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The Best Baby Travel Accessories + Tips for Moms!

Posted by Bea Manzano on
Baby on the bed with essentials packed in packing cubes

**Thanks to Ashley for this photo!

Hey momma! Ready to travel the world with your little one? We know how stressful packing travel essentials for a solo trip can be. But with a tiny human tagging along? Now that’s a whole ‘nother story.

As a mom, we know you want what’s best for your baby, especially when traveling. That’s why we're here to help you break down all the wonderful baby travel gear and accessories out there into a neat pile of categories so you’ll know which ones are worth it and which items you can travel without. Shall we?


How to Choose Baby’s Travel Essentials

Mom with kids and travel essentials packed in Starter Set of packing cubes

**Thanks to Jenna for this lovely photo!

Before we give you the full list of the best baby travel accessories to bring for your next trip, learn how to choose the right ones first. Here are the things you need to consider:

✔️ Age-Appropriate - You and your baby will definitely enjoy your trip when you’ve got all the right kid-friendly travel essentials. Even better if these travel accessories are flexible and can work from the infant stage to the toddler phase or from one age group to another (if you have multiple kids).

✔️ Safety - Traveling with babies should be synonymous with taking safety into account. Carefully examine what you're going to use for your trip. Choose the most durable and highest quality baby travel accessories if possible.

✔️ Stimulation - Bringing toys or entertainment items? Make sure to bring items that are stimulating for developing your baby’s hand-eye coordination, gross motor control, fine motor control, and so on.

✔️ Variety - Consider selecting travel gear that offers your little one different colors, textures, and shapes.

✔️ Simplicity - The simpler the gear, the longer it will last. You don’t want anything that is too complicated to use or any item that requires too much effort to make it work. User-friendly is the key!

Complete List of the Best Baby Travel Products in 2021

Baby beside packed essentials for a trip

Want to travel with your bubba in the most comfortable way possible? Consider it done! We rounded up the best baby travel accessories that you can use for a memorable trip with your little one. From packing gear to flight essentials, we pretty much got you covered.

 Packing Essentials

Grey Starter Set of packing cubes

✔️ EzPacking Clear Cubes - Organize your baby’s travel items using packing cubes. EzPacking’s clear plastic design makes it easier for you to see what’s inside so you can access what you need right away. They also come in different sizes and colors which allows you to sort out your baby’s clothing items, snacks, and toiletries.

Pro Tip: Trips can be unpredictable and messy with babies. Make sure you pack enough essentials. Bring twice the amount of wipes and diapers that you usually pack, just in case.

Skip Hop diaper tote bag for baby travel

✔️ Skip Hop Diaper Bag - Now that you’ve packed your baby’s essentials in your packing cubes, you can toss them inside this super stylish diaper bag. It’s super spacious and has lots of compartments to hold both your baby and mommy essentials. Plus, we love the chic design and you can totally use it as a regular purse once your baby outgrows the diaper phase. 

Pro Tip: Instead of having a tote bag on one hand and a diaper bag on the other, invest in a larger bag that can act as both!

 Baby Travel Sleeping Gear

Hudson Baby soft travel blanket

✔️ Hudson Baby Travel Blanket - You and your baby will love how incredibly warm and comfortable this blanket is. It’s not only great for snuggling and sleeping, but it's also perfect as a stroller cover, car seat blanket, or baby travel pillow.

HALO sleepsack swaddle for trip with baby

✔️ HALO Sleepsack Swaddle - This cotton wearable swaddle blanket from HALO will keep your baby warm, cozy, and secure while napping during your trip. It keeps your baby’s arms perfectly tucked in or out, however they like.

MyBaby SoundSpa pocket baby white noise machine for travel

✔️ MyBaby SoundSpa Portable White Noise Machine - This white noise machine can effectively mask noise so your baby can sleep well. It has 4 relaxing sleep sounds and a timer which makes it perfect for nap sessions while in transit.

Pro Tip: While traveling, make sure your baby naps at the same time they do at home. This will make your trip a whole lot easier.

 Baby Travel Items for Getting Around

Graco baby stroller with reversible seat and extra storage

✔️ Graco Baby Travel System - Your baby will be super comfy in this high-quality 3 in 1 stroller. It's an infant car seat carrier, infant stroller, and toddler stroller all in one. It's reversible and can easily be folded and stored for a more convenient journey with your little one.

Cozy cover infant car seat cover in black

✔️ Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover - Keep your baby protected, warm, and cozy with this baby car seat cover. It's weather-resistant so it can insulate your baby from the cold.

KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier for travel

✔️ KeaBabies Baby Wrap Carrier - A sling wrap is a great way to carry your baby around while traveling. This baby wrap carrier from KeaBabies has a soft and stretchy machine washable fabric. It’s very easy to use even for new moms and super comfy for babies for a fun and comfortable trip!

