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Circle Pouch Set

$ 19.00

Circle Pouch Set - Clear Round Makeup Bag (2 Pieces)

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Keep your little items organized in our Circle Pouch Set. This set of two is great for organizing on the go! Use it to keep your everyday tote bag or purse sorted and neat.


The large circular pouch can fit 4 to 6 items like cosmetics or skin care products.

The small circular pouch can fit 1 to 2 items like cords, chargers, keys or coins.

Premium Materials: 

This travel makeup bag set is made of:

  • Vegan leather piping

  • Vegan suede interior lining

  • Durable plastic sides for easy visibility and access

  • Smooth zippers that won’t snag

  • Double stitching

Different Ways to Use Our Circle Pouch Set:

  • Clear Cosmetic Bag: Works as a cute and stylish organizer for your beauty essentials - eyeliner, foundation, powder, mascara - and compact enough to fit in your daily tote! They are lightweight, portable and perfect for women who are always on the go.

  • Toiletry Bag: Keep your travel size toiletries organized in your bag with our round pouch. The water resistant design will help prevent spills from your moisturizer or cream from leaving the pouch.

  • Charger & Earphone Pouch: Use the small pouch to keep your charger, cord or earphones from tangling. Can also be used for safekeeping your smaller electronics accessories like a USB, memory card, battery or card reader.

  • Clear Circular Clutch Bag: The larger pouch also works as a circular handbag. Perfect for carrying your phone, cash, keys, cards and other daily essentials. Use it as a purse for your casual day-to-day errands, work, travel or school.

Product Features:

  • Available in four fun and stylish colors: gray, blush, silver and black.

  • Reinforced stitching for durability and long-term use.

  • Set of two clear pouches for easy organizing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the set waterproof or leakproof? While not fully waterproof, we consider our small round bag to be “Splash Proof." If liquid splashes outside the pouch, it most likely will not enter inside. The same rule applies if a liquid spills inside the pouch (it probably won’t leak to the outside). However, we don’t recommend submerging this pouch in water as contents will get wet.

Does it work as a TSA quart size bag? The small circle pouch is under quart size and fits the TSA standards for a clear toiletry bag. Check our TSA Approved Toiletry Bag for a larger individual TSA compliant toiletry bag for airport security.

How should I clean my circular makeup bag? Use a damp, warm washcloth to wipe dirt or stains from the pouch. No deep washing required!

Product Details:


  • Dimensions - 6.5” L x 6.5” W x 2” H

  • Weight - 5 ounces


  • Dimensions - 5” L x 6.5” W x 2” H

  • Weight - 3 ounces

  • Hand Wash

  • Smooth Zipper

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