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Cute Travel Accessories for Every Woman

Posted by Bea Manzano on
Lady packing with her burgundy clear cubes

Let’s be honest, women don’t only choose travel accessories merely for traveling. Yes, they keep trips lighter, easier, and more fun but really, the ‘look’ is nearly - if not equally - as important as the function. So if you love cute accessories and traveling, this blog post is definitely for you. We rounded up the best and the cutest travel accessories out there! Beware! These travel items are going to make you say, awww all the way to the end.

Tips on Choosing Cute Essential Travel Items

Tali holding a clear blush half moon bag

We get it. You want cute essentials for your next trip. But other than their charm, you should also consider these when shopping for new travel accessories.

✔️ Functional Use - There’s more to a travel item than just its looks. You’re not buying it to display on your countertop (although you can!) Think of functionality first, then aesthetics second.

✔️ Smaller Size & Design - Think of the size, design, and how it’s going to affect the weight of your luggage. Always go for mini or travel size ones so you can save more space for more important travel items.

✔️ Durability - How long is it going to last? Go for its sturdiness. Consider the number of times you can use it for your trips. Decide how much you’d like to spend, the quality you want and then find a happy medium. 

✔️ Security Features - More than its cuteness, size, and durability, you must also consider its safety features. If it’s a travel makeup item, make sure it’s skin-friendly. If it’s a luggage lock or toiletry bag, make sure it’s TSA-approved.

✔️ Cost - If you’re willing to pay a little extra for great quality, go for it, girl. Investing in travel items that will help make your trip lighter, easier, and more organized is worth your happiness. Think about all the future road trips, flights and trips you’ll have, not just what you need today.

Aesthetically Pretty Travel Essentials for All Travelers

Smiling woman holding a green extra small cube

One of the best things about traveling is being able to take tons of photos to show your friends and families. And sometimes you just can’t help but flex a travel item or two. And speaking of showing off irresistible travel accessories, here are some that you’ll definitely want for your next trip!

American Tourister rose gold suitcase

1. Patterned Suitcase - Isn't this rose gold suitcase so adorable? With its compact size and spacious room, you'll definitely be able to put your packing ability into play. Worried about lugging behind heavy baggage? This pretty thing has spinner wheels and a durable handle which makes it easier to navigate through the airport. It can also expand if you're planning to take home some gifts and souvenirs. Women's Getaway Luggage Tag with Strap

2. Cute Luggage Tag - Here's our top pick for the cutest, coolest, chicest luggage tag around town! This pink floral beauty is made of awesome vegan leather. It also comes with a durable strap for extra security when attached to your bag. It has this cute flip-over ID cover with a button closure that conceals your personal information while traveling. It's super adorable and serves its purpose!

ACdream Travel Leather RFID Blocking Case Wallet for Passport

3. Fun Passport Holder - Another travel item that will match your luggage tags and suitcase is this glittery rose gold passport holder. It comes with an elastic band closure so your important travel documents are perfectly safe and sound. You can put in your business cards, credit cards, boarding pass, and other important travel documents.

Rose extra small cube

4. TSA-Approved Clear Toiletry Bag - Since we're at it, let's complete the rose theme with this rose TSA-approved clear toiletry bag. Isn't it the cutest quart-sized bag you've ever seen? Besides, there's more to it than just the pretty appearance, it's a clear extra small cube that lets you keep all your travel size bottles.

Autens Leak Proof Silicone Travel Bottles

5. Silicone Travel Bottles, Penguin Themed - These are not your usual silicone travel bottles. They're super cute 3 ounces FDA-approved penguin refillable liquids containers. These travel bottles are made of food-grade silicone without BPA so they won't crack or break while you're traveling. Your luggage will be safe from spills and leaks, even when you squeeze the bottles a little tightly.

American Tourister Disney TSA 3-Dial Combination Luggage Lock

6. TSA Approved Luggage Locks, Disney Themed - Let's complete this pink theme with this Disney TSA-Approved 3-dial combination luggage lock, featuring the iconic Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It's made from a sturdy zinc alloy that can withstand rough handling and a flexible stainless steel cable that easily loops through the zipper pullers.

