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7 Smart Tips for Using Packing Cubes

Posted by Bea Manzano on
Using packing cubes to organize a suitcase for travel

Okay, people. The cat is out of the bag! The not-so-secret organizing system that travelers use to keep their travel essentials at bay is finally revealed. And it’s no other than… *drum rolls* packing cubes! Yay! And just between us, the best ones are clear

Clear packing cubes are so good, we could write a whole book about it. Oh wait, we did! Well, the EzPacking Ebook is an ebook but it’s awesome. Check it out and you’ll find out why. Now, let’s get right into business. Let us teach you how to pack using packing cubes as you read on.

What are Packing Cubes?

A set of pink and blue clear packing cubes for travel

**Thanks to Claire for this photo!

Packing cubes are simply organizers for travel essentials that can be utilized to keep your suitcase (or backpack) neat and tidy when you’re going places! They come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials which makes packing clothes, toiletries, shoes, and other items so much easier. To get up close and personal on packing cubes, you can refer to this Packing Cubes Review 101 guide.

Why Use Clear Packing Cubes?

There are literally hundreds of reasons why you should use packing cubes but let’s keep it short and simple:

Turquoise starter set packing cubes

✔️ Best Organizer for Travel Essentials - Who else finds it annoying when you can’t find where the charger, pair of socks, extra batteries are packed? Not with clear packing cubes. You can quickly throw them in the cube and find what you’re looking for right away.

✔️ Better Utility of Space - Packing cubes don’t necessarily create more space but they help you utilize every inch of it. Folded clothes inside cubes also help you pack and unpack better than just throwing garments in the suitcase.

✔️ Awesome Versatility - You can use it for all types of trips and all sorts of things. The greatest thing about clear packing cubes is that they’re not only meant to be used for travel. They can be used to organize almost anything in your home!

✔️ Worth Every Penny - Packing cubes are a one-time investment for a lifetime (or so) of travels! Even when you’re on a break from traveling, you can use the cubes to organize things at home. Win-win!

✔️ Categorizing at its Finest - Travelers who get OCD with their essentials can use clear packing cubes to categorize things for easy organization. Keep shirts and skirts in a small cube, pants and shorts in a medium cube, and hoodies and sweaters in a large cube.

✔️ All in One Suitcase - Families who pack essentials in one suitcase together have fun on their trips together. You can assign one packing cube for each member and pack them Tetris-style!

How to Use Packing Cubes?

Burgundy starter set and travel jewelry roll

**Thanks to Xo Livi for this photo!

It doesn’t take a genius to know how to use packing cubes. This should be quite obvious even to those who may have not seen or used a packing cube before. But for the sake of everyone, we’re proud to present how to use packing cubes:

1. Get down to the basics.

Eliminate and edit out your travel packing list until what remains and what you're going to bring for the trip.

Packing a carry on suitcase using starter set packing cubes

✔️ No Extra & Excess Baggage - Overthinking usually leads to overpacking. And overpacking leads to extra weight on your shoulders. Trust us, you don’t want that. If you can wash and wear an item again or perhaps buy them at your destination, don’t bother bringing extra.

✔️ Keep Calm and (Pack) a Carry On - Unless you’re going on a really long trip overseas, try to bring just a carry-on suitcase so you can travel light and stress-free. This will also help you pack fewer travel items effectively.

2. Pack according to your trip

Appropriate your travel essentials according to the trip you’re having. For example, if you’re off to a summer beach trip, only bring items that you’re really going to use on the beach.

Beach essentials packed in clear packing cubes

✔️ Consider the weather - When traveling to places with unpredictable weather, pack matching outfits that you can layer. This will make it easier to transition your wardrobe from cold to hot weather. It pays to be ready for every season. 

✔️ Consider the length of your trip - Let’s get down to the basics, shall we? One, you don’t need a suitcase for an overnight trip. Two, you can fit a month’s worth of travel outfits and essentials in a carry-on suitcase. You’re welcome!

3. Color-code your packing system

Since packing cubes are available in different colors, you can color-code your essentials for your next trip. It takes packing to a whole new (colorful) level!

Clear packing cubes and backpacks with matching colors

**Thanks to Megan for this cute photo!

✔️ Perfect for sharing (a suitcase!) - Couples and families with (lots of) kids can avoid the weight of too much luggage by sharing a suitcase. Just assign a color for each family member.

✔️ Assign a color for every category - For more efficient organization, you can assign a color for each travel essential. This way you can access them super fast.

4. Store Seasonal Clothing

For days when you’re not traveling, you can use large packing cubes to store off-season clothes. This will help keep your clothes in great condition when you need to use them again.

5. Organize your toiletries

Toiletries packed in an extra small packing cube

Keep a ready-packed toiletry bag in your bathroom so you don’t have to pack one every time you go on a trip. And what better way to store your bathroom essentials than in this TSA-approved toiletry bag.

6. Stash some snacks

The small cube is perfect for storing snacks for your kids. You can pack various treats in a cube or two and keep them as a reward or surprise.

7. Organize household items

Decluttering and organizing your home has never been this efficient! The secret weapon? Packing cubes! From toys to linens, these clear packing cubes can organize just about everything in your home! Get to know the different ways to organize your home using packing cubes here.

There you have it, folks! Seven brilliant ways to use packing cubes and they’re all laid out for you right here to try. What’s that? Did we leave you hanging at seven? Well, here’s 50 more different ways to use packing cubes. You’re welcome!

Happy Packing!

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