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Best Travel Makeup Bags for 2023 + Tips for Packing Cosmetics for Travel

Posted by Bea Manzano on
clear circle makeup pouch

Ladies, we all know organizing cosmetics for travel is easy. As long as you have the best travel makeup bag. But with the overwhelming number of options, how on earth will you know which one’s best? Simple! Use this list as your guide and you’ll find the perfect pouch that suits you. Be sure to read until the end for some helpful tips on packing makeup for your next trip.

8 Features to Look for in a Travel Makeup Bag

daily makeup essentials packed in a clear circle pouch

There's so much more to travel makeup bags than just looks. More than unique patterns and pretty colors, consider these other important features when choosing the best makeup organizer for travel:

✔️ Material - The best cosmetic bags are made from nylon, vinyl, polyester, or even faux leather. Get yourself a travel makeup pouch made from any of these materials and you’ll be set for your travels.

✔️ Size and Shape - Makeup bags come in different shapes and sizes but not all are convenient for travel. Choose the appropriate dimensions depending on the length of your trip.

✔️ Storage Space - Torn between being a makeup addict and traveling light? Simple. Just choose smaller, lightweight cosmetic bags with ample space.

✔️ Compartments - Makeup bags with more room means more fun! With individual compartments available, maximizing storage space will be way easier. Organizing makeup brushes will be a breeze.

✔️ Portability - The best makeup bag for travel is one that's easy to carry and pack. This includes features like handles or hooks that make them perfect for use on the go.

✔️ Lightweight Design - Traveling light is always the best way to go. The same thing goes for packing makeup essentials. A makeup bag with simple features and design makes for a perfect companion.

✔️ Multifunctional - Versatility is the key! It’s a huge plus if you can use a travel makeup bag for storing your other essentials such as toiletries or hair products.

✔️ Type of Closures - There are some with a simple straight zipper, a U-shape opening, or a hook for hanging. Verdict? The clam-shell opening is king.

Our Favorite Makeup Bags for Travel

travel makeup bags

Without further ado, here are the top 20 travel makeup bags for all your beauty and skincare essentials. Take your pick!

Train Case Makeup Bag [for the Makeup Artist at heart]

A makeup train case is perhaps the biggest container for all things cosmetics. It's perfect for someone who has a full collection of makeup or plans to go pro.

Makeup trains usually have folding storage compartments, rolling wheels, and tons of space to hold a wide range of beauty products. This type of makeup case is ideal for travelers who are going away for a few weeks or months. 


✔️ Wide range of dimensions - Makeup train cases can range from lunchbox to suitcase size. Smaller sizes are best for personal use while larger sizes can hold an entire makeup collection (best for makeup artists who travel).

✔️ Available add-ons - Some have cases that can be removed or added. This lets you select specific products without rummaging the bottom of the bag when you need something.

✔️ Adjustable trays - Some makeup train cases have adjustable dividers that allow you to customize the layout of your trays. This helps you organize your cosmetics any way you like it.

✔️ Handles / Shoulder straps - Some makeup train cases are made with handles; bigger ones usually have shoulder straps. This helps free up your hands so you can carry other items when traveling.

✔️ Wheels - Larger makeup train cases have wheels and retractable handles. Just think of a suitcase, but for your makeup. *wink wink*

🏆 Best for Weekend Travel

makeup train case for women

💄 Relavel Makeup Train Case - You'll love this makeup train case by Relavel. It has adjustable dividers so you can organize your cosmetics any way you want. It has a sturdy handle, an exquisite snap lock, a classy diamond pattern design, plus it's small and super easy to carry for travel. Perfection in a makeup bag!

✔ Has adjustable dividers
✔ Spacious storage
✔ Small and easy to carry
✘ Prone to cracks and damage in transit
✘ Takes up space in the suitcase

✅ Clear Makeup Bag [Low Maintenance Traveler]

Large clear cosmetic bag for women

A clear makeup bag has a transparent design that allows you to see your makeup essentials right away. This is the ideal makeup bag for travel because you can conveniently store liquids, cosmetics, and other toiletries in it. Just to be clear, a clear makeup bag is not necessarily waterproof, but is splash resistant. We have a separate section for fully waterproof bags, so keep reading.