Rose Starter Set

7. Rose Colored Packing Cubes - One of the most important travel items every traveler must have are clear packing cubes. Yes, you can survive without them, but why would you when they can make your packing life easier and more organized? Plus, you can get them in many different colors that can match your luggage.

Mini portable travel soap paper sheets

8. Travel Paper Soap Sheets - No soap, no problem. You can now wash your hands anywhere with these travel soap sheets that come in a very compact and cute case. They snap shut and the scent is not strong so it doesn't leave a weird smell on your hands. One sheet is perfect for every time you wash! Keep this smart travel item with you on the road.

Blush pink pill box

9. Compact Pill Box - Store your pills in style with this compact blush pink pill box! You can easily organize and dispense your daily vitamins with its individual compartments. You can slip this gorgeous minimalist pill box into the back pocket of your jeans or simply slide into your purse when traveling.

Lanyard with Zip Id Case

10. ID Case Wallet and Lanyard - Your cards, keys, cash, coins, and all your important goodies can be organized in one handy place. And of course, we're not forgetting the "cute" requirement. That's why we recommend this Zip ID Case Wallet with its matching cotton lanyard! It's made of quilted cotton and polyester blend with a durable zipper closure and chic signature key ring. Cute, right?

Clear circle pouch set

11. Blush Clear Pouch Set - These cute little clear circle pouches are the perfect storage for your cords, wires, and other loose items! These see-through pouches are made with vegan leather piping, vegan suede interior lining, and durable plastic sides. They're delightfully portable and light which makes them perfect for your backpack or purse.

Contact Lens Travel Container

12. Contact Lens Travel Case - Make sure you've got your contact lenses on so you can clearly see how cute these 4-pack pink travel contact lens containers are! They're everything you'll ever want for cute and compact storage for your contacts. These adorable pink and white boxes have built-in mirrors, tweezers, stick connection, lens holder, and empty bottles for contact lens solution.

Fruits Flash Drive

13. Adorable Fruit Flash Drive - Taking your tech with you? Planning to take tons of photos but worried about limited memory? No worries! These adorable and portable fruit-shaped memory sticks have taken travel size cuteness to a whole new level. They are shock and electromagnetic proof so they can store and protect your data when you're transferring files.

Pink Travel Neck Pillow

14. Travel Neck Pillow - Want your travel pillow to match with everything else in your suitcase? This cute and stylish pink travel pillow is up for grabs. It's simple, cute, very cozy, and effective in making you feel comfortable for your entire transit time. It's made of high-quality memory foam that fully supports your head and neck perfectly. You can adjust the rope design but all in all, it can easily adapt to a variety of body sizes.

Travel Stickers

15. Fun Travel Stickers - Want to upgrade your plain colored luggage into something more fun to look at? Go and get some of these really cute waterproof vinyl stickers. You can choose from so many clever designs and the fun part is - you get 100 pieces of stickers in one set. Just think of creative ideas where you can utilize these awesome stickers.

Sarmocare UV Toothbrush Holder Case

16. Portable Toothbrush Sanitizer Case - Get your toothbrush this cute Sarmocare toothbrush holder! It doubles as a medical device with UV-C lamp that sterilizes your toothbrush after every use. It suits all toothbrush head sizes including electric ones. They're durable, user-friendly, and compact so you can save space in your travel bag.

Rechargeable handheld mini fan

17. Handheld Mini Personal Fan - Going somewhere hot and humid? Take this rechargeable handheld mini fan with you. It's compact and easy to use whenever you feel the need to. It can also be charged using a USB adapter via your computer, laptop or portable charger.

Stainless Steel Travel Utensils Set

18. Rose Gold Travel Utensils - Although restaurants and diners are sticking to disposable cutlery, bringing your own can help lessen the impact of these throwaways on the environment. We just love this stainless steel reusable cutlery set. It’s rose gold so you can get that rose gold theme really going when you travel.

 Lip Smacker Disney Lip Balm

19. Travel Lip Balm - Keep your lips moisturized in style with this adorable Lip Smack Disney Tsum Tsum Lip Balm! They come in many cute Disney characters and flavors like this Storm Trooper in ice cream clone, and so much more! You can have one for your kid and one for yourself according to your favorite character.

