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Moms’ Guide to the Best Makeup Bags for Kids + Packing Tips!

Posted by Bea Manzano on
Best kids makeup bags

Moms, when your child is starting to ask you about cosmetics and the best makeup bags for kids, you know what’s up. Your darling little one is not so little anymore. They’ve outgrown their kiddie pants and are now slowly navigating the world of cosmetics and skincare routines.

It usually starts with ‘pretend’ make-up sets and next thing you know, you’re right here looking for the best kids cosmetic bag. But guess what? You’ve come to the right place! We know a thing or two about girls’ vanity bags and we’re telling you all about it. Read on.

How to Choose the Best Makeup Bags for Kids

Circle Makeup Pouch for kids

Before we get to the list of the best makeup cases for kids, we might as well tell you how to choose one. Here are some things to consider before shopping for a new kiddie makeup bag.

✔️ Roomy Compartments - We’re talking about dividers, pockets, and more! The perfect ones are not too deep or narrow so they’re able to hold different products.

✔️ Sturdy Stitches and Zippers - This includes latches, snaps, and other forms of closures. Strong ones help prevent the bag from accidentally opening and spilling products in and out of the case.

✔️ Clear, Wipe-to-Clean Surfaces - Makeup bags made of plastic or vinyl are easier to clean and access. Your kid can just wipe off any makeup spills with a wet clean cloth. Plus, they can easily find what they need with its clear design.

✔️ Washable Leak-free Fabric - You’re going to need a makeup bag for your kid that is leak and spill-proof. Or at least made with a washable exterior in case of hefty leaks or spills.

✔️ Features and Built-in Mirrors - Consider getting a makeup bag with many flares. Kids love that. Especially one with many straps, slots, or narrow pockets to put their makeup brushes and other tools in.

Must-Have Girls Cosmetic Bags

Makeup bags for kids

Now, to the fun part: choosing the best makeup bag for your kid! Here’s a list of the best makeup bags for children of all ages.

✅ Best for Small Purse or Tote Bags

Looking for an everyday makeup bag that is small and compact? We rounded up some of our favorite little makeup bags below. Perfect for your kid’s tiny purse or backpack and for holding a couple of their daily essentials such as lipstick, powder, a small mirror, and such.

Sparkly iridescent cosmetic pouches for kids

✔️ EzPacking Holographic Makeup Pouch - Gather your kid's favorite cosmetics inside this sparkly clear makeup pouch. It's the perfect size cosmetic holder for kids’ small purses or backpacks! It's cute and compact yet holds a lot - up to 12 of your child's daily makeup essentials.

Tikea small geometric makeup bag for kids

✔️ Tikea Small Geometric Makeup Pouch - This cool geometric makeup bag shines, literally! It looks like a regular makeup pouch during the day and sparkles in the dark when hit by a bright light. It comes with a convenient little lanyard so your kid can also carry it as a clutch.

HOFOYO 3-piece makeup pouch for kids

✔️ HOYOFO 3-Piece Makeup Pouch - This brand gives you not just one, not just two, but three small makeup bags. You get a clear pouch, an envelope bag, and a half-moon bag all in one purchase. The zippers and seams are all high quality, of course.

EzPacking two silver Circle Pouches

✔️ EzPacking Circle Pouches (Set of 2) - Talk about a clear high-quality makeup bag for kids! EzPacking's Circle Pouch Set tops the bar when it comes to clear cosmetic bags. Your kid can easily pack, organize, and access their fave beauty essentials inside this delightful duo. They're lightweight, portable, and perfect for keeping in a small kiddie purse or backpack.

Best Kids Makeup Bags for Travel

Makeup bags for travel are generally made with sturdy zippers, latches, and other closures. They’re designed and built to withstand the severity of travel, especially with kids.

Half Moon Bag for makeup

✔️ EzPacking Half Moon Pouch - This mini pouch goodness is the ideal makeup travel bag for kids! It’s TSA-approved, has plenty of space for travel-size cosmetics, and has an awesome clear design. Seriously, what’s not to love? Your little lady will marvel at the different chic colors they can choose from. Just between us, the one in blush is our favorite!

Cute and fluffy small makeup bag for girls

✔️ Plush Unicorn Makeup Bag - This super cute and fluffy travel makeup bag for kids is durable, washable, non-toxic, and made of high-quality plush material. Its roomy compartment lets your little girl get organized and maybe pack in a little bit more of their makeup essentials. Its adorable unicorn horn and tiny ears are so irresistible! Basically, everything you want for a kid’s cosmetic case for travel and more!

BAGSMART 2-piece small makeup bags for kids

✔️ Portable Makeup Pouch - Kids love all things that shine and glitter. That's why this pink sequined makeup pouch is perfect for keeping their small daily make-ups and accessories. This kid’s makeup bag is stylish and functional at its finest!

✅ Best Travel Makeup Cases for Entire Collection

For little kids with a lot of makeup collection, a large, roomy makeup case would definitely suffice. This type of cosmetic organizer features a bigger space, sometimes with an abundance of compartments.

Large Cosmetic Bag for teens

✔️ EzPacking Large Clear Cosmetic Bag - If you're looking at extended vacations or month-long trips overseas, your kid will need this durable large cosmetic bag. The best thing about it is its clear design! Your kid can easily access their makeup essentials and find what they need at a glance. It also has a very convenient pull handle, clamshell opening, and flat bottom so it can stand on its own.

Norway large cosmetic bag for girls

✔️ Narwey Travel Makeup Organizer - If your kid is into keeping the contents inside their makeup case a secret when traveling, this cosmetic bag is the perfect fit. It has velcro dividers inside to keep the contents separate and easy to access. This makeup pouch comes in super cute designs and colors like this blue flamingo one above!

