the items inside your bag. Properly storing dirty, sharp, leaking, or other potentially damaging objects in your suitcase will help reduce the risk of stained or broken items.

4. Keeps you organized while on the road.

two ladies on a hiking trip with a large orange cube

If you are the type of traveler who frequently moves from one place to another, packing  organizers will help you stay organized and keep track of your things. The last thing you would want during your trip is to lose or leave behind important belongings. Using travel packing accessories will prevent that from happening.

5. Use them even when not traveling.

linen closet organization with packing cubes

The best travel organizers are those that are super versatile. You can use them to organize different loose items at home into your cupboards or drawers.


Top 28 Travel Organizers You Need for Your Next Trip

travel essentials organized in turquoise clear packing cubes

Do you remember your life before these cute travel accessories came into your life? Well, if you haven’t used them yet, you probably wouldn’t know what it’s like. And that’s exactly why we’re making this list of top travel packing organizers available to you. Make sure to try out some of them for your next trip if you haven’t already.

1. Packing Cubes

Starter Set

The best travel organizers are without a doubt, packing cubes! They help you organize by outfit, by category, and by family members. When going on a family trip, you can use different colors for color-coding your kids' stuff. You may think they're all the same since they have similar uses but quality-wise, each packing cube is different.

There are packing cubes made of nylon, polyester, oxford, and more. However, the best type of packing cubes are ones that are made from a high-quality, durable material like Cordura. And guess what? EzPacking cubes are made from this material! These packing cubes are the best because they're clear, so you can easily see what’s inside. These are also great for organizing tote bags, duffel bags, diaper bags, and more! To learn more about packing cubes, you can refer to our Packing Cubes Review 101 post.

2. TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

Toiletries in a pink extra small cube

There are a lot of different toiletry bags out there. Each having their own unique style and design that caters the need and preference of every traveler. These travel organizers may differ in forms and types, but they all have one goal - to organize your toiletries and make it easier for you to pass through airport security. When it comes to functionality and visibility, we recommend this TSA Approved Toiletry bag for your carry-on luggage.

This extra small cube is great for your travel size liquids. It may be extra small in size but it can hold up to ten 3.4 oz bottles. The clear design will allow you (and the TSA officer) to immediately see what’s inside. It has a clam-opening that lets you access your essentials more easily. If you're going to travel with checked-in bags, large toiletry bags would be more suitable for you. But if you're more of a carry-on type, the extra small cube is your perfect go-to toiletry bag.

Pro Tip: Bring along some suction cup hooks in your toiletry bag for hanging things. Bathrooms usually have a lot of mirrors but not enough hooks to hang things. Also, use a small funnel when transferring liquids from full-size bottles to travel size containers to avoid spills.

3. Travel Size Liquids Bottles / Containers

travel size plastic spray bottle

If you’re going to travel with a carry-on only, you must pack your liquids in travel size bottles. TSA’s 3-1-1 liquids rule will require all your liquids to be in a container that is 3.4 ounces (100 ml)  and packed inside a quart-size clear bag. You don’t necessarily have to buy new ones if you keep the sample size bottles of some of the products you use. Just refill and reuse the bottles when you run out for your next trip.

4. Clear Makeup Bag

clear makeup bag

Have a separate pouch for your makeup brushes, eyelash curler, setting spray, and other makeup accessories. Make sure that it's not too small so you won’t have to leave any essential products behind, and not too big so you can pack light and bring only the ones you’ll actually use. We recommend using this clear makeup bag for keeping all your everyday go-to makeup essentials. However, if you need a bigger bag to store your entire makeup collection, this large cosmetic bag would be an excellent choice.

5. Makeup Brush Holder

makeup brush holder for travel

This clear half-moon pouch is the perfect organizer for your makeup brushes when you're traveling. Make your brushes feel special by letting them have their own storage. Besides, it's not ideal to store your brushes along with your makeup items. We also recommend this portable makeup brush holder that stands on its own so you can easily access your brushes. Just fold down the top and grab the brush that you need!

6. Clear Folder Envelope

Clear Document Folders Transparent Filing Envelopes

Whenever you’re traveling, be sure to make digital and printed copies of all your important files. An envelope is the best way to store your receipts, stubs, and all other paper documents together in one place. Make sure to pack them in your bag nice and flat so they won’t get wrinkled or folded.