Travel toothbrush case

20. Toothbrush Travel Case - We recommend this super cute travel toothbrush case / carrier which is perfect for travel or daily use at home! It's made of non-poison, odorless, and harmless high-quality food-grade PP material. This case can hold two regular toothbrushes and a tube of travel size toothpaste.

Kleenex travel facial tissues

21. Travel Pocket Tissues Packs - Who would’ve thought tissues can be so cute! This stylish clip-on pack is very convenient for you to attach to your handbags or backpacks for travel, especially if you have allergies. The patterns are absolutely adorable so you'll feel happy just looking at your tissues.

Cute animal sleeping mask

22. Fluffy Sleep Eye Mask - Nap time, but make it fashion with these cute soft and plush eye covers. They've got 4 different designs including alpaca, rabbit, bear, and unicorn so you can choose which spirit animal you'd like to channel when sleeping. Super soft and comfy on your head, this fluffy eye mask is everything you need before hitting the pillow.

Compression socks for travel

23. Compression Socks - Compression socks are very important for long-haul flights. Make sure you stay comfy with a pair of these stylish and fun compression socks. They're super easy to put on so you can get your blood circulating in style!

Blush Half Moon Bag

24. Half Moon Bag - If you're looking for a cute pouch for your travel size essentials, you're staring right at it! This clear half-moon pouch is as adorable as it sounds. It's made of vegan leather piping, durable plastic sides, and smooth zippers that won't snag! It's an absolutely stylish way to store your mini travel items.

S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

25. Water Bottle - This classy stainless steel travel bottle will never miss our list of cute travel essentials. It's got this exclusive Therma-S'well Technology that features its triple-layered vacuum insulation. That means you can keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 18 hours when traveling.

Travel jewelry roll

26. Travel Jewelry Roll - Organize your rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other trinkets in this classy travel jewelry roll! There's a place for every piece of your jewelry with the different clear zippered compartments inside. Keep your necklaces and bracelets tangle-free and never lose a pair of earrings or rings ever again!

Travel journal diary

27. Travel Journal - A travel journal can be a very good companion for all your trips. Choose from cute assorted patterns designed by artist Kate Pocrass. You'll get a journal with lovely illustrations on every page that display the wonders of traveling. Store your thoughts in style with this cute journal!

Rush Charge Trident Portable Power Bank

28. Classy Power bank - You've never seen a power bank as classy and gorgeous as this! It's compact, lightweight, and very easy to carry around in your pocket or purse. This portable quick-charging device features three prongs so you can charge and power up multiple devices at the same time. Pretty neat, huh?

Blush Large Cosmetic Bag

29. Large Cosmetic Bag - Organize your makeup in the cutest clear makeup bag in town! It's spacious enough to fit all your go-to and full-sized travel makeup essentials, perfect for your checked luggage. The best thing about it is that it's clear! You can easily see what's inside and grab what you need right away. Plus, it comes in stylish and classy blush and silver colors.

Herschel luggage belt

30. Luggage Strap - We love how adorable this Herschel luggage belt is! It has this attractive print on it which will definitely make your luggage stand out on the baggage conveyor. This will make it easier for you to identify your suitcase, especially if it has a common color or pattern, at the baggage claim.

Heart-shaped headphone splitter

31. Headphone Splitter - Check out this fun robot headphone splitter! Who wouldn't love this little guy? You can now share music or movies on the same device with 2 sets of headphones or earphones. Just plug the headphones' wires on both eyes of the robot and voila! You can listen to your playlist or watch your movie in style.

Holographic bum bag for travel

32. Bum Bag - For those lovers of belt bags and such, this funky holographic fanny pack is for you! It's made of high-quality shiny neon PU leather that creates its amazingly vibrant holo surface. It has one main pouch with an inner compartment, a front pocket, and a secret compartment at the back to organize essentials.

Travel scarf and blanket

33. Travel Scarf and Blanket - Get cozy and comfy with this super fashionable wool travel scarf that doubles as a blanket. This soft multipurpose scarf will not only keep you warm but happy as well when you see its creative and fun patterns! It's not only comfortable, soft, and skin-friendly, but it can also be easily folded and packed in your bag.