✔️ Easy to Clean - This type of makeup bag doesn’t require high maintenance. You can simply use a towel to wipe dirt from the plastic and it's good to use again!

✔️ Easy access - A clear makeup bag takes away the frustration of having to look for the makeup product that you need when you need it. You can see your items right away and find what you need in a snap.

✔️ Durable and long-term use - Unlike other types of makeup bags, clear ones last long and can be used for a lifetime of travel, given the proper care.

✔️ Splash Resistant - Although clear makeup bags are not entirely waterproof, they are splash resistant. This means they're perfect for beach trips, water parks, and pool parties.

🏆 Best for Travel

blush large cosmetic bag

💄 Large Clear Cosmetic Bag - This travel makeup bag is made for keeping all your beauty essentials organized in a perfectly see-through way. It's super roomy, durable, and has a clear design that lets you see and access what you need right away. Perfect for a month-long trip overseas, don’t you think?

✔ Clear, see-through design
✔ Large storage space
✔ Super lightweight
✘ Takes up too much space
✘ Not TSA approved

✅ TSA Approved Makeup Bag

Tali with half moon bag

Traveling with a carry-on? Going through security checkpoints will be like a walk in the park when you have a TSA-approved makeup bag. Other than its quart size, it should have a clear, see-through design that lets you (and TSA) see what’s packed inside at a glance.


✔️ Clear - A clear makeup bag allows for quick inspection at the security checkpoint. This will make the TSA agent’s job so much easier and help you get through faster.

✔️ Quart size - The TSA requires travelers to use clear quart-sized bags for carrying liquids. This includes everything from shampoo to your liquid lipstick, foundation, eyeliner, and such. The approximate dimensions of a quart-size bag are 7” x 8”.

✔️ Fits 3.4 oz travel bottles - This type of makeup bag must fit travel-size bottles. This is ideal for transferring contents from a full-size container to a travel-size one. This would be perfect for quick trips or weekend getaways.

✔️ Durable and waterproof - In order to keep liquids from spilling in and out of the bag, a TSA-approved makeup bag should be durable and waterproof. This would make it super easy to wash and clean the bag if ever spillage is unavoidable.

✔️ Strong zippers - This type of makeup bag must have strong zippers to keep everything intact while in transit. Having a zipper that does not snag makes it easier to access the contents inside the bag.

🏆 Best for Travel [TSA Approved]

clear half moon bag

💄 Half Moon Bag - Worried about passing through TSA? Not with this TS-approved makeup bag! It’s the perfect cosmetics pouch to take on a trip. Its size is ideal for storing your makeup on the go in your daily tote.

✔ TSA approved
✔ Easily fits up to 5 travel-size (3 oz) bottles
✔ Clear design for easy inspection
✘ Limited space for full products

Holographic Travel Makeup Pouch

Clear holographic makeup pouch

This is a type of clear makeup bag that deserves to have its own category. It’s colorful, semi-transparent, stylish, and functional - who wouldn’t want that for a makeup bag? It’s usually shaped like a pencil pouch because it can actually double as that depending on the size.


✔️ Eye-catching iridescent design - Aesthetic and functionality in one awesome bag? Yes, please! The sparkly color that changes at different angles is a sweet upgrade to your good ‘ol regular cosmetic pouch.

✔️ Multipurpose - It is not only a makeup bag, but it can also be used as a toiletry bag, pencil case, or sunglasses organizer. It’s lightweight, compact, and very convenient to carry.

✔️ Splash resistant - With its plastic material, it’s splash resistant and leakproof which is also super easy to clean. Keep in mind that it’s not fully waterproof so try not to submerge the pouch into water. 

✔️ Dustproof - This clear makeup bag can protect your cosmetics from dust and moisture. Perfect for travel or household use.

🏆 Best for Travel

Clear holographic makeup pouch for women

💄 Holographic Clear Makeup Pouch - Grab your favorite mascara, lipstick, + about 10 more makeup essentials and pack them in this fabulous holographic organizer. This beauty is durable, compact, and has a clear sparkly exterior that lets you easily find what you need.

✔ Stylish iridescent design
✔ Easily fits all bags
✔ Picture-perfect style
✘ Limited space for full products
✘ No dividers or compartments

Makeup Case with a Mirror

Makeup case with mirror

A makeup case with a mirror is perfect for those quick touch-ups on the go. It's like icing on a cake, especially for those who want to freshen up every now and then. This versatile and functional makeup bag allows you to organize your beauty accessories easily and apply makeup anytime, anywhere.