Infantino baby carrier for travel

✔️ Infantino 4-in-1 Baby Carrier - This unique baby carrier is more ideal if you’re traveling with an older baby or toddler. It allows your little one to face outwards and basically see everything you're seeing as you're exploring different places. Strap your baby in and let the adventures begin!

Baby Uma strap-on stroller hooks for baby travel

✔️ Baby Uma Stroller Hooks - This is possibly the best extra pair of hands for traveling moms. You can easily hook it on your stroller and hang your bags to free up your hands. Each hook is lightweight but very durable as it can hold items up to 10 pounds.

 Travel Baby Items for Bath Time

Varnessa baby bath flower blue

✔️ Varnessa Travel Sink Bath - Make bath time with your darling babe extra fun! This plush flower bath cradles and cushions your baby during bath time like no other tub can.

Hooded baby towel lion design for baby travel

✔️ Little Tinkers Hooded Baby Towel - Adorable bath towel? 100% necessary.  This hooded baby towel keeps your little one covered from head to toe so they're perfectly dry and warm after every bath.

 Baby Travel Accessories for Changing Nappies

Kopi Baby portable diaper changing pad

✔️ Kopi Baby Portable Changing Pad - Change your baby's diaper everywhere you go with this portable changing station. It comes with velcro straps so you can easily attach them to your baby’s stroller or bag. It even has an easy-access smart wipes pocket for when you're changing your baby's dirty nappies.

Burt's Bees unscented natural baby wipes for sensitive skin

✔️ Burt's Bees Baby Wipes - We highly recommend these baby wipes from Burt’s Bees. It gently cleans your baby's delicate skin. It's infused with aloe and vitamin E to keep their skin healthy and moisturized. Pack enough to last you through the flight as well as the first couple of days of travel.

Huggies baby diapers for travel

✔️ Huggies Baby Diapers - Our go-to diaper is Huggies because it's softer and has longer hours of protection compared to other brands. Remember, bring (more than enough) diapers that will last you throughout the flight. You can always buy more once you reach your destination!

Aquaphor baby diaper rash paste

✔️ Aquaphor Baby Diaper Rash Paste - Get rid of diaper rashes with this soothing paste from Aquaphor. It's perfect for babies with sensitive skin. It provides immediate relief to your baby's irritated skin in just one application.

Alvababy reusable and waterproof wet dry bags

✔️ Alvababy Reusable & Waterproof Wet Bag - This waterproof reusable bag has two zippered compartments which allow you to separate wet and dry baby items. You can also use it to store your breast pump parts or baby bottles after washing.

 Baby Travel Items for Eating and Drinking

Easy seat portable baby chair for travel

✔️ Easy Seat Portable Baby Chair - This travel safety harness will turn any regular chair into a baby seat. . Feeding your baby wherever you go will now be a piece of cake!

NatureBond silicone baby bibs for travel

✔️ NatureBond Silicone Bibs - These silicone bibs will make your traveling life with your baby a little easier. It’s made from food-grade silicone which means it’s perfectly safe for babies. It's cute, reasonably priced, and effectively catches all the food that doesn't make it into your baby's mouth.

Boppy nursing pillow for travel with baby

✔️ Boppy Nursing Pillow - This is the perfect nursing pillow for breastfeeding your baby on the go. Its uncompromising support is designed for moms of all shapes and sizes.

Nuk learner cup for baby travel

✔️ NUK Sippy Cup - This cup makes transitioning your baby from bottle to cup so much easier. Its comfy grip and anti-slip handles make it easier for your baby's tiny little hands to hold. It also has a spill-proof, soft spout that's gentle on your baby's gums.

Playtext silicone baby bottles for travel

✔️ Playtex Nurser Bottles with Disposable Liners - These baby bottles are made for traveling with your little one. They're expertly designed with silicone that feel closer to natural breastfeeding. Your baby can barely tell the difference when you switch between breast and bottle. It also includes pre-sterilized disposable liners which make feeding on the go easy and less messy.

 Travel Baby Gear for the Plane

Trip Wipes alcohol-free antibacterial hand wipes

✔️ Trip Wipes Disinfectant Wipes - These wipes are made for moms who travel with their babies. These are the anti-bacterial, easy-to-carry, and easy-to-use wipes that you need for keeping everything within reach sanitary. They are packed individually for a quick clean-up and throwaway.

Pro Tip: You can never be too careful when you’re traveling with your young one. Airline crews do their best to disinfect everything but still, bring your own disinfecting spray and antibacterial wet tissues on the flight. Make sure to wipe down whatever you or your baby can reach.

 Alpine Muffy baby ear protection for travel

✔️ Alpine Noise Reduction Earmuffs - Airplanes, trains, and other public transportation can be very noisy. It's important to protect your baby from loud noise with these noise reduction earmuffs. It's designed with a soft headband that fits most babies so it doesn't create pressure on their heads.