Retro Stripe Tube Socks

34. Cozy Socks - Get yourself a pair of these nostalgic retro stripe tube socks. They're super soft and plush because they're made of high-quality cotton, spandex, and nylon. These cute socks feature a comfy fit and a wide ribbed design with a striped pattern at the ankle so it doesn't compress your legs when you're walking around tourist spots or while in transit. Choose your own color and design that goes well with your outfit!

Rainbow luggage cover

35. Luggage Cover - It's about time you get a super subtle yet chic luggage cover like this one! It's made of a high-quality polyester and spandex blend that easily slips on any suitcase. This unique luggage cover will make it easier for you to identify your suitcase at baggage claim.

Noise Canceling Headphones

36. Bluetooth Headphones - Let's keep the sweet theme going with this awesome headset for travel. You’ll definitely turn some heads when you travel with these Bluetooth headphones. The sound quality and rich bass of these guys make traveling and listening to music a pleasure!

Kenneth Cole Laptop and Tablet Travel Backpack

37. Travel Backpack - This Kenneth Cole laptop and tablet backpack can be a great travel accessory for your next trip. This chic charcoal bag has a separate laptop compartment and spacious packing room for daily essentials and other electronic accessories. It has a front compartment so you can keep your items organized in an easy-access place.

Cable clips for travel

38. Cable Clips - Tired of having your wires all tangled and messed up? Take a look at these irresistible cable clips! The tiny bunny rabbit heads can make the perfect addition to your collection of tiny cute travel accessories. You can mount these cable cord organizers on your hotel wall or table and dismount them again when you're packing.

Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets

39. Laundry Soap Sheets - The trick to packing light is to do one laundry wash! Use these handy laundry soap sheets that you can pack in your bag like it's nothing. Ditch those heavy liquid laundry soaps and use a small version like this one.

Star Wars The Child Bluetooth Speaker

40. Star Wars Bluetooth Speaker - Pump up your trip with this oh-so-adorable Star Wars-themed Bluetooth speaker. It's very portable and you can easily put it inside your pocket or purse. Just easily scoop it out when it's time to blast some music. For all Star Wars fans out there, this one’s for you!

Reusable Cloth Face Mask

41. Face Mask - Might as well get a cute mask right? Wear this stylish mask when you're in public spaces and maintain social distancing when you can. This face mask has adjustable ear straps for comfort and a flexible wire noseband for a perfect fit. It also prevents fogging when you're wearing glasses. Choose any of the designs to match your travel outfits!

Portable Wet Wipes Pouch

42. Travel Wipes Storage - We can't get enough of these portable wet wipe pouches! They're designed to be reusable and refillable so you don't have to keep on buying new ones whenever you run out. It's the ideal size for keeping in your purse or carry-on bag. Make sure to store them in an easy-access place so you can easily wipe a surface or a seat before touching it. This is very handy especially if you have a baby.

Sun Bum Travel-Sized Moisturizing Sunscreen

43. SunBum Sunscreen - Keep your precious skin protected from too much sun exposure with this cute little Sun Bum moisturizing sunscreen lotion. It's just the perfect TSA-approved size so you can tuck it nicely in your toiletry bag. We love this product because it's reef-friendly so you can wear sunscreen even when you're swimming or in saltwater.

Cartoon Hand Sanitizer Holders

44. Hand Sanitizer Holder- Upgrade your hand sanitizer holder into these lovely keychain containers. Don't worry, they're not only for your kids but also for those who are kids at heart. These are really cute and compact so you can easily refill these containers with hand sanitizer from your full-size bottles.

Mini Steaming Iron for Travel

45. Mini Travel Iron - This mini iron might just be the epitome of cuteness! It doesn't only look adorable but it's definitely fun-sized. This mini steam iron is compact and portable but as functional and effective as a full-size iron. Keep all your shirts smooth and wrinkle-free with this cutie.

These cute travel items are proof that looks and functionality can come together in perfect harmony. It means that you don’t have to sacrifice style to ensure utility when you can have both! How about you? Have you used any of these cute travel accessories? Do you have any other lovely travel items in mind that we haven’t mentioned yet? Make sure to let us know in the comments!

Have a marvelous trip!

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