✔️ Easy to carry - A portable makeup organizer with a mirror usually has handles that let you carry it conveniently.

✔️ Makeup on the go - Since this makeup bag comes with a mirror, you don't need to go to the bathroom or pull out a separate mirror to apply or retouch your makeup. You can do so even while in transit!

✔️ Roomy and sturdy - A makeup bag with a mirror is made to be sturdy. It should protect not only your precious makeup products inside but also the fragile mirror.

🏆 Best for Travel

makeup case with mirror

💄 BEGIN MAGIC Makeup Case with Mirror - No mirror? No problem! You can apply makeup anytime anywhere with Begin Magic’s built-in detachable mirror. Just find a flat place to put down the bag and you're all set.

✔ Big mirror for easy makeup application
✔ Roomy and sturdy case
✔ Has dividers for proper organization
✘ The glass mirror is heavy
✘ Does not fit inside a personal bag

Heat Resistant Makeup Bags [Summer Travel]

heat resistant makeup bag for women

An insulated makeup bag is essential when you're traveling during a warm season like summer. Unless you want your beauty products to melt into a gooey mess! This bag is ideal for those who love to hike, go to the beach, park, and spend a lot of time outdoors.


✔️ Heat resistant - Having an insulated makeup bag is like having your own "cosmetic cooler." It prevents your makeup from melting even after being left in the car for hours.

✔️ Money saver - Because it effectively protects your makeup from melting or getting ruined, you won't have to replace any products. That means saving some precious bucks!

🏆 Best for Travel

Insulated makeup case for summer travel

💄 Prettyfast Insulated Makeup Pouch - This awesome insulated makeup pouch can keep your makeup cool for up to 4 hours in the heat. You can conveniently store your lipstick, foundation, sunscreen, and even medication without worrying about the hot temperature outside. Definitely a must-have for summer travel!

✔ Keeps makeup cool for up to 4 hours in the heat
✔ Ample space for on-the-go makeup items
✘ Lacks compartments
✘ Limited space for makeup essentials

Drawstring Makeup Pouches

 drawstring makeup pouch for travel

Tired of the regular zippered travel makeup cases? Then it’s time to upgrade to a drawstring one. It's got all the functions of your classic makeup organizer but with a tight drawstring closure. Unlike zippered pouches, you won't have to deal with snagged zippers if you go for a drawstring makeup pouch.


✔️ Durable and waterproof - Most drawstring bags are waterproof and made of high-quality materials. This means they last long and can be used for so many of your trips.

✔️ Full opening - Drawstring bags let you find your makeup items quickly and close simply when you are done.

✔️ Zipped pockets - Some drawstring makeup bags are made with zipped pockets inside. These are great for keeping smaller items so they don't fall around when you open the drawstring.

🏆 Best for Travel

travel drawstring makeup bag

💄 Narwey Drawstring Travel Makeup Bag - This barrel-shaped drawstring travel makeup bag easily fits your cosmetics and the rest of your beauty products. It has elastic bands, mesh pockets, and an easy-to-close double drawstring closure. It keeps all your products upright and intact while in transit.

✔ Multiple organized compartments
✔ Large storage capacity
✔ Easy to pack
✘ Takes too much luggage space
✘ Heavy when filled with products

Hardshell Makeup Case [for Expensive Products]

hardshell makeup case for travel

If you're traveling with fragile, expensive makeup products, investing in a hard shell cosmetic case is a must. It will surely protect your beauty essentials from any damage. They're usually waterproof, made with tough ABS material, and designed to handle pressure.


✔️ Convenient design - Most hardshell makeup cases are made with handles and removable straps to make them easy to carry while traveling. It can be packed either in your carry-on or checked suitcase.

✔️ Long-lasting - This type of makeup case is made of high-quality materials. They're usually durable, waterproof, scratch-resistant, shockproof, and easy to clean. Perfect for long-term use. This means that they last longer than ordinary makeup bags.

🏆 Best for Travel

hard shell makeup bag for travel

💄 Triforce Hardshell Makeup Case - Triforce's orchid teal floral travel beauty case is as beautiful as it is durable and functional. It has compartments inside that keep your products organized and intact while in transit. It has a lovely high gloss finish in prints and a cute detachable vanity mirror inside.