7. Wires and Cable Pouch

blush clear circular pouch

Use these circular clear pouches to keep your wires, chargers, adapters, headphones, and other cords safe and sound. Make sure each wire has their own Velcro tie to keep them from tangling. These pouches are clear so you can easily see your cords and wires and grab them when needed. You can easily pack these pouches in your personal items bag and the other ones you can fit in between extra spaces in your suitcase.

8. Velcro Cable Organizers

velcro cable ties

Use Velcro cable organizers to keep your wires and cords from tangling. Aside from being cheap and handy, these cable strap tiers are made of high-quality nylon material with a strong hold.

9. Travel Shoe Bag

travel shoe bag

Keep the dirty soles of your shoes away from your clean clothes by using a travel shoe bag, like this one. This shoe pouch is very useful especially if you don't have the luxury of time to wash or touch them up before your trip. Instead of putting them in ziploc bags, you can find this travel shoe bag the perfect storage for your shoes (and reusable). Aside from keeping your essentials free from your shoes’ dust and dirt, this bag can be easily washed so you can reuse them anytime.

10. Pill Organizers

pill organizer for travel

If you're on medication or currently taking vitamins or supplements, a pill organizer is what you need to keep your trip light and organized. The best travel organizer for pills is one that allows you to retrieve your pills easily wherever you are; whether you're on the train, on the plane, or standing in line somewhere. Just remember to label your pill container properly, especially if you're not going to bring the original prescription bottle.

11. Collapsible Travel Bottle / Mug

collapsible bottle for travel

Not sure whether to just hold onto your water bottle or pack it in your suitcase? Why not both! No, seriously, having a collapsible bottle will allow you to either keep or use it. There are a lot of collapsible bottles and cups nowadays. You can use it to enjoy a cup of coffee or maybe a cold beverage of your choice without worrying about needing extra space or getting confiscated at the security checkpoint.

Pro Tip: Fill your bottle with water and freeze it. According to the TSA, frozen liquids are allowed and don’t need to comply with the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule. As you’re finished going through security, it will melt and then you can drink it.

12. Collapsible Bowls / Cups with Sealable Lids

collapsible bowl for travel

Plastic food containers usually take up space in your bag because they have a definite shape that you can't squeeze to fit into the tiny spaces in between your things. That's why you should bring collapsible food storage containers with sealable lids instead. After finishing the food inside the containers, you can easily collapse these containers into a compact shape and pack them between the extra spaces in your luggage. If you’re planning to take your dog with you on your trip, you can also use this to feed them.

13. Credit Card Holder

credit card holder

One way of keeping your credit cards and other important IDs safe is by storing them in a small credit card holder. However, it would not be wise to keep all your cards in one storage because if they get lost or stolen, you'll lose everything at once. It would be much better to keep one or two cards in there and keep the rest in other places for backup.

14. Crossbody Bag / Belt Bag

belt bag for travel

Crossbody bags are a secure way of keeping your personal items with you at all times. Just make sure that you always keep the bag right in front of you; not on the side and definitely not at the back, unguarded. You can pack this in your personal items bag and then use it when you get to your destination.

15. Jewelry Organizer

travel jewelry organizer

A woman is never without her accessories. Great thing there’s an organizer for all your blings and trinkets! This travel jewelry roll is an angel for organizing your rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more! It has zippers and pockets to keep your jewelry items separate and avoid entangling with the others. You can easily pack this jewelry organizer in your carry-on luggage or personal items bag for safekeeping.

Pro Tip: Never, ever bring your expensive jewelry with you when traveling. You can wear a cheap silicone wedding ring instead of your wedding ring when you’re traveling. Then bring  your staple earrings and necklace, and pack the rest of your lesser-priced jewelry in its own organizer.

16. Travel Organizers with Hidden Pockets

infinity scarf with zipper pockets

If you’re traveling to a place with common cases of theft and/or pickpocketing, using travel organizers with hidden pockets will be very useful. There’s this infinity scarf with a hidden pocket, or this travel security money belt - also with a hidden pocket, or this anti-theft hidden underarm shoulder bag. These things usually enable you to travel and navigate hands-free. They keep your cash, cards, passport, and other essential personal items safe. It’s a great and subtle way to secure your belongings at the airport or while in transit.

17. Weekender Bag

weekender bag for travel

Just as the name suggests, a weekender bag is good for just going on a weekend getaway trip. It's the best bag to help you pack light and therefore bring only the essentials for your travel. There are a lot of different types of weekender bags. There are tote bags, duffel bags, backpacks, and more!