Cetaphil baby ultra-soothing lotion with shea butter

✔️ Cetaphil Baby Lotion - This baby lotion will work wonders for your baby. It keeps your baby's skin moisturized and protected from redness, irritation, or dryness during your trip. It has no scent and it's gentle enough to use on their face as well.

Tommee Tippee ultra-light silicone pacifiers for baby travel

✔️ Tommee Tippee Pacifier - These pacifiers are amazing. It doesn't wiggle or slip out even with a loosened grip. This will keep your baby calm in their stroller, especially when you're in transit. Don’t forget to pack a pacifier holder so it won't fall during the trip.

Burt's Bees baby bodysuits for travel

✔️ Burt's Bees Baby Bodysuits - You can never have enough stretchy bodysuits! These are made with 100% organic and breathable cotton that's great for your baby's sensitive skin. The snap button closure at the bottom allows you to change your baby’s diaper without having to remove the bodysuit!

Baby hat and mittens set for travel

✔️ Guozyun Baby Hat & Mittens - This is the perfect pair of warm and cozy hats and mittens for your baby. It's super flexible and soft so you won't have to worry about the fit. It's made from high-quality knitted cotton material that’s breathable, absorbent, and super comfortable.

Skip Hop baby teething and multi-sensory toy elephant

✔️ Skip Hop Elephant Toy - Bring at least one or two toys for the trip! This soft baby toy is made with a teether and multi-sensory features including different textures, patterns, and sounds. It's perfect for keeping them distracted and entertained while in transit.

 Other Handy (But Not Essential) Baby Travel Accessories

Carseat canopy nursing cover baby travel accessory

✔️ Nursing Cover by Hicoco - This nursing cover is super useful for breastfeeding moms. It’s sturdy and stretchable so it can be used as a cover for nursing, your car seat canopy, your shopping cart, or your baby’s high chair. Its infinity tubular design offers an efficient 360° coverage so your baby can latch on you anytime, anywhere.

Pro Tip: If flying can be very uncomfortable for your ears, how much more for your baby? It’s best if you breastfeed during takeoff and descent. This will help ease the pressure on the baby’s ears caused by the change in altitude. It will also keep your baby from getting fussy on the plane.

Diaper bag backpack with travel bassinet

✔️ Diaper Bag with Travel Bassinet - It's a diaper bag. It's a portable baby crib. No, it's both! This is the ultimate transformer of diaper bags. You can easily transform this backpack into a travel bassinet to create a sleeping space for your baby when traveling.

Hip seat carrier for baby travel

✔️ ANGELBB Hip Seat Carrier - If you're looking for a unique baby hipseat carrier, this is it! With this contraption, you can carry your baby in any position that you want. It has a double safety system using velcro and a high-quality buckle for fastening on your waist.

Yiveko baby nail kit set baby travel accessories

✔️ YIVEKO Baby Nail Kit - This baby nail care set is so cute you'll have so much fun grooming your baby's nails. The set includes a baby nail clipper, baby scissors with non-slip handles, soft-tipped tweezers, and a glass nail file. These are all easy and safe to use for your baby.

Baby nasal aspirator for a baby travel accessory

✔️ OCCObaby Nasal Aspirator - A very useful baby travel accessory to have! Your baby's nose can get really stuffy especially when it's cold or there's a sudden change in the weather.

Lansinoh manual breast pump for breastfeeding

✔️ Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump -  Easily pump and store your milk for your baby on the go This pump has an easy-express handle with a comfortable grip that's designed to reduce fatigue from holding the bottle. It's very convenient to use especially when traveling with a baby.

Kiddikap no-spill silicone bottle top spout

✔️ Silicone Bottle Spout - Turn any size cup or baby bottle into an instant sippy cup with this silicone lid. It's made with a durable and lightweight material that doesn't leak even when your baby throws them away. It also keeps dust and germs from getting into your baby's drink.

Munchkin click lock food pouch spoon tips

✔️ Munchkin Pouch Spoon Tips - This detachable spoon is a huge lifesaver and super handy to have in your purse or diaper bag. You can use it on the plane, in the car, basically anywhere! It turns any food pouch into an instant mealtime for your baby while traveling.

Wegreeco reusable baby swim diaper

✔️ Wegreeco Baby Swim Diaper - Make the beach or the pool more enjoyable with this reusable swim diaper. They have the cutest prints to choose from too! Its soft interior is made with polyester mesh while the outer layer is made with leak-free polyester.

Well, that’s it. You’ve reached the end and we hope this will help you become the brave traveling momma you already are. Now that you know a thing or two about the best baby travel items for your next trip, check out these tips on How to Travel With Kids

For our seasoned traveling mommas out there, let us know what baby travel accessory is your favorite. Be sure to tell us all about it in the comments.

Happy and safe travels with your precious little one!

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