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21 Best Luggage Accessories Every Traveler Needs

Posted by Jel Navarro on
Stylish travel luggage accessories for women

Looking for the best luggage accessories for your next great adventure? Well, you're at the right place! We happen to know the finest suitcase accessories that turn the dullest of trips into the most amazing ones. That being said, we curated a list of the best products for your suitcase to keep it super organized for every trip. We also shared some tips in choosing the best suitcase for travel. The juicy deets are waiting for you; read on!

Suitcase 101: Choosing the Perfect Travel Suitcase

Smiling woman with purse and hard shell suitcase

It's important to know that having the right luggage can make or break your trip. Basically, it all boils down to three things: personal preference, frequency of travel, and budget. Here are 7 tips when choosing your next suitcase for travel.

✔️ Be in the KNOW

Every airline has their own luggage size and weight restriction. It’s always best to know your airline’s policies on suitcases so you won’t be surprised with unexpected baggage fees when you reach the airport. The standard size for checked bags is usually 27" x 21" x 14" while for carry-on luggage is usually 22"x 14"x 9". There's no exact universally accepted size so it's still best to check your airline's site to be sure.

✔️ Consider your TRAVEL STYLE

The frequency of the trips you take, perhaps in a year, actually plays a crucial role when choosing your suitcase. If you’re a frequent flyer, you obviously need a suitcase that’s more durable, long-lasting, and high quality. If you’re someone who travels only a few times a year, perhaps only during the holidays, you could invest in a suitcase that’s also sturdy and lasting but perhaps not as pricey. Just make sure it’s durable enough so you won’t have to buy a new one every time you travel.

✔️ Pick your SHELL

Hardshell or soft-shell? That is the question! Let us sum it all up for you: Softside suitcases don’t crack or break easily especially when miscarried by baggage handlers. You can fit more items in them because they're flexible and expandable. They also have extra pockets where you can place the items you'd like to access in a snap.

Hardside suitcases, on the other hand, are more lightweight and durable. These are usually made with polycarbonate so they're unscratchable and sure to protect your items inside.

The bottom line? Softshell suitcases are usually preferred as checked bags while hard shell suitcases for carry-on. But all in all, it’s all up to you! Whatever it is that you find more comfortable to pack your travel essentials in and carry around for travel, go for it. #youdoyou

✔️ EXTRAS are sometimes worth it

The best travel luggage should be something that's very convenient to use. This means a bag that has a lot of useful features like waterproof pockets, more compartments, and such. There are even 'smart' suitcases because they come with built-in battery packs which allows you to charge your devices and a port for headphones so you can charge and listen to music on-the-go.

✔️ SECURITY is 🔑

One must not ignore the security and safety aspect of suitcases when looking to buy one. After all, what they do is protect the travel essentials you have inside. Look for bags with intricate security features such as an internal or external locking system that's TSA-approved so you won't have trouble getting through security checks.

✔️ DURABILITY matters too

Before locking  in on any suitcases, check every feature to make sure it’s durable and made to last. Check the material used in the wheels, handle, covering, pockets, zippers, everything! The best material for hard side luggage would be polycarbonate due to its high degree of hardness and resistance to impact. The most durable for soft shell suitcases, on the other hand, would be one that's made from ballistic nylon, making it resistant from water, wearing, dirt, and abrasions. Also, make sure that the handle is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

✔️ Let your suitcase (or cover) STAND OUT

Choose a one-of-a-kind suitcase not just for the ‘gram but to keep you from grabbing the wrong bag. Luggage covers with bright colors and playful patterns are great alternatives.

Must-Have Travel Luggage Accessories

Best luggage accessories for travel

Maximize the efficiency of your luggage for storing and keeping your travel items safe. Use these space-saving, leak-and-spill-protecting suitcase accessories. From the suitcase organizers that help pack your essentials, to hooks and straps that help your suitcase stand in place, we’ve got it all listed for you right here.

1. Clear Packing Cubes

A true game changer for travel. If you have trouble keeping your clothes and other travel essentials organized, packing cubes will be a real lifesaver for you. We recommend using the Starter Set for your carry-on luggage and the Complete Bundle for your checked bag. You can also buy them individually (in different sizes + colors) and build your own cube stash to organize and color-code your clothes, toiletries, medicine kit, and more! 

Starter Set in burgundy

2. Travel Laundry Bag

Plan ahead when it comes to dirty laundry! The stench can stick to the insides of your suitcase and stink it up pretty badly, especially when your soiled clothes have been cooped up in your bag the entire time you’re in transit. This Travel Laundry Bag folds up to a compact size and can be washed along with your dirty clothes so you can reuse it for your next trip.

Travel Laundry Bag

3. Travel Shoe Bag

Just like your dirty laundry, storing used and worn shoes in your suitcase without putting it in a travel shoe bag can also stink up your entire luggage. Use a shoe pouch to prevent this from happening!

Shoe bag

4. Fab Document Pouch

Keep your travel documents (passport, medical documents, etc.) protected and organized with this fabulous pouch. It's waterproof, durable, spacious, has lots of compartments and comes in fun colors such as purple and salmon pink. 

Travel document organizer

5. Stylish Tech / Cord Organizer

Don't let your cables get all tangled up when you can keep them perfectly organized in a travel cable organizer. You can store all your cables, earphones, pens, mouse, and other smaller tech items in this beautiful pouch. If you're bringing just a few cords, you can opt for these Clear Circular Pouches that come in different chic colors.

