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Quart Size Bag vs Sandwich Bag (2023): Which is Better for Storing Liquids?

Posted by Bea Manzano on
Quart size vs sandwich bag

There are three types of travelers in the world: those who pack their toiletries in a quart-size bag, those who keep them in a sandwich bag, and those who compare the two to know which one’s better. If you’re the third type, well then, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s settle this age-long battle between clear quart-size bags vs sandwich bags once and for all. This guide will tell you which is more convenient for packing toiletries and going through TSA. Keep reading to find out the verdict!

Difference Between a Quart Size Bag & a Sandwich Bag

Quart size bag vs sandwich bag

A quart-size bag is what the TSA requires passengers to pack their carry-on toiletries or liquids in when flying. The approximate dimensions of a quart-size bag are 7” x 8”. The TSA prefers it to be made of clear plastic, like EzPacking's Extra Small Cube, so the items can be easily inspected at a glance, without having to open the pouch. Check out this post to learn more about the TSA Liquids Rule.

A sandwich bag is relatively smaller than a quart-size bag, at least in the US. To be more specific, its dimensions are 6.5” x 5.5”. The most popular brand people use is Ziploc; a household name in most families. They're usually used to hold a sandwich or any small snacks for kids to take to school. Until someone decided it is also capable of storing liquids for travel.

Quart Size Bag Versus Sandwich Bag

Now that you know the definition of a quart size bag and a sandwich bag, let’s get right into their best qualities. This comparison guide will let you know which bag is worth storing your liquids in when you travel. So, are you Team Quart Size Bag or Team Sandwich Bag? Let these facts be your guide.


TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

✔️ Quart Size Bag: These bags are usually made from plastic or PVC. However, the best ones, like our Extra Small Cubes, are made from a combination of durable Cordura and vinyl plastic. This combo makes them less susceptible to wear and tear compared to other quart-size bags made from inferior materials.

✔️ Sandwich Bag: Most sandwich bags are made from the most widely used plastic, polyethylene. These thin and flimsy materials are fit only for storing snacks and other lighter items. The plastic bag and seal might not last, especially with heavier items and repeated use.


✔️ Quart Size Bag: Quart size bags have reliable openings to access and keep your essentials intact. Our TSA-Approved Toiletry Bag has the best type - a clamshell opening. This allows you to easily open and close the bag just like you do a clam. This comes in handy especially when the TSA asks to see the contents inside.

TSA Friendly Toiletry Bag

✔️ Sandwich Bag: Sandwich bags feature a grip n' seal technology which keeps the contents fresh when packed inside. However, the brand itself warns consumers that it is not recommended for storing liquids. Zip locks will break way faster compared to quart-size bag zippers.


✔️ Quart Size Bag: These bags are made for travel and perfect for organizing your 3 oz. liquids before packing them in your carry-on. It's compact, just under quart size which perfectly complies with TSA rules, yet it packs a lot!

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✔️ Sandwich Bag: Originally, sandwich bags are used for packing sandwiches (duh) and other grab-and-go snacks. However, they can also be used as a TSA toiletry bag in a pinch since they are under quart size with clear sides.

Ziplock bags with snacks



✔️ Quart Size Bag: Quart size bags are one-time investments for long-term use. If you’re into aesthetic toiletry bags, EzPacking’s Quart Size Bag retains its shape and functionality even after many uses. Just simply wipe it with a clean cloth and it'll be good as new for your next trip. 

Travel size bottles packed in an orange TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

✔️ Sandwich Bag: Sandwich bags can be thoroughly washed, dried, and reused up to (more or less) a few times before throwing them out. It's also important to note that the plastic does not age well after a couple of uses. Yikes!


✔️ Quart Size Bag: An ideal quart-size bag for toiletries can fit 10 or more 3.4 oz travel-size bottles in it. It’s a compact yet spacious feature which EzPacking's TSA-Approved Clear Toiletry Bag definitely gives you. It organizes your liquids really well and holds its shape even when the bag is packed to the brim.

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✔️ Sandwich Bag: A sandwich bag may or may not fit 10 TSA-approved travel-size bottles. However, unlike quart-size bags, it doesn't hold its shape and doesn’t do much to organize the items inside.


✔️ Quart Size Bag: Aside from TSA-approved travel-size bottles, a quart-size bag is also perfect for keeping your toiletries organized. It can also work as a makeup pouch, cords organizer, passport holder, and more.  

Other ways to use TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

✔️ Sandwich Bag: Other than snacks, a sandwich bag can also be used to store smaller bottles and containers of gels and creams. But then again, don't expect your items to be organized inside.


✔️ Quart Size Bag: Quart size bags, like the ones from EzPacking, are not entirely waterproof but they’re splash-proof. In other words, if liquids splash on it, the contents inside the bag will be safe and dry. Same goes in case the liquids kept inside spill, they will be held inside the bag and won’t make a mess in your suitcase. 

✔️ Sandwich Bag: Sandwich bags are generally leak-resistant, not necessarily leakproof. There might still be a mess inside the bag especially if not sealed properly.

Veggies inside ziplock bag

Pro Tip: Make sure the lids on your bottles are properly and tightly sealed before packing to avoid such accidents.


✔️ Quart Size Bag: A quart-size bag, as mentioned before, is made from thicker and more durable materials so it can hold up to rough handling, unlike flimsy Ziplocs. Plus, the reinforced stitching around the seams, zippers, and handle offers added protection even with repeated and constant use. 

Quart Size Bag discount code

✔️ Sandwich Bag: The average sandwich bag measures 1.5 mil in thickness.   Don’t plan on using this bag more than a few times, before it completely rips apart.

Quart Size Bags VS Sandwich Bags: The Verdict

We know you want your liquids to be stored in the best possible way when traveling. Especially if you want to go through the TSA inspection smoothly. A quart-size bag is definitely a great investment for frequent flyers. For those who rarely go on a trip, a sandwich bag may suffice.

Quart Size Bag
Sandwich Bag
Materials Used
Cordura and Vinyl Plastic
Polyethylene Plastic
Quart Size Bag
Clamshell Opening
Grip n' Seal Technology
Quart Size Bag
Main Purpose
Organize Liquids Containers
Compress Liquids Bottles
Quart Size Bag
Long-term Use
Up to 7 Uses
Quart Size Bag
More than 10 Travel-Sized Bottles
At Most 5 Travel-Sized Bottles
Quart Size Bag
Non-Liquid Valuables
Smaller Containers of Cosmetics
Quart Size Bag
Leak & Spills Prevention
Splash-Proof; less susceptible to wear and tear
Leak-resistant body but seal closure isn’t 
Quart Size Bag
Reinforced Stitching and Handle
Doesn’t Hold Up to Wear and Tear
Quart Size Bag


There’s no denying that in every category, the quart-size bag reigns supreme. This victory can’t be refuted because even the Ziploc brand itself does not recommend using sandwich bags for storing liquids. And when it comes to quart-size bags, only one brand stands out among the rest - EzPacking’s TSA-Approved Clear Toiletry Bag at your service.

But really, if you’re a frequent flyer, we recommend investing in a durable quart-size bag, like EzPacking’s Extra Small Cube. If you’re someone who doesn’t travel that often and you have extra sandwich bags laying around unused, then, why not? As long as you’re happy, we’re happy!

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If you really want to be an organized packer, get yourself the Starter Set. It includes our cutie Quart Size Bag + 3 more different packing cube sizes. Definitely a best seller and perfect for carry-on only travel!

Flying soon? Here are the best flying tips for airplane travel. Don’t forget your quart-size bag! 

Have a safe flight!

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