Bagsmart large cosmetic bag white and pink stripes

✔️ BAGSMART Large Cosmetic Bag - The perfect storage for your kids' full-sized makeup collection. You can also throw in a few travel-size brushes and other beauty tools. It has removable velcro dividers, a mesh pocket, and a waterproof makeup brush pouch. Perfect for your little lady to learn how to organize their makeup.

Best Kids Makeup Train Cases

This type of makeup case for kids can handle your child’s ever-growing collection of makeup products and tools. It’s made to organize their entire makeup set. It usually has a hard exterior and multiple layers and compartments inside the case.

Frenessa blue travel makeup train case for girls

✔️ Frenessa Makeup Train Case - If you think your little kid's going to make a career out of makeup, this cosmetic train case would be a worthy investment. But even if it's just for playing pretend makeup, it’s still worth every penny. It's divided into three sections, with the jewelry tray and mirror panel on top.

BR carry all trunk train makeup case with cat ears

✔️ BR Carry All Trunk Train Makeup Case - You just can't resist those glitters and cat ears, can you? Wait till you know there are a few makeup items included! Your kids will totally love this one!

ZOEO makeup train case with purple mermaid scales

✔️ ZOEO Makeup Train Case - You can fit your kid's entire makeup collection here. It comes with 1 main cosmetic pouch, 1 zipper net pocket, 3 pockets, and 4 elastic bands. You don't have to worry about getting glitters in their eye because the sparkly scales are not made of glitters.

Drawstring Makeup Bag for Kids

This type of makeup bag opens completely flat which allows your kid to easily see and access their makeup products. Just simply pull the drawstring closed to secure all items inside.

Lopbraa star plush pink drawstring plushie makeup bag

✔️ Lopbraa Drawstring Makeup Bag - This is the best drawstring makeup bag for younger kids. It's super cute, soft, smooth, and sturdy, and great for keeping makeup tools. It looks like an adorable stuffed toy when it is full of cosmetics. We can’t seem to get over how cute this is!

INVODA travel cosmetic bags for kids

✔️ INVODA Travel Cosmetic Bag - Your little lady probably hasn't seen a makeup bag like this. It's a chic bucket-style cosmetic bag that's roomy, cute, and very functional, especially with all the compartments. It comes with a matching pouch that snaps into the bag and a separate clear plastic case for makeup tools.

Lay-n-Go Drawstring Makeup Bag for kids

✔️ Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Makeup Bag - There's a perfect reason why this cosmetic bag is called Lay-n-Go. You just lay this stylish case on a flat surface, organize your kid’s makeup essentials with its zippered storage pocket, elastic holders, and poof, get ready to go! Even little kids can use it by just pulling the drawstring close.

Tips on Packing Your Kid's Makeup Bag

Woman holding a clear cosmetic bag

Generally, kids start to show interest in wearing makeup around the age of 11 to 15. This is the best time to teach them all about cosmetics and how to take care of their skin. And now’s the best time for us to give you some tips on what to pack in your little girl’s vanity bag.

1. Safe ingredients are key - Be extra careful of those products that claim they’re ‘natural’ and ‘organic.’ It’s best to check the ingredients yourself. Avoid cosmetics for kids that contain arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead. These can be very toxic to children especially when applied in great amounts.

2. Less is more - Teach your kids to ease into using cosmetics. Let them know how heavy lipstick, eyeliner, and such can do more harm to their skin than good. Start with lip gloss and over time, add a bit of face powder and other light-on-the-skin beauty products. This Half-Moon Pouch is a perfect storage for their starter makeup kit.

3. Test the product before use - Kids have generally more sensitive skin than adults. Allowing your child to use a product without testing it first may lead to mild or serious cases of rashes and swelling. Make it a habit to test the item on a small patch of their skin and wait a few days for allergic reactions before letting them use it.

4. Go for oil-free, sensitive-skin friendly products. - Oil-based creams, lotions, and foundations can take a toll on your child’s sensitive skin. It may trigger or worsen skin problems like acne, eczema, and such. Remind them to apply makeup on a clean face.

5. Include mild skin care products and stick to a routine. - Have a quality mother and daughter bonding moment over your skincare routines. Show them how to properly care for their skin before and after applying makeup.

Here’s a quick walkthrough on some skincare routine tips:

Clear circular pouch set for kids makeup items

✔️ Cleanse and moisturize. Wash their face daily with a mild cleanser. Steer clear of antibacterial soap and exfoliating face wash. Use non-sticky child-friendly moisturizers right after. This cute Circular Pouch Set makes awesome storage for their skincare products.

✔️ Apply sunblock. Make it a habit every day, but especially when the summer heat is at its peak.

✔️ Avoid sleeping with makeup on. It may cause damage to your child's sensitive skin. It basically clogs the pores and leaves the skin dry overnight.

✔️ Clean makeup brushes and other tools once a week. Dirt and bacteria build-up may cause irritation to your child’s sensitive skin. Teach them how to properly clean their makeup tools as part of their skincare routine.

✔️ Change makeup products every 6 to 12 months. Minimize the risk of contamination and skin irritation by replacing their cosmetics every year.

✔️ Sharing is caring, but not with makeup. Sharing makeup tools and cosmetics may increase the risk of contamination and infection. If you have two (or more) girls, make sure they each have their own products and tools to avoid sharing.

Discount code for makeup bags

Have you found the perfect makeup bag for your kid yet? Don’t worry! Any of those items listed above will be a great choice for your little one. Just a last-minute tip: consider what your little girl likes (favorite color, style, and whatnots) when choosing the perfect makeup case for her and she’ll surely love it! You’re welcome!

Happy shopping!

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