✔ Lightweight and durable material
✔ Beautiful orchid floral print with glossy finish
✔ Detachable vanity mirror
✘ An extra bag to carry for travel
✘ Tends to be heavy when full

Hanging Makeup Bags [Hotel Life]

hanging cosmetic bag for travel

Hanging makeup bags are super convenient for travel. You'll be able to see and access all your beauty products with ease.


✔️ Multiple compartments - The best thing about hanging makeup bags is their capacity to store a lot of products because of their various compartments.

✔️ Multi-purpose - Hanging makeup bags can double as hanging toiletry bags as well.

🏆 Best for Travel

hanging cosmetic bag for travel

💄 BAGSMART Cosmetic Bag for Travel - Don't sleep on this slick-looking hanging makeup bag. It has inner main pockets with elastic straps that hold makeup bottles upright. When opened, it has transparent sides so you have a clear overview of all your beauty products. Just hang it on a hook and grab your makeup products easily.

✔ Large capacity and multiple compartments
✔ Space efficient
✘ Cannot fit full-size products
✘ Can only be used where there are hooks to hang the bag

Rolling Makeup Cases [Makeup Obsessed / Makeup Artists]

rolling makeup case for travel

You must have a large makeup collection to be needing a makeup case on wheels (not judging). It's perfect for professional makeup artists who travel often. It's usually a hardshell makeup case but like a mini suitcase for travel. Some even come with a lock and key mechanism to keep your items safe and secure while traveling.


✔️ Large capacity - This provides you with lots of storage space for all your important makeup accessories and tools.

✔️ Easy to lug around - With large capacity comes difficulty in carrying it, but not with rolling makeup cases. The wheels make it easier to carry them around, especially for professional makeup artists who travel for work.

✔️ One-time investment - Makeup cases with wheels are built to last. They're designed to withstand wear and tear and all the fuss of traveling.

🏆 Best for Travel

large makeup train case with wheels for travel

💄 Julia Vance Rolling Makeup Studio - You'll never see a case prettier and more functional than this rose gold goodness. It's a makeup suitcase with a large space perfect for storing all your makeup collection. You'll never have to leave any of your products ever again.

✔ Spacious layout
✔ Freestanding workstation
✔ Premium quality and look
✘ Takes too much luggage space; additional bag to carry
✘ Not suitable for short trips

Lay-and-Go Makeup Bag

Lay-n-go cosmetic pouch for travel

This makeup bag also has a drawstring closure but it's collapsible and lays completely flat when laid open. This will allow you to see all your beauty products at once. This way, you can quickly fetch your lipliner, eye pencil, blush, or concealer whenever you do your makeup routine.


✔️ Multifunctional and practical - You can use this makeup bag to organize everything, even non-makeup essentials. This is perfect for all types of travel.

✔️ Stylish and durable - This one-of-a-kind makeup bag is the perfect blend of functionality and stylish design. Perfect for the 'gram!

✔️ Easy access - This type of makeup bag lets you access all your makeup products in one sitting. This is super convenient because you don't have to rummage through your bag to find your eyeliner or lipstick.

🏆 Best for Travel

Lay-n-go cosmetic pouch for travel

💄 Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Makeup Organizer - This patented cosmetic bag allows you to see all of your cosmetics at once and clean up in seconds. Say goodbye to digging and dumping in a traditional black hole makeup bag. Just pull the drawstring cord and the bag cinches completely closed to stow or travel.

✔ Stylish and multifunctional
✔ Durable and machine washable
✔ Easy access and extra storage
✘ Needs to be opened on a flat surface
✘ Takes a lot of luggage space

Makeup Bag Circle Set

 clear circle pouch set for makeup

Two is better than one, as they say. This set of makeup organizers is super convenient and efficient for sorting out your everyday purse or tote.


✔️ Simple categorization - If you don't want to mix all your makeup products together, a set allows for better organization and categorization of your items. You can put lipsticks and lip gloss in one pouch and eyeshadows and powder in the other. #organizingisfun #MonicafromFriends

✔️ Multifunctional - Since this type of makeup bag comes in sets, you can use one pouch for your makeup essentials and the other pouch for your toiletries or first aid kit. 