Leatherology Tech Organizer

6. Luggage Lock

Make sure to secure your suitcase using a TSA-approved luggage lock. These durable and trusty bolts can be unlocked and relocked by TSA agents easily so they won't have to break the locks open.

Pro Tip: Never keep your valuables in checked luggage. Make sure your tablet, phone, laptop, camera, and other items that you wouldn't want to lose are stored in your personal items or carry-on bag so you can keep an eye on them for the entire trip.

TSA Approved Luggage Lock

7. Chic Luggage Tag

Add a little oomph to suitcase identification with this leather luggage tag! It has a classy design and will make identifying your suitcase super easy. It will definitely take your luggage aesthetic from drab to fab (;

Luggage tag for travel

8. Printed Travel Towel 

A lightweight towel that packs down into a small size and comes in funky colors like unicorn stripes and jiggly jelly?? Yes, please! These Dock and Bay towels are as functional as they are bright and colorful. Always go for printed towels so you won't confuse yours with the hotel's white ones.

Cute printed travel towel

9. Vacuum Storage Bags

Overpackers, this one’s for you. Vacuum storage bags will help you maximize the space inside your luggage and use it to its full capacity. Although they won't make any difference to the weight, it sure does make a significant difference to the space you can utilize for all your travel essentials.

Travel storage bags

10. Travel Folding Boards

Going on a business trip and need to pack some formal or long-sleeve dress shirts? Use a Folding Board to keep your shirts perfectly folded and neatly organized. Watch this short video below to learn how!

@ezpacking folding board tutorial 👕👔#ezpacking #packing #organize #preppy #grwm #smallbusiness #fypシ #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg #viral #packingorders #fypage ♬ #WIPEITDOWN - BMW KENNY

11. Luggage Bungee 

The idea behind this bag bungee is that you can carry more bags with less effort. It will allow you to put your carry-on bag or personal items bag on top of your suitcase and lug them around with ease. It also helps secure a second bag or purse, your coat, or other travel items.

Luggage bungee strap

12. Digital Luggage Scale 

Want to avoid paying excess baggage fees at the airport? Digital luggage scale to the rescue! This small travel weighing scale is a MUST if you're an overpacker. It's really compact and portable but gives accurate readings.

Luggage scale for travel

13. Travel Wine Bag 

Gone are the days when bringing wine bottles home mean wrapping them in socks and hoping for the best! These wine protector bags are very lightweight and won't take up much space in your suitcase. It will keep your precious booze intact and has an absorbent lining in case of leakage. 

JetBag Luggage Accessory

14. TSA Approved Toiletry Bag (for Carry-on Suitcase)

There's a reason why our Quart Size Bag is a best seller! It's cute, clear and comes in 11 fun colors. Plus, it makes going through airport security hassle free - fill it with your 3 oz toiletries and use the pull handle to grab it from your bag when it's your turn at the line! If you ask us, it's the best-kept secret for carry-on only travel 😉

TSA Approved Toiletry Bag

15. Large Toiletry Bag (for Checked Luggage)

Traveling with your full-size toiletries or sharing 1 toiletry bag with the entire family? Well, this Large Toiletry Bag is for you! Store up to 20 full-size products in this wonderful pouch. The clear design means you can easily see what's inside or even use the pouch as a toiletry caddy. 

Large Toiletry Bag for checked luggage

16. Bras and Undies Organizer 

We totally get it, your bras are just too expensive for regular folding and packing. That's why we adore this cute bra and undies organizer! It will keep your bras from becoming deformed and messed up inside your suitcase. Plus, it has a separate compartment for your undies or socks as well.

Bras Organizer for luggage

17. Packable Duffel Bag

You can easily fit this duffle bag into a tiny space in your suitcase since it folds really small. This serves as a backup bag just in case you'll need extra space to carry your gifts and souvenirs. Just don't go overboard on the shopping part so you won't have to deal with excess baggage later on.

Packable duffel bag for travel

18. Brightly Colored Luggage Strap 

This strap is not only pretty, it's also super functional! Aside from the gorgeous designs (including this Van Gogh inspired print), it will make identifying your suitcase from the conveyor belt very easy. Since the buckle snaps into place, your luggage will be protected and secured from check-in until it's time to go home!

Luggage strap for travel

19. Drink Caddy

Free your hands of your drinks so you can make better use of them while traveling with this luggage travel cup holder. Don't let your heavy luggage hold you back from enjoying a cup of coffee or a drink. Just wrap it around your luggage handle and store your phones, bottles, or coffee cups.

Luggage Drink Holder

20. Luggage Cover 

Choose a luggage cover that will make your suitcase stand out from the rest. Aside from preventing other people from claiming your luggage thinking it’s theirs, it will also keep you from doing the same to other traveler’s bags. Having a unique luggage cover will help you identify your bag easily. There are plenty of cool designs and patterns that you can choose from.

Luggage cover

21. Luggage Handle Wraps 

Aside from giving your palms the ultimate comfort when tugging your luggage around a new city, this handle wrap is also great for your bag's visibility. Just like a luggage cover, this will help you identify your bag very easily at the carousel.

Luggage handle strap

These are all the useful luggage accessories that we have up our sleeves! See anything you like? Go on and try them out on your next trip! Don’t leave without grabbing at least one of these handy travel items! It’s our job to make traveling easier, more comfortable, and definitely less stressful! We got you. 

Do you want to know how to pack your suitcase like a pro and perhaps try and use some of these luggage accessories just to see if they really work? Go ahead and check out our Complete Guide for Newbies.

Happy packing!


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