18. Backpack

two ladies with backpacks on a hiking trip with a large orange cube

A backpack is a traveler’s best friend; no matter what kind of trip it is, you can always make use of a backpack. It can be used for all types of trips - short term or long term - as it perfectly keeps your essentials neatly organized, especially when you use clear packing cubes like travel drawers. If you want to know the best backpacks for packing cubes, we’ve got a complete list right here.

19. Travel Laundry Bag

Travel laundry string bag

Separate your dirty clothes from the clean ones by using a travel laundry bag. Having a designated bag for your dirty clothes will definitely save you a lot of headache. When not in use, you can always use this bag as a storage for your shoes, stuffed toys, and other larger travel items.

20. Double Clip Hangers

Double Clip Hangers

Pack a few double clip foldable hangers so you can easily organize special items when you get to your destination. It's the perfect way to hang your dresses, coats, and other clothing items in your hotel’s closet. This will prevent them from having further wrinkles and creases from being folded or rolled. You can use the clips on these hangers to hang your undies and socks after washing them.

21. Passport Cover and Wallet

passport holder and wallet

Instead of having to pull out your passport and IDs one by one when passing through security, why not put them all in one place? A passport cover usually comes with little pockets or slots to insert your IDs and cash.

22. Hat Clip

hat clip for travel

If you can’t travel without bringing your favorite hat (or cap), pack a hat clip so you can securely clip it on your jacket, shirt, or luggage when you are not wearing it. This is also perfect when you’re going to the beach and the wind just keeps blowing your hat and other things off. Use these clips to keep them in place.

23. Underwear Organizer

underwear organized in a small cube

Don’t just pack your undies together with your clothes, designate a separate storage for your delicate items. You can always roll your undies and store them in a small cube for safekeeping. But if you want one that has pockets and dividers, you can find this portable underwear storage bag to your liking. It’s got many pockets you can use to organize your underwear, socks, bras, and more!

24. Backseat Car Organizer

car backseat organizer

When you're going on road trips, you’ll find that the best way to organize your belongings for the road is by using a backseat car organizer. These types of organizers usually have a pocket  for your tablet so your kid can watch their favorite shows on the road. It also has compartments for your other road trip essentials like toys, books, bottles, umbrellas, and more!

25. Laptop Case

laptop case for travel

If you’re bringing your laptop along with you on your trip, the best way to store it is by having a protective laptop case. You can hold onto it while you’re navigating the airport or perhaps while in transit, or you can store it in your backpack for safekeeping.

Pro Tip: Remember, don’t pack your laptop in your checked in luggage. Airport porters may not handle your luggage gently and might break whatever electronics or gadgets you have packed in there.

26. Snack Pack

snacks organized in an orange small cube

Know where to get some snacks when you’re hungry while traveling by keeping them in their own storage. This small cube makes a great snack pack for all your trips! You can pack chips, fruits, biscuits, nuts, granola bars, and other snack favorites in this clear cube. Pack some sweet treats as well if you’re traveling with kids.

27. Key Organizer

travel key organizer

If you're tired of keeping bulky and jingly keys in your pocket, you don't need to get rid of them; you just need something to organize them. Key organizers range from simple ones to fancy and flashy ones. These organizers hold your keys together in a streamlined case so you can save space and quickly access them when needed. You can attach it on your belt loops or the inside pocket of your bag so your keys won't get easily lost or stolen.

28. Loose Items Container

loose items container humangear tubes

For organizing your travel size loose items like ear plugs, candies/chewing gum, coins, nuts, earrings, or other stuff you find lying around, we recommend this Humangear GoTubb. They're available in 3 different sizes and you can easily open these with one hand, which might come in handy! You can store smaller items in these tiny containers during your travel and keep them in your pocket for easy access.

Now that you know what the best travel organizers are, we hope that you’ll try them out for your next trip. Although you could travel without these organizers, using them will make you realize there’s a better and more efficient way of packing things, and your life will never be the same! We can’t even imagine what traveling was like before using these travel packing accessories!

Do you know someone who can use these travel organizers? They make perfect gifts, too, you know. *wink wink*

Happy travels!

P.S. Want more travel tips? Check out our post on The Best Travel Tips: 100 Ways to Travel Smart(er)!

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