✔️ Easy storage - A makeup bag set usually includes different sizes which means you can easily store them either in your purse or carry-on suitcase. Or perhaps one in your handbag (for quick retouches) and the other in your suitcase.

🏆 Best for Travel

blush circle makeup pouch set

💄 Circle Pouch Set - Organize your basic makeup essentials in this large and small circular pouch. These two cuties can fit up to 10 travel-size cosmetics. They are perfectly lightweight, portable, and clear for daily travels!

✔ Versatile and multifunctional
✔ Compact and fits all bags
✔ Clear, transparent design
✘ Cannot fit full-size products

Waterproof Travel Makeup Case

waterproof travel makeup case

A waterproof makeup bag is perfect for everyday use. Its interior is wipeable and spill-proof, which helps prevent leaks or spills of liquid creams and serums that may damage your suitcase or handbag.


✔️ Waterproof - This type of makeup bag is usually made of high-quality PU leather fabric. This special water-resistant surface prevents your beauty products inside from getting wet and vice versa.

✔️ Portable - Waterproof makeup cases are lightweight and easy to carry. This makes it perfect for carrying your cosmetics anywhere, anytime.

✔️ Easy to clean - With its waterproof surface material, this makeup bag is easy to clean. Just simply wipe off any spills or dirt on the bag and it's good to go again!

🏆 Best for Travel

Waterproof makeup pouch for travel

💄 Pudinbag Waterproof Cosmetic Pouch - Retouching your makeup during a beach trip will never be a struggle again with this waterproof cosmetic pouch. It's made of high-quality silicone material that can be machine washed and tumbled dry. That means you can protect your cosmetics rain or shine!

✔ Environment-friendly and vegan
✔ High-grade materials
✔ Compact and fashionable
✘ Lacks compartments
✘ Cannot fit large products

Mini Makeup Pouch [Perfect for Daily Touch Ups]

clear zipper makeup pouch

This is your go-to everyday cosmetics pouch. It’s where you keep a summarized version of your entire makeup collection for a quick weekend getaway trip. Because of its limited capacity, you can only bring the most essential makeup products that you actually use daily.


✔️ Versatile and multi-functional - Aside from being your go-to makeup bag, this mini pouch can also be used to store your loose items for travel such as toiletries, hair accessories, etc.

✔️ Cute and roomy - Despite its small size, this type of makeup bag can house a good number of basic makeup essentials like powder, lipstick, eyeshadow, concealer, etc.

✔️ Fits any purse - The best thing about mini makeup bags is the fact that they can fit inside any purse. 

🏆 Best for Travel

clear zipper makeup pouches

💄 Clear Zipper Pouches - This cute bundle checks the box of everything you're looking for and need in a small travel makeup bag. It’s durable, has a clear design, and fits perfectly inside your purse. You can keep your daily essentials in this when you're out and about the whole day.

✔ Super cute design
✔ Versatile and multi-functional
✔ Easy access
✘ Limited space for packing essentials
✘ Can't fit full-size products

Here’s a quick summary of all the best travel makeup bags and their features:

 Type of Makeup Bag Dimensions (inch) Weight (lb / oz) Type of Material Storage Space

Relavel Makeup Train Case

Relavel makeup train case

10”x3.5”x8.9” 3.27 lbs High-quality plastic Fits up to 20 cosmetics and tools

EzPacking Large Clear Cosmetic Bag

EzPacking Large Clear Cosmetic Bag

9.25”x6.75”x4” 3.8 oz Durable PVC Fits 20 or more cosmetics and tools

TSA Approved Half Moon Makeup Bag

TSA approved half moon makeup bag

7”x5.5”x2.5” 4 oz High-quality vegan leather and PVC Fits 7 to 10 travel size cosmetics or toiletries

EzPacking Holographic Makeup Pouch

EzPacking holographic makeup pouch

7"x2.5"x2.5" 2.08 oz High-quality vegan leather and PVC Fits 10 to 12 cosmetics and tools

Begin Magic Makeup Case with Mirror

makeup case with mirror

14.5"x10"x4" 4.95 lbs Top-grade PU leather exterior and nylon lining interior Fits up to 50 cosmetics and tools

Prettyfast Insulated Makeup Pouch

insulated makeup pouch

4.5”x2”x8.5” 4.8 oz Nylon and PVC Fits up to 10 cosmetics and tools

Narwey Drawstring Travel Makeup Bag

drawstring travel makeup bag

7.8"x7.8"x9.7” 3.2 oz Thick water resistant fabric, superior lining, double drawstring Fits up to 25 cosmetics and tools

Triforce Hardshell Makeup Case

hardshell makeup case

9.25"x12"x5.75" 2.95 lb Resistant Polycarbonate composite material Fits up to 25 cosmetics and tools

Bagsmart Hanging Cosmetic Bag

hanging makeup bag

12.6”x9.1”x4.1” 1.04 lbs Water resistant Polyester Fits up to 40 cosmetics and tools

Julia Vance Rolling Makeup Studio

rolling makeup case for travel

10”x17”x22.6” 36 lbs Fire retardant, aluminum frame, MDF exterior, PU interior Fits up to 100 cosmetics and tools

Lay-n-Go Cosmo Drawstring Makeup Bag

Lay-n-go cosmetic organizer

5.5”x1”x7.5” 1.44 oz Polyester Fits up to 20 cosmetics and tools

EzPacking Circle Pouch Set

EzPacking circle pouch set

6.5”x6.5”x 2”

Large -
5 oz
Small -
3 oz

Vegan leather piping, a vegan suede interior, and clear plastic sides Fits up to 10 cosmetics and tools

Pudinbag Waterproof Cosmetic Pouch

waterproof makeup pouch

6.5”x2.5”x5” 6.5 oz 100% BPA free silicone Fits up to 15 cosmetics and tools

EzPacking Clear Zipper Mini Pouches

EzPacking zippered makeup pouches

9.21”x7.28”x0.43” 3 oz Transparent PVC Fits up to 10 cosmetics and tools


Smart Tips to Pack Cosmetics for Travel

We won’t give you a list of the best makeup bags for travel without teaching you some tips and tricks for packing them. Keep these in mind when packing for your next trip. 

Tip #1 - Clear is more convenient - Choose the best makeup bag that fits your travel style. If you haven’t tried it, we recommend you go for a clear makeup bag. Clear makes all the difference!

Tip #2 - Skip singles; pack palettes - You can save some precious space just by packing palettes. Single eyeshadow pans just take up too much space and a palette will give you options for night and day looks.

 makeup palettes for travel

Tip #3 - Travel-size is the best size - Consider buying travel-sized versions of your favorite beauty products. This way, you'll have separate products for travel and at home.

Tip #4 - Make room for multipurpose makeup - Another way of saving space in your makeup bag is by packing multi-tasking products like lip stains that can be used for both lips and cheeks.

Tip #5 - Rely on refillable travel bottles - Save yourself from the weight and burden of carrying full bottles by transferring them into smaller containers. Reusable silicone bottles work great in saving space and makeup products. Make sure you squeeze the air out of the bottles so they won't snap open during the flight.

travel bottles

Tip #6 - You can count on contact lens cases - Put your lotions, serums, and any other liquid form makeup into a contact lens case. They may look tiny but you'll be surprised how they can hold a large amount of product, not to mention their tight, spill-proof seal.

Tip #7 - Use cotton pads to protect powder compacts - Pack powders tightly using a cotton pad. The added cushion should provide enough shock absorption to keep the product intact while in transit.

Tip #8 - Seal lids with plastic - Use plastic to seal the top of your liquids to make sure they won't spill inside your makeup bag. Just place the plastic on the mouth of the bottle before closing the lid.

Tip #9 - Pack strategically - Pack your makeup bag in the center of the suitcase to prevent damage and spill. You can also wrap it in a sweater or towel especially if your products are fragile.

packing large travel makeup bag in a suitcase

Tip #10 - Compartmentalize makeup bag - Group similar makeup items together in one area before packing them into your makeup bag. You can bundle them in zip-top bags or rubber bands to avoid a messy makeup bag.

Phew, still there? If you made it all the way here, kudos to you, my friend! Consider yourself a travel makeup bag expert.

No matter where you go or how many makeup products you bring, there’s a perfect makeup bag for you. But just between the two of us, CLEAR is best for all types of travel.

So, which one is your fave? Tell us in the comments!

Happy shopping & safe